Frog Grog Slot Review

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  • ProviderThunderkick
  • VolatilityMedium
  • RTP 96.1%
  • Paylines 23
  • Reels5

Frog Grog is... different. An acquired taste for sure. Something I praise. I like when providers take chances. And if there is something Thunderkick is famous for it's just that. Taking chances!


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 05/10/2017

A Frogettable slot?

Did you notice what I did there? 😉

Frog Grog takes place in a dark and gloomy cellar that is a cross between a mad scientist’s laboratory and something you’d find in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. With burping frogs that change colour, reel symbols including a pair of eyeballs and multipliers floating next to the reels, this is textbook – or should that be spell book- G2G material.

But that should come as no surprise seeing as it’s made by game suppliers Thunderkick. If NetEnt made movies, they’d make big blockbuster action movies but if Thunderkick made them, they’d be quirky indie movies with Zooey Deschanel or Steve Buscemi.

Using the dropping symbols technique, this a cool and fun slot for those with a taste for the dark side and the slightly weird.

Will Frog Grog have you under its spell?

Frog Grog comes to us courtesy of game providers Thunderkick and given the sort of online slots they make, they may well feature in our G2G review section here quite a bit over the next few months. Quirky, original, obscure, bizarre, fun: check, check, check.

If you ever stumbled into the cellar of a house owned by a witch married to a mad scientist, it would probably look something like the Frog Grog video slot. You know: a few bottles of potion hanging around, some lit candles, a couple of skulls, a swinging cage, a mouse running across the room, a cauldron full of a boiling hot orange liquid…the usual stuff.

The Frog Grog slot is ‘’All about that Base’’

Thunderkick has gone for the dropping symbols technique here, which is fine by us. Yes, not the first time it’s been done because Quickspin’s Phoenix Sun and the uber-popular Gonzo’s Quest did it well before but no harm in replicating a fun formula. See what I did there? Science, spell, potion…formula. Ok, move on…

It’s a 5×3 reels game and the star of the show is…the Frog. The clue was in the game’s name. You’ll see why it’s the star when you read about the features.

It’s a regular slot without a Jackpot and there are actually no free spins at all in it though there is a bonus round which I’ll come to later. That said, the base game is pretty cool. As Meghan Trainor would say: ‘’It’s all about that Base.’’

Strange symbols and furry creatures mean this is not for the faint-hearted

I love the weird symbols here in Frog Grog. A weird flower growing inside a bell jar, a moth, different coloured potions, a heart and as mentioned already, the random pair of eyeballs. It wouldn’t be Frog Grog without a frog somewhere of course and it’s an orange wild frog who turns blue when he appears. But not before he burps and destroys all the other symbols on the same column and row as it’s on, which can, of course, lead to further wins.

The eerie music fits in perfectly with the weird and wacky symbols and the other bizarre objects scattered around the place. As I’ve said already, there’s a mouse who runs across the top of the cupboard at random times so if you’re one of those with a phobia of the furry little creatures, maybe you’re best off playing another of our featured Slot games. I didn’t actually notice it at first but there’s also a set of red eyes just to the right of the reels that appears now and then for a couple of seconds. What on earth could that be? A cat? A human? A demon? It’s anyone’s guess.

A bonus sound effect is the burp of the burping frog. A pretty loud one but you only hear after he’s secured you a win so it’s all good.

Frog Grog’s Mystery Bonus feature

I mentioned the dropping symbols earlier and it’s worth pointing out that they’re more than just a gimmick. Each time you secure a win, those symbols that make up the win disappear and are replaced by other dropping symbols. That means that each win can easily lead to another win. Which is particularly good because of the…Multiplier.

That’s right. Each time you win, the multiplier goes up for your next win. Your second wins pay out 2x the win, your third 3x, your fourth 5x and your sixth and any other wins beyond that, at 7x. Goes without saying that a few wins with the 7x multiplier in place can see you rack up some pretty decent wins pretty quickly. Of course, the Multiplier increasing for each win has been done before, with Gonzo’s Quest a good example. But in Gonzo it only goes up to 5x and here it goes up to 7x.

I’ve talked about the Burping Frog already and how his appearance can lead to extra wins so all that remains is to talk about is the Mystery Game. Triggered at random times after a non-winning spin, it removes all winning symbols other than the moth, the flower and the wild frog. As high-value symbols and the Wild symbol, this means that all your wins and further wins resulting from the dropping symbols are likely to be big ones.

Plenty more where Frog Grog came from

If you like weird and wonderful slots with low volatility where you can pick up lots of smallish regular wins, then Frog Grog will be right up your alley just like Sunny Shores from Yggdrasil. No free spins and no Jackpot on offer but lots of fun and bonus points for originality.

And if lesser known slots with cult followings are your thing, then you can read what I have to say about plenty of other such video slots in our ‘Slots’ section. Or if you prefer playing with real money head over to our Best online casinos page!