Preview of NetEnt’s new slot Spinsane

Preview of the new slot by NetEnt, Spinsane

Video of Spinsane slot

We are halfway through the year already and damn, what a brilliant year it has been for us online casino slots enthusiasts. Personally, it has been a blast for me to play so many games and win something or the other in most of them. Of course, I have had my share of losses too but that’s a story for another time. Right now, I’m going to keep the video slots party going by introducing you to Spinsane – NetEnt’s latest creation.

Spinsane is a new slot, which is set to enter the dazzling world of online casinos on June 11. By the initial looks of it, it promises to be a thrilling slot, full of suspense and action. Spinsane is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot with a total of 27 paylines, paying from left to right.

Right off the bat, the slot is based around wolves – the symbols include a rogue claw, a majestic dire wolf (I’d like to believe it is a dire wolf), full moon with a wolf howling, paw print, a massive W, and other wolf-related graphics. I know what you are thinking – Spinsane and wolves? How do the two even connect? I thought the same thing but after much thought, I just stopped caring. Wolves are cool, Spinsane sounds cool too – win-win.

Now, here’s the thing about me – I love wolves, they are my spirit animals. So naturally, when I heard that NetEnt is launching Spinsane, I couldn’t hold my horses and got in touch with my good mate at NetEnt. Of course, she couldn’t help me a lot but she did give me some good information to write this review.

A Thrilling Slot by NetEnt

Spinsane has been designed to replicate the classic stepper mechanics that we see so dearly in land-based casino slots. NetEnt has done a remarkable job with the slot to stimulate the experience of playing in a casino in person. You can hear the gears and motors behind the screen spinning the reels, with soft clicks and judders accompanying the action. Talk about creating a real-life experience!

Another thing my friend pointed out for me was the blank spaces on the reels – that is, you may be spinning the slots for sometime before the symbols line up for a win. Even if you land the blank space, you will win provided you get three or more of the same symbols anywhere across the paylines.

As for the symbols, the game has all the necessary elements – Wild symbols, Scatter Symbols, regular symbols, and blank spaces. The Spinsane casino slot also boasts of stacked wilds, that is, the wild symbol can cover the entire reel when it appears, thus helping you land more winning combinations.

Free spins feature is triggered when you land three or more Scatter symbols on the reels. Once you are in the free spins mode, you will have a guaranteed wilds stack on every spin. So essentially, you are not going to wager any money in the free spin mode, with a nice set of stacked wilds set to assist you in winning big. Can this game get any better? Turns out, it can.

Super Wilds – a Mystifying Element!

Another reason why Spinsane is in my book right now is because of its Super Wilds feature. I have never heard of this feature before and even my connection at NetEnt refused to share the knowledge with me. Something about being patient, she told me. Pfft. From what I could gather on my own, it turns out that the three regular symbols: paw print, claw, and the wolf icon, have their super version, characterised by three slashes across the image.

When Super Wilds appear, they can substitute for all the other regular symbols of the same kind to pay the highest winning sequence in each bet line. It sounds a bit similar to your regular wilds, isn’t it? I suppose I will understand it better once I get my hands on this game!

Payout Potential

Spinsane is a high volatility slot with the potential for a massive payout. However, like other similar slots, it will require you to play patiently with a good betting strategy. The return-to-player percentage is expected to be close to 96.2%, which is quite generous. The minimum Spinsane bet is $0.10 with the maximum set at $500 or its currency equivalent.

I’m personally looking forward to reviewing Spinsane in full detail. With that, I will also tell you where you can play Spinsane for real money and get on your way to win big bucks!