StarQuest Slot Review

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  • Provider Big Time Gaming
  • VolatilityHigh
  • RTP96.22%
  • Paylines117,649
  • Reels 6

Embark on a StarQuest in Big Time Gaming's latest online slot. The number of ways to win is almost as many as stars in space with 117,649 ways to win!


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 10th April 2024

Published: 27/08/2017

Aim for the Stars

Slot games come in all shapes and sizes and as we’ll see when reading this review, the StarQuest video slot comes in some very unique shapes and sizes, indeed!

I’ve got a Quest for you a StarQuest

This new slot is the latest to explore the space theme in a game with Space Wars, Battlestar Galactica and of course Starburst just a few of the many online slots taking place in a galaxy far, far away.

It’s the latest slot to take on a retro feel to it and though it’s unlikely to be the most talked about a slot on blogs and forums anytime soon, it may just attract a cult following amongst a certain type of slots fans.

StarQuest is an unusually shaped video slot

Big Time Gaming, providers of such slots as Viking Quest and Danger! High Voltage, obviously have a habit of designing casino slots with unconventional shapes.

Here the shape of the games reel changes after every spin, meaning that the number of ways you can win changes with every spin. That means that on one spin you might have seven symbols on one reel, four on another and three on yet another. One spin later, it could all look completely different.

StarQuest is available on mobile as well as desktop. Perfect for playing it on your next visit into space.

Did anyone get the Wi-fi code for Planet Mars?

Are 117,649 ways to win enough for you?

Another characteristic of a Big Time Gaming slot is that the theme and the graphics are kept pretty simple. As such, the reels seem to be floating above a mysterious planet and there’s not much else going on. The music has a space-like sound to it. If you want to really get into the spirit of things, why not play the slot while listening to the 2001 Space Odyssey theme on repeat?

How many different ways are there to win on most slots? 80, 100, 500? Maybe 1000 if you’re really lucky.

Well, not on this one. Maybe the number of 117, 649 is the distance from good old planet Earth to a particular star but it’s also the number of different ways you can win on the StarQuest slot. While the reels are spinning, there’s a box above them that works out how many different ways you can win on that particular spin, up to 117, 649.

Who knew anyone could add up that quickly?

That doesn’t mean that you’re all of a sudden going to win more on this casino slot than any other game ever made. It just means that the manners in which you win are always very different. Which keeps things nice and fresh.

Super cool Wild symbol starts re-spins feature

If you love casino slots with complex bonus rounds and the chance to win lots and lots of free spins, StarQuest won’t be the game for you.

Try that next planet over there. Yeah, the one with the rings around it. Maybe they’ll have a slot like that. But here’s what you can look forward to on StarQuest.

Wild symbol

So far there hasn’t been anything particularly remarkable about this slot to talk about.

So far.

Because the StarQuest video slot has one of the coolest Wild symbols to talk about since I realised that the Wild Symbol in Dancing in Rio looked like Sofia Vergara.

In this case, the Wild symbol is a beautiful lady with a space suit on that’s so tight that you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Miley Cyrus owns one just like it.

With her laser gun in hand, she reminds us a little bit of one of the Charlie’s Angels. Well, if they decided to take a trip into space that is.

The Spacegirl can occupy the whole of reels 2, 3,4 and 5, which also come with multipliers.

Reels that pay both ways

This probably helps to explain why you can win in so many different ways. You can win from left to right and from right to left.

Wild re-spins

If you get the Wild Symbol, you’ll get a re-spin. She comes with a multiplier which starts at 1x. If you win on that first re-spin, the Multiplier will go up to 2x and so on, all the way up to a potential 5x.

You can also secure further Wilds, which will also get locked in their original position. That means you could quickly start to fill the reels with Sticky Wilds with Multipliers that keep increasing, up to 5x.

That means you could very quickly get several reels with Stacked Wilds on them leading to some pretty astronomical (see what I did there?) prizes.

A textbook space game

With its space theme resembling a cult 1980s TV show with inexpensive props and scripts written on the back of a napkin, this is a no-frills video slot. So it’s no surprise that it was filed straight in our the G2G archive as a space-themed slot.

But as I often say, if everyone liked the same slots I’d only have four or five different ones.

So let’s talk about the positives and they are the ability to win in 117,649 different ways and the brilliant Wild symbol in the form of the Charlie’s Angels look-a-like. She’s not just a cool character though because if she’s joined by one or more of her mates on the reels those multipliers and subsequent wins could really start flowing.

StarQuest is already in our list of recommended Indian online casino sites so give it a go. Remember you can read about other slot releases right here.