Valhalla Slot Review

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  • Provider Betdigital
  • VolatilityHigh
  • RTP94%
  • Paylines 10
  • Reels5

Welcome to Under the Radar, BetDigital. Sit down, make yourself at home, can we get you a cup of tea?  Yeah, this is their debut here.


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 10th April 2024

Published: 25/02/2019

Get rewarded in this life, not in the afterlife

When I heard that the Valhalla slot was next on the list of G2G slots to review, I was very intrigued. You see, specialists subjects amongst the G2G team include the movies of Lindsey Lohan, football World Cups, Game of Thrones, Armenia, risotto, aviation, the origins of whiskey, Audi cars, dinosaurs, the assassination of JFK, the books of Dan Brown and Victoria Secrets’ models. Well, actually a few of us are experts on that last one.

Norse Mythology

What none of us are experts on is Norse mythology. So we were fascinated by what we discovered about Valhalla. It’s a huge, majestic hall in Asgard that’s ruled by the God Odin. Of the brave warriors who die in combat, half of them end up at Valhalla, while the other half go to Folkvangr, the field of the Goddess Freyja. It’s often mentioned in Norse mythology as a sort of reward for warrior’s bravery.

And as we’ll see, bravery is an important part of the Valhalla mobile slot…

Play Valhalla in Veracruz…

Welcome to G2G, Betdigital. Sit down, make yourself at home, can I get you a cup of tea? Yeah, this is the English game providers debut here at Guide 2 Gambling and though they’ve been in business for a long time, not many of their slots have made their way to the best Indian online casinos yet. But of course, this new release may be about to change all that because if this mobile game gets a glowing review we may well go out and see what else they’ve got going.

Win the Jackpot

There’s a Jackpot of 2,500 credits to be won, meaning it’s a fixed Jackpot rather than a Progressive one. It’s actually more of a re-spins game than a free spins one and belongs to the genre of Norse mythology. A subject matter that has brought us slots like Hall Of GodsVikings go Berzerk and Troll hunters in the past.

Spin away on your mobile

You can play it on a desktop or alternatively, you can play it as a mobile slot. Valhalla may remain in the same place all the time, surrounded by mythical creatures such as the stag Eikpyrnir and the goat Heidrun, but thanks to technology, you can take Valhalla around with you anywhere. To places such as Vadodara, Valsad, Vapi, Varanasi, Vasai-Virar, Vellore or Veraval. Or even places that don’t begin with the letter V at all.

Play the bonus game to the sound of Wagner

The Valhalla slot is a 5×3 reel game which as you’d expect, is full of references to Vikings. There’s a metal helmet, a golden horn used in battle, a shield and a Viking longboat with red and white sails. This is the key to hitting that Jackpot but getting it isn’t all plain sailing (see what we did there?). That’s because you’ll need to get five of those to secure those 2500 credits.

Graphics & Symbols

There are some lower-paying symbols as well, which are the ubiquitous playing cards, and then there’s the all-important Wild.

Spoiler alert: it does a lot more in this mobile slot that it does in most other games. The Wild, which you only get to see properly when it expands, is a blue-eyed Viking girl with beautiful long-flowing locks of golden hair. She probably uses L’Oreal.

Now here’s the really weird bit: you know how they see the Mona Lisa seems to be looking straight at you wherever it is that you’re standing in the room? Well, she’s a little bit like that as well. Just prettier and more likely to be able to savagely wield a sword in combat before going home and effortlessly preparing a meal for 200 hungry warriors than La Giaconda.

On Reel 5 you’ll find an Up and Down button that allows you to adjust your bet while the middle button is the key element to this game. You’ll find out soon enough how it works, you just need to be a little patient. Which reminds us of that great quote from Margaret Thatcher:

‘I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.’

So yeah, be patient and you’ll get yours as well when we tell you what it does.

Ride of the Valkyries

What’s a really cool aspect of the game is that when you activate the bonus round, you’ll get to hear this wonderful piece of music by Richard Wagner. Why this one? Because it’s called Ride of the Valkyries and the Valkyries are female figures who choose which warriors get to live and which get to travel to Valhalla; in addition to choosing who does what they also act as guides to the famous after-life Hall.

So you see, it’s all connected. And if you’re sure you’ve heard the piece of music before in a film, it could be in the scene from Apocalypse. Where a rather eccentric Lieutenant Colonel, played by Robert Duvall, plays classical music as his helicopters open fire on Vietnamese villages. No, they don’t teach you how to do that in normal military training.

Valhalla Spins feature rewards the brave

You don’t need a Masters Degree in any form of mythology, Norse or otherwise, to know how to play Valhalla. You just needed to read the paragraphs below.

Valhalla Spins

If you just play for normal stakes then the Wild is just that. It will substitute for any other symbol. But if you press the ‘Confirm Valhalla Spins’ icon in the bottom right of the screen and choose the x2, x4, x6, x8 or x10 Bet options, it does something else.

The default is the x1 Reel game but if you increase your bet to x4 then the Wild will Expand on Reel 3 and you’ll get 1 re-spin when it appears. Choosing the x6 option gives you two re-spins each time you get a Wild on Reel 3, x8 gets you three re-spins and the maximum x10 gets you 4 re-spins.

Obviously the higher the x, the more you’re staking. But the greater the possible rewards.

When you get the Wild symbol on Reel 3 (this is the only reel it appears on) it will expand to cover the whole reel before the re-spin(s). So similar to what happens in slots such as Book of Dead or Magic Mirror, though in both those games they’re during free spins rather than re-spins.

The other reason why it might pay to be a bit more daring and worth playing for higher stakes is that after each win you secure in the re-spins, the Multiplier goes up by 1. So if you secured a win on your first re-spin then the Multiplier would be x2 for your second re-spin. If you got another win, it would go up to x3 for the third spin and so on. If you don’t get a win, the Multiplier from the previous spin will stay in place; it will neither go up by one nor will it revert to the 1x.

All of which means that if you’re only playing at x4 your bet and can only get 1 re-spin, then you’ll never have a multiplier any bigger than x1.

So as you see, just like with the concept of Valhalla itself, great rewards await those who show bravery!

V for Valhalla, V for volatility

This is a fun little slot with graphics, symbols and gameplay that are pretty simple compared to some of the other stuff that’s being done right now. But not every slot can be Ted or Hansel and Gretel in terms of complexity, nor would we want them to be.

Playing this mobile slot for lower stakes makes it a medium volatility game but increasing them all the way up to x8 or x10 turns into a highly volatile game. Each spin becomes expensive and a barren run can see your balance erode quickly but a few good rounds of re-spins where the x3 or x4 multiplier comes into play can drastically change your fortunes very quickly.

Not a slot that will be winning any awards anytime soon but worth giving a go.

Remember that to play Valhalla for real money, you don’t need to die in battle. You just need to open a real money account which is quick and easy.