Dead or Alive 2 Slot Review

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  • ProviderNetEnt
  • VolatilityHigh
  • RTP96.8%
  • Paylines9
  • Reels5

NetEnt’s Dead or Alive 2, launched in April 2019, is a massive hit among the punters online. Set in an old Western town, you can embrace your inner sheriff and catch the bad guys! There is a minimum bet of $0.01 but you can play the game for free!


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 06/06/2019

Catch outlaws in an old Western town and get rewarded with a plentiful bounty!

Dead or Alive 2 slot, provided by NetEnt, is an exciting casino game online that will take you back in time to those wonderful cowboy days, as the Western classics. It truly is the wild, wild, west out there. The game is a direct sequel to Dead or Alive and has certainly lived up to its predecessor’s reputation.

I wrote a preview of DOA2 a couple of weeks back and I have to say it reaches my anticipation!

You need to keep an eye out for five crooks while enjoying your time in saloons, drinking and indulging in debaucheries. You can play Dead or Alive 2 for free at G2G or play for real money at the best online casino in India – in either case, you will have a blast.

Play Dead or Alive 2 for Free

Symbols and Graphics

In case I wasn’t clear enough already, the Dead or Alive 2 slot is set in an old Western town where you are the bounty hunter or sheriff (take your pick!). Just like that famous Bon Jovi song, “Dead or Alive,” there are five crooks who are wanted dead or alive – it is your job to bring them in. Or if you are on the dark side, you can just steal the bounty and run away!

Now, the video slot Dead or Alive 2 hasn’t got a bonus feature, per se. What it does have are the five different wild symbols, represented by five outlaws. They will help you strike the winning pay line by appearing on the reels, and if you get 3 or more in the game, you stand to win.

The five outlaws you are looking for are Dellar Rose, Jesse James, Belle Star, Billy the Kid, and Apache the Kid.

It means when either of these outlaws lands on the reel, they will substitute for all other symbols except for the Scatter. You will then win the highest winning combination on the pay line. Think of it the Joker in card games, where you can form a winning pattern with the Joker card.

The Dead or Alive 2 slot game has a total of 16 symbols. There are nine pay lines in the game, that is, there are nine winning combinations that reward the player. You can see these combinations during the gameplay itself, by clicking on the number.

Screenshot of Dead or Alive 2

During your hunt for these crooks, you will also have your fair share of drinking in salons where you will shoot guns and shout yee-haw! That’s where the other symbols come in: Sheriff’s Badge, Revolver (I think it’s a Colt .45?), Cowboy Hat and Lasso Rope, Boots, and Moonshine. These are the high paying symbols.

With these game-themed symbols, you also have your regular symbols found in other slots: 10, J, K, Q, and A. These symbols are low paying.

Lastly, you also have the Scatter symbol – Two Guns with a Bull Skull. Get three of these and you will win 12 free spins.  That’s right, you stand to win big without wagering your money with these free spins!

If you observe closely, the symbols follow a colour scheme as well. The lowest paying symbols – Moonshine and 10, are in a shade of pink while the highest paying symbol – A and the Sheriff’s Badge, are in bright orange-red.

Every time you hit a winning combination, you will hear celebratory gunshots in the background and the winning pay line will be highlighted.

Features: Bonus & Free Spins

Dead or Alive 2 slot is a fascinating marvel where you are not only looking to hit the winning combination but are also keen on enjoying the bonus features and free spins. It is a journey through the west, where you are constantly on the prowl for bounty, booze, and bliss.

Free Spins

The Dead or Alive 2 free spin feature is activated when you land three Scatter Symbols in the video slot machine. Once this happens, you will get 12 free spins that you can use in three Free Spins games: Old Saloon, High Noon Saloon, and my personal favourite – Train Heist.

  • Old Saloon: Your wins in the Old Saloon Free Spins game will be multiplied by 2. But that’s not it! Remember the wild symbols from the main game? They transform into sticky wilds here.
  • It means that throughout your free spin game, your chances of hitting a winning combination are better. With each of these sticky wilds symbol, you will get 5 extra free spins!
  • High Noon Saloon: In the High Noon Saloon too, your wild symbols will transform into sticky wilds. If you hit 2 wild symbols on the same reel, they transform into double multiplier wild symbols. If you manage to get 3 wild symbols on the same reel, they transform into triple multiplier wild symbols!
  • You will also get 5 extra free spins for one of more sticky wild symbols that appear on the reels.
  • Train Heist: You start the Train Heist with 12 free spins. While there are no sticky wilds here, there is a multiplier on a scale of 1 to 16.

You increase the multiplier by getting a wild symbol anywhere on the reel; you will also get a free spin while you are at it! When that happens, the multiplier will increase by 1. If you get 2 wild symbols, the multiplier will increase by 2 and so on.

As you get more wild symbols, the multiplier will move up in the order and will be applied to the next spin.

If you are lucky enough to get the multiplier to 16, you will get 5 free spins and the game will continue. I remember playing it until I got the multiplier to 12 and after that, I ran out of luck!

Audio and Video

Have you seen those Western classics on Tata Sky, where you can see an old man sitting by the barn, playing a beautiful melody on his guitar? It reminds you of life and everything takes you down a contemplative path? Well, the audio in this game is quite similar to that.

Throughout the game, you will hear a sonder tune and whenever you win, you will hear gunshots with a slight increase in tempo. If you win big, you will hear a different, upbeat tune. In the background, you will also hear bells, rattlesnakes, and flute – all the elements you need for a perfect Western setting.

As for the music in the free spin games, it depends on the game you choose. For the Train Heist game, you will hear the train moving with whistles every now and then. The tune is way above the normal tempo – imagine you are chasing a couple of bandits on the train on a freaking horse! Think about the music that would go with this. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Coming to the video part, I was slightly underwhelmed. In the background, you will see an old town with a mountain on the side. It looks like you are entering the place, with a gate sort of structure hosting the game.

I have played online slots with far superior animation and effects than the slot Dead or Alive 2 like Chi by Elk. It is a pity because they could have done so much more those five outlaws and all the other high paying symbols. It doesn’t change much in the free spins game either.

Dead or Alive 2 on Mobile

I have played this wonderful mobile slot on my mobile phone and I’m happy to say in my review that it works perfectly fine. Nothing changes in the gameplay and you can place your bets just as easily. Sadly, there is no mobile version of this game (not that you need it). Dead or Alive 2 works just as well in the portrait and landscape mode, whether it is on Android or Apple device. All the casinos sites featured at G2G do offer a seamless experience no matter what device you like to play on!

The only thing I did notice was a rabbit symbol that appeared near the spin button. I’m not sure what it does but if you manage to figure it out, do let me know. I’m pretty certain that it doesn’t have a say in my winnings or pay lines.

If you Liked Dead or Alive 2, Play it With Real Money!

Let me tell you something – the win potential in this game is massive. You can win up 100,000 times your bet! Plus, with three free spins games and exciting wild symbols, you are in for an exciting ride.

It is a high volatility slot where you can expect to win big in a short period of time. I personally like this as the thrill of hitting big wins gets me quite excited. However, you need to be patient and must have some cash to spare.

Dead or Alive 2 is an ideal slot for you if you like the Western genre and free spins. There is a minimum bet of 9 coins, and you can set the minimum bet at $0.01.

So next time you plan to go out for a lavish evening, consider kicking back with a beer and this fantastic slot. You may just end up winning everything. Sign up and deposit with any of our trusted casinos below, and get on your way to play this fantastic slot with bonus!