Teen Patti: Real Cash Games

Teen Patti cash games online are becoming increasingly popular as each day passes.

Players all over India have won real money trying their luck with 3 patti online, safely and securely.

In this complete Teen Patti guide you will learn how to play, where to play and most importantly how to win!

Play Teen Patti for Real Money

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Play for Real Money

What is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is one of the most popular casino games in all of India and it is easy to understand why.

It originated in India more than 200 years ago so it has a head start in counting as traditional compared to many other games. Furthermore, it has created quite big real money wins for talented players.

The term was coined from “three-card brag,” a well-known English game with a few influences from poker and is also called flash or flush in certain regions.

This game is synonymous with our growing years during our teens and has filled quite a few players pockets with cash.

Thanks to modern technology you now have the chance to play Teen Patti for real money safely and securely at various online casinos in India.

We give many names to the things we love

Throughout this guide, you might see different spellings and names for Teen Patti but that is just because there are so many names for this beloved card game.

To keep it crystal clear let’s take a look at all the names this card game goes by:

  • Teen Patti
  • 3 Patti
  • Indian Poker
  • Teenpatti
  • Tin Patti

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong way to write the name of the game but the most common ones are teen patti and 3 patti.

Requirements to Play Teen Patti Online

There are a few basic requirements, which you should follow to be able to play for real money:

  • Choose a Teen Patti online casino that suits your taste
  • Register with your primary email, phone number, name and other credentials
  • Once you have registered you can access your account and play whichever Online Teen Patti version you want

First class safety, user-friendly interface, accepts INR and having Indian online payment options are a few of the criteria we value highly.

Each of the Teen Patti casinos we recommend all have reached these criteria.

We also like when Teen Patti casinos offer other Indian casino games as well which usually includes the Indian card game Andar Bahar.

But take your time and check the full list of 3 Patti sites to see what they offer.

Best 3 Online Teen Patti Casinos

  1. 10CRIC – Fastest Withdrawals
  2. LeoVegas India – Huge Bonus for New Players
  3. Pure Casino – Top Payment Options

Where to play 3 Patti for Real Cash?

Indians love to play casino games that are made in India and for Indians.

Having said that we are pleased to let you know that there are many websites in India that have online casinos with Teen Patti real cash games.

I and my team at G2G have reviewed many websites (more than 100 of the best online casino sites) and offer you the best of the best.

Of course, when it comes to real money teen patti we have our favourite.

The Best Teen Patti Real Cash Casino

There is one Indian online casino that sticks out when it comes to real money teen patti and that is Pure Win.

As one of the few India first casinos available online you can be sure to find plenty of different Teen Patti games to play.

On top of Indian casino games, Pure Win also offers the most popular online casino games like online roulette and online blackjack.

When it comes to payment methods they offer UPI payments so you can make deposits and withdrawals with Paytm or PhonePe.

Play Teen Patti at Pure Win

3 Patti Real Money Paytm Cash

Do you know what works best with the most common Indian casino game?

Playing with the most common online payment provider Paytm! 3 Patti real money Paytm cash games are available at several of the top casinos in India

There are plenty of Indian online casinos that offer both Paytm and real money Teen Patti meaning you can enjoy the best India has to offer in one place.

Furthermore, the safety and ease of paying and withdrawing with Paytm are unparalleled.

So if you have Paytm and want to play 3 patti online there is nothing to do but get started!

The Best Paytm Teen Patti Casino

Many readers have been asking us which sites allow you to play with Paytm and the answer is lots of them.

We have made sure to mark every review with logos of the payment providers that they offer so you can easily see which ones have Paytm Teen Patti.

The Indian casino we consider the best though is Casino Days. They have put in an extra effort to make sure that deposits and withdrawals are close to instant.

On top of that, they have all the most popular casino games available like online blackjack, live roulette and baccarat.

Play Teen Patti at Casino Days

Live dealer holds up teen patti cards

Online Teen Patti is Always Live

The absolute best type of online Teen Patti is the live casino version. Luckily the most popular type of online teen patti is the betting version which is ALWAYS LIVE!

Why is the live version so great you may wonder?

Because it is the most entertaining!

Imagine this, a beautiful dealer talking and joking with you whilst you win real cash on India’s favourite casino game.

Live 3 Patti is recorded in real-time in sophisticated studios from some of the best game providers and allows you to enjoy the real casino experience from the comfort of your own home or any other place for that matter!

How to play Teen Patti Online

Online Teen Patti is an internet version of the Teen Patti that you can play for real money. You can play alone or enjoy the company of friends even though you all may be miles apart.

