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  • Provider Blueprint
  • Volatility Medium
  • RTP 95.81%
  • Paylines 20
  • Reels5

It should be very much an Above the Radar slot, flying around in the air with bright lights around it while people throw confetti around.


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Last updated on 10th April 2024

Published: 27/04/2017

A real animal of a slot and destined for greatness

The new Ted slot more than does justice to the awesome 2012 film and is a must for all fans of the movie. But with brilliant graphics and bonuses, it’s an absolute must for anyone who loves great slots, too.

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Review of the Ted slot based on the 2012 movie

We love our trivia here at G2G, as you probably have noticed if you have read any of the free slot reviews here before. Some reviews are of new slots that aren’t necessarily released in a blaze of publicity.

So here’s some trivia: the 2012 film Ted is the highest-grossing film of all time to have an R-rating (due to its bad language, sexual content and references to drugs), having overtaken the previous record-holder The Hangover. I mention that because the Ted slot, based on the film, of course, is the next mobile slot that I’m reviewing here at G2G.

More trivia: Did you know that honey is the only food that doesn’t actually go bad? Theoretically, you could eat if you discovered some honey that was 5,000 years old and you might not get sick from it. Not that I’m not recommending you should, nor are you likely to come across 5,000-year-old honey.

But let’s talk about Ted.

A rare case of a movie slot set for greatness

The Ted slot comes to us courtesy of Blueprint Gaming, who have slipped in at G2G a couple of times in the past with such efforts as the brilliantly creative and amusing Pig Wizard and the retro but overly simplistic Jewel Strike.

Theme-wise it obviously belongs to the range of branded slots and more precisely, those directly based on a film. In truth, not many of the very best slots are based on movies (although Bridesmaids is a notable exception) but as you will see in a bit, the Ted slot might just be about to change all that.

It’s not a Progressive Jackpot slot but it does have a Jackpot. It’s rather hard to say that it’s mostly a free spins slot although it does have free spins. That’s because as you will also see in a little while, it’s absolutely filled with bonus features and random features. Think Hansel and Gretel or Red Riding Hood proportions.

You can play the Ted slot on Desktop and asking if you can play it on mobile is like asking if Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s child is going to good-looking. I don’t think I need to tell you the answer to either of those questions.

Lots of fun references to the movie

If you didn’t watch the movie, Ted, go out and watch it. But if you don’t have the time because you’re too busy reading all the wonderful stuff available on the G2G, which is perfectly understandable, here’s a reminder.

A lonely kid called John (played by the super-cool Mark Wahlberg) wishes that his teddy bear (who’s an actual teddy bear, the voice is by Seth McFarland who also directed the film) comes to life and sure enough, he does. Fast forward 30 years or so and there they are hanging out, drinking beer, consuming narcotics and not really getting on with their lives. Much to the irritation of John’s girlfriend Lori, played by the talented and gorgeous Mila Kunis who just wants her boyfriend to grow up and well…stop being badly influenced by a teddy bear.

As the film progresses they meet their childhood idol Sam J. Jones, star of Flash Gordon, Ted gets kidnapped and John and Lori attempt to patch things up.

The Basics

It’s a 5×3 Reel Slot and for most of the time, Ted is passed out on the sofa just underneath the reels surrounded by empty beer cans. Why is he passed out? Remember those narcotics I mentioned? More precisely the so-called devil’s lettuce? Yeah well, it’s just a case of putting two and two together. But when he does wake up, there’s plenty of fun to be had and random features to be enjoyed as you’ll come to in the next section.

The Symbols

Ted himself is the Wild and can help you win 25x time your bet, which is also what you win should you get 5 of the Ted logo symbols. Other symbols include a Bong (presumably what assisted Ted in getting into that state), an angry-looking duck, a six-pack of beers and Tami Lynn, who’s Ted’s girlfriend in the film. By the way, if you’re going to see just the one scene from the movie, watch this one where John tries to guess the name of Ted’s girlfriend. It really is something else.

Where was I? Oh yeah, symbols. There are the usual low-value playing card ones and finally, there’s the ‘Thunder Buddies Bonus’ symbol, which is the Scatter. A reminder that in the movie both Ted and John are terrified of thunder and become Thunder Buddies- they lie next to each other and console the other one until the thunder stops.

The audio

Normally I struggle to say anything interesting about the audio and sound effects of the slots I review because so little attention is put into this aspect on most games. But that’s certainly not the case here. In addition to the Ted theme that plays as you spin, you get some of Ted’s best one-liners and catchphrases as you activate bonuses or come close to doing so. Stuff like ‘bring it in you bastard’ ‘it’s party time’ or occasionally his trademark mischievous laugh.

Haven’t seen this many features since Family Guy

Now, here’s something funny. Seth McFarland first came to prominence with Family Guy, which is also a brilliant slot. And prior to Ted, I don’t remember ever seeing a slot with as many bonus features and random features as in Family Guy. So the question is: is it a coincidence that slots based on McFarland creations are jam-packed with bonus rounds? Actually, yes it probably is.

But let’s find out how to play the Ted slot when it comes to its features.

