Paranormal Activity Slot Review

Thumbnail IsoftBet Paranormal Activity Slot

User Rating:

  • ProvideriSoftBet
  • VolatilityMedium
  • RTP96.75%
  • Paylines 243
  • Reels5

Want to stay up tonight? Then the Paranormal activity is the perfect slot for you as you wouldn't be able to sleep after a few spins in this horror-slot!


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 15/10/2017

Get ready to be spooked!

I’ve reviewed quite a few games in our free slot casino section. And one thing is for sure: the Paranormal Activity video slot is by far the spookiest, most disturbing of the lot.

If you suffer from nightmares, best play something else from the wide range of games available here at G2G. Maybe Cleopatra Plus or Dancing in Rio.

But if you’re the sort who actually enjoys being genuinely terrified – like people who see going on rollercoasters as ‘fun’ – then, by all means, give it a go.

Just don’t blame me if you don’t sleep for the next month after playing it.

A video slot that does justice to the movie

Game providers iSoftBet, creators of Paranormal Activity, have a very mixed portfolio of online slots that includes the likes of Neon Reels and Mona Lisa Jewels. But they seem to like turning successful movies into casino slots as they’ve done already with the violent Platoon and the risqué Basic Instinct.

The Paranormal Activity slot is based on the 2007 (re-released in 2009) horror movie by the same name that became a real favourite amongst horror fans. For those who like quirky facts: it’s the highest grossing film ever made in relation to its production budget.

The slot is available on desktop but you can play it on mobile devices as well, with the iPad a particularly good choice in order to get the most out of the game’s graphics and features.

Don’t play this slot if you’re easily spooked

It can’t be much fun to be a young couple trapped in a house that’s possessed by a demon figure, who’s actually a little girl looking to take over your body and soul. It’s even less fun when you set up cameras to try and capture what’s going on in the middle of the night.

Only to find that the recordings are even more terrifying than what you’d feared they’d be.

But that’s the plot of the movie and subsequently, the theme of the Paranormal Activity slot.

Take your pick from which of these is the scariest element of the game.

  • The Paranormal Activity logo that looks like it’s written in blood.
  • Spine-chilling real footage from the film.
  • The blood-stained hand that’s the Scatter symbol.
  • The fact that the game flickers like a broken TV at random times.
  • The nightmare-inducing sight of the little girl (who’s the Wild symbol) with black marks around her eyes and smoke around her head.

The sound effects aren’t for the faint-hearted, either. They include some heavy breathing you’d expect to hear from someone who’s being chased and fears for their life.

Paranormal spins feature brings paranormal wins

I’ve mentioned some of the symbols already and others include the cameras set up to record the paranormal activity, the Chandelier and the Bonus Symbol.

Let’s talk features.


The child demon that makes Chuckie look like Child’s Play (no pun intended) substitutes for all symbols other than the Bonus and the Wild.


The blood-stained hand will result in a decent win if you get three, four or five of them.

Free Spins

The best Paranormal Activity features.

Get three of the Wild symbols and you get to spin the Ouija Board, which you’ll remember, is an important part of the film. The Wild can appear on Reels 1, 3 and 5.

Spinning a wheel to decide which feature you get has been done before, with the Bridesmaids slot a recent example of that. Except that a feature in that slot might be mildly gross or endearingly fluffy.

In this one, it might make you want to go to sleep with the light on.

When you spin the wheel you can win an instant cash prize or…

Paranormal Spins

Land on the green X and you’ll trigger unlimited free spins with increasing multipliers. Sorry, did I hear that right? Or am I imagining things from the trauma of playing the game? Unlimited? With increasing multipliers? Yes, though admittedly the free spins stop when you secure 5 wins.

Possessed Spins

Land on the demon wild, and you’ll get 10 free spins with additionally stacked wilds to help boost your chances of a win.

Demon Spins

Land on the fiery death symbol and you’ll get 15 free spins with random Demon symbols showing up to add extra wilds to the reels.

Paranormal Event

Very occasionally two ghostly hands will press against your screen as if someone is trapped inside your computer and up to 5 extra Wild symbols will be generated and frozen ahead of your next spin.

Our overall impression of the different free spins feature? Some great prizes on offer but some of the images are so scary, they almost put us off wanting to get them!

As impressed as I’m scared of this slot…

Video slots based on successful movies can sometimes be a bit hit-and-miss. You love the movie and are excited about playing a slot based on it. But occasionally you then get disappointed that the magic isn’t re-created in the game. All you get is a few symbols that are relevant to characters from the film.

Not so here.

With real footage, eerie sound effects and symbols that replicate the horror of the story, the slot is just as scary as the film.

Wins in the base game are frequent and big enough to stop you getting frustrated and you know that securing any of the three types of free spins will lead to chunky wins.

All in all, this is one of the more impressive slot game I’ve played in a while.

If you think you can handle the experience of playing Paranormal Activity, perhaps you are brave enough to do it with real cash? Head over to any of our top listed Indian online casinos below and give it a few spins… If you dare!