Playing online 3 patti is almost easier than in real life. The graphics are pleasing to the eye and you have a great overview of what is going on.

You can play real money 3 Patti online in different ways. Either with your own hand which works exactly like the normal version you play with your friends or by betting on the outcome.

Below I will explain more on how to play real money Teen Patti with bets which are easily the most exciting and have the best return on investment!

Structure and Bets

When betting on online teen patti there are only two hands in play – Player A and Player B.

Your job is to guess the outcome of the round before the cards are dealt.

There is a total of 6 different things you can bet on:

  • Player A
  • Player B
  • Player A P+
  • Player B P+
  • 6 Card Bonus
  • Tie

Player A or B Bet

The basic bet is either that Player A hand or Player B hand will win.

It will give you 0.98 times your money if you bet on the winning hand.

Example: A bet of 1000 rupees will give you your 1000 rupees back + 980 INR.

Player A or B P+

This bet can only be placed if you have placed a bet on either winning hand A or B. You are betting that the hand not only wins but gets some sort of combination that is pair or above.

You can win up to 50 times your money depending on the outcome.

6 Card Bonus

Finally, you can bet on the 6 card bonus which is also my favourite. It means you bet on the combined outcome of Player A and B cards.

You can win up to 1 000 your bet if you get a Royal Flush!


A tie is just what it sounds like. You bet that Player A and B get the same cards.

If this happens you get 50 times your bet so the same outcome as three aces in P+.

Online Teen Patti Game Play

The real interesting 3 patti game for real cash is betting on the outcome.

This style is quite different from the regular theen pathi but this is where you can earn some serious cash.

The game works as such you can bet on several different factors that can have different payouts.

The base of the game is that you can bet on 2 different hands and the dealer adds

I think the absolute best way to understand how this works is to watch the video.

Our friend the Guru of Conscious Gambling explains the game step by step.

Play Online 3 Patti


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Teen Patti FAQ

3 patti can be played online with real money at several websites from India. LeoVegas and 10Cric are great examples of such sites.

Yes, several websites feature 3 patti online in Hindi. The most popular one is Pure Casino.

Yes, you can play teen patti real cash games on Android or iPhone at 3 patti websites. All you need is a mobile browser or download a dedicated app.

Teen patti is a table game that is played with 3 cards per player. The player with the best hand or correct bets wins money.

Online 3 Patti Real Money Apps

3 patti is one of those games which has taken the online mobile industry by storm. People are playing these games more than ever and mobile casino apps are better than ever.

There are plenty of Teen Patti real cash apps to choose from but which is the best?

Well, luckily for you we took the time to try out the most popular to see which really lives up the name of “Best 3 Patti Real Cash App”.

But if you were wondering about the memory in your smartphone, you won’t even have to download some apps to be able to play the game. You can effortlessly play Teen Patti on mobile casinos in India for real rupees.

For that reason, we made sure to include all online casinos that work on your phone whether it be in your browser or a dedicated application in this competition.

The Criteria

The criteria to be considered the best 3 patti real cash app are simple:

  1. The app has to have a 3 patti real money game available
  2. It has to be easy to withdraw your cash from the app
  3. Has to have at least 1 live version

The Contenders

With these simple criteria, we managed to pick out 3 finalists that had the honour of battling out the title of Best 3 patti real cash app provider.

The competitors are:

  • Leovegas – The King of The Casino Jungle
  • Pure Casino – India’s Golden Boy
  • 10Cric – The Betting Haven


Leovegas India offers both a betting version and a regular version of 3 Patti in their Live Casino.

The app furthermore offers a great interface, it is easy to withdraw money and great customer service which all count in favour of this casino.

Play at LeoVegas

Pure Casino

Just like Leovegas Pure Casino offers two different 3 patti live games for real cash, Live 3 Patti and Live Teen Patti 2021.

Furthermore, they offer their teen patti app in Hindi, Bangla, Kannada, and Telugu. You can also find UPI payment services and play with Paytm cash making your financials hassle-free.

Play at Pure Win


10Cric boasts three different versions of teen pathi live that can be enjoyed from wherever you are.

Withdrawing your cash from the site is easy as can be and you are free to play any of the other top game offerings or place a bet on sports as well.

Play at 10CRIC

best rank

Teen Patti App Winner

The winner of the best online 3 patti app is none other Pure Win!

As it is an India exclusive app it of course caters an Indian game like real money teen patti the best!

In our Pure Win review you can read more about just why it is the best teen patti destination.

3 Patti News

As you may know some of the Indian laws are not always so up to date. As for gambling online there are no real laws that prohibit online gambling.

The laws that regulate online 3 patti real money games were created before the internet existed so it has created a grey area.