Ted Modifiers (Random Bonus Features)

Occasionally something going on in the reels wakens Ted from his comatose state and similar to the likes of Hook’s Heroes, one of several Random Features is activated. They are…

Laser Gun Wilds Feature

Ted finds the energy to get up off the sofa and fire a Laser Gun at the reels. A laser beam bounces around before turning some of the symbols into Wilds.

Psychedelic Super Spin Feature

Yeah, those narcotics come into play again here. Ted wakes up but obviously feels like he hasn’t inhaled enough. Because he instantly takes some puffs from his ‘hookah pipe’ and blows smoke over all the reels. Some special Ted symbols then appear on the reels before turning into the same symbol and guaranteeing you a win.

Beer Streak Feature

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a Random feature as such because you need to secure a win in the first place to get it. Ted arises, sprays beer all over the reels and covers them in a froth. The symbols then become a new winning combination and this can happen more than once until the froth dies down and the symbols settle into a final winning combination.

Psychedelic Colossal Spin feature

Similar to the second one (see above) but this time when the smoke settles, three of the reels combine to give you a colossal reel which guarantees you a colossal symbol winning combination.

TV Remote Symbol feature

Appropriate since Ted and John spend a lot of time in the movie watching TV! Again, only activated after a win but this time Ted jumps up and starts pounding the TV remote’s buttons. The reels then re-spin with the symbols that made up the win staying in position until you get as good a win as is possible.

Psychedelic Bonus Boost Feature

More smoke polluting the reels but the effect of that is very favourable to you. A lot of bonus symbols are added to the wheels and it greatly increases your chances of activating the Thunder Buddies Bonus Feature. And speaking of which…

Whether it’s via the Psychedelic Bonus Boost Feature or by getting the three Scatter symbols during the main game, activating the Thunder Buddies Bonus Feature gives you the right to spin the wheel. This is what you can get:

Wheel of Fortune Bonus Feature

Choose a Ted to reveal an Arrow, Multiplier Boost or Spin. An Arrow adds an extra arrow to the wheel, a Multiplier Boost increases the multiplier value of 1 or more positions on the wheel. The Spin…well it spins the wheel, doesn’t it?

Each time you land on the arrow you’ll move to an inner wheel where prizes become more and more valuable. Getting to the middle triggers the Big Money Bonus Feature. More on that in a sec.

Bar Crawl Bonus Feature

You’re out on the town (as all teddy bears are) and there are two stages. You keep on choosing different beer bottles to move around a board and increase your multiplier as you do so. Stage 2 offers you a route to the Big Money Bonus Feature but in the board, there are also special positions that are either good or bad for you.

  • Event, action or Girls will increase at least one or more board multiplier values.
  • Pizza House – You collect Stake multipliers and Big Money counters. Talk about a ‘slice’ of luck. (I’ll get my coat).
  • Ming’s Takeaway: You get an instant cash bonus and Big Money gets you a Big Money counter. Get five of those and yes, you guessed it. It’s yet another way of getting to the Big Money Bonus.
  • Arrested- This is the one you don’t want to see. Ted gets arrested for his late-night shenanigans and is taken to the ID Parade, though you do still have a chance to escape going behind bars.

Super Mart Free Spins Feature

You get five of them. Ted is next to and behind the reels running on a conveyor belt with a load of Ted Wilds. With each spin, the pattern of the Wilds changes. When the conveyor belt stops, the relative number of Wilds is added to the reels to give you your prize.

Flash Free Spins Feature

You play this on a 5×4 reel and the number of free spins you get is pre-determined and fixed.

There’s a bonus grid above the reels displaying cash prizes, more free spins and extra Wild symbols.

After each spin, you will be awarded Super Shot on the bonus grid. The higher up you go, the bigger the rewards. Get to the very top and it’s yet another way of activating the Big Money Bonus Feature.

An alternative way of getting more Super Shots is to have a Flash symbol appear on the reels. You get one for each symbol you get.

Big Money Bonus Feature

At last, I get to talk about it! The biggest of the Ted features.

Ted is in the middle of the screen next to a carousel of Multipliers. Then there’s a ‘Sale’ sign to the right and left of the screen.

First up you get a Multiplier and then you have to pick a ‘Sale’ sign. If ‘Re-Spin’ comes up another Multiplier will be revealed but if you get ‘Collect’ the feature ends. Here’s where you can win up to 500 times your stake.

At the end of any feature, you’re given the choice to stick with what you’ve got or go for another feature round. Except for the Big Money Bonus Feature. Of course.

The best slot of 2020?

Ted is a brilliant mobile game that will appeal to fans of the film seeing as it has loads of references to it. But that’s just a bonus because there are so many random features and bonus features going that you’d have to play it for hours on end just to see what they’re all like. And credit to Blueprint Gaming for having risqué elements to it like the ‘Mary Jane’ and the beer and the bar crawls. After all, if you’re old enough to play slots for money (and you need to be!) then you’re old enough to be offended or influenced by that sort of stuff.

This slot really has it all and without exaggeration, could be the best game released in 2017.

To play it for real money you’ll first need to open an account with one of the best Indian Online Casino. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s hassle-free.