What does grey area mean? Well, it is the area where lawmakers have neglected to create sufficient laws to regulate the subject which in turn does not make it illegal.

It is not explicitly legal either but the only thing you need to really take into account is the fact that there are thousands of Indian players winning real money in tin pati cash games online and not one has been punished.

This means you are free to enjoy real 3 patti cash games from wherever you are in India!

Teen Patti Cards

To play teen patti you need to know what cards you play with.

You always play teen patti with french suit playing cards, the standard deck of 52 cards. High card is as usual Ace and then counts down from King, Queen, Jack and finally 10 to 2.

Both the value of the cards and the suit of the cards are important when you play teen patti. Especially when you play teen patti for real money.

Teen Patti Guides & Strategies

If you really want to improve your teen patti game you will need to learn more.

Therefore we have created lots of Teen Patti guides for you to enjoy.

Remember the more you learn, the more you earn!

Ranking and Odds of Hands

The whole aim is to have the best three-card (Teen Patti) hand.

A hand of a higher category would naturally beat a hand of a lower category.

The hands are ranked in order with the best mentioned first, Trio, and the worst, high card, mentioned last.

Teen Patti SequenceDescriptionFrequencyProbability
Three of a Kind (Trio)Three of the same cards with 3 A as the highest and 3 ‘2’s as the lowest.520.24%
Straight Flush (Pure Sequence)3 consecutive cards of the same suit. Highest being A-K-Q and lowest 4-3-2. K-A-2 is not considered a straight flush but a valid flush.480.22%
Straight (Sequence)3 consecutive cards but need not be of the same suit.7203.26%
Flush (Color)3 cards of the same suit. In case of a tie the payer with a higher card wins. Suit Ranking is spades first with clubs last.10964.96%
Pair (Double)Two cards of the same rank. The one with the higher card value wins. If both pairs are of equal value, then the value of the 3rd card decides the winner.374416.94%
No Pair (High Card)Two players sharing the same high card then the rest of the cards will be gauged based upon their values.1644074.39%

Play Teen Patti for Real Cash vs. Free

If there is one thing I like doing it is spending my Teen Patti cash. Sure it is fun to play with friends just for fun but excitement and real entertainment comes out of winning real money.

But you do not necessarily need to play teen patti real cash games every time. I would say play for fun with our friends but make sure to be a teen patti winner online with real cash.

The only thing you need to take into account before starting on your teen patti cash game adventure is responsible gambling.

This means considering the fact that any real money gambling can get out of hand if you don’t consider how much you are playing. Take a look at our responsible gambling article to learn more.

Play Teen Patti with Friends

If you are new to real money 3 patti let’s take a look at how you play and most importantly how to win.

So we know that Online Teen Patti bets are the best real cash version but how is the regular version played?

Let’s start with the basics.

It usually involves 3-6 players with a deck of 52 cards but without jokers with one player acting as a dealer for each round.

Before the dealer distributes the cards, a boot amount is first decided and gathered from every player.

This is the minimum stake placed in a pot (don’t assume this as a real “pot.” It is where all the money is kept at the center of the table).

When the game progresses, this pot money also grows, and in the end, it is won by the winner of that hand.

Step by step

  1. Similar to poker, the dealer here distributes 3 cards face down in an anti-clockwise direction to every player on the table. Typically, the winner of the hand becomes the dealer for the next hand.
  2. Once the cards are distributed, the players sitting to the dealer’s left start to bet and every player acts on his or her turn as per the cards’ strength. Their betting rounds have no limits.
  3. The players who remain until the end (cannot be more than 2) should display their cards. So, the player who has the highest ranking hand wins the pot.
  4. However, if all the players fold except for one player, the betting will end, and the last player will win the pot.

Variations of the Game

What is great about teen patti as well is that there is not only 1 version of the game but plenty of variations.

As mentioned earlier teen patti live is the most popular version to play at online casinos but there are plenty of other versions to play with your friends.

We have compiled a list of the 10 most popular teen patti variations that you can check out.

Below I will give a short explanation of the 3 most popular variations of the game.


Banko is a betting variant where you play against the dealer rather than other players. The dealer deals three cards and shows two of them face up.

You as a player bet on what the third card that is face down is. The bet is whether or not the third card face down has a value in between the two cards or outside.


Muflis is a great variation that is enjoyed by players who usually might have bad luck. The premises of the game remain the same but instead of the best hand winning, the worst hand wins.

So you don’t want any sequences!

Lowest Joker

Sometimes you need just one card extra to win a hand and that is what Lowest Joker is all about.

The rules for Lowest Joker follow the same rules as a regular teen patti game but with a twist.

The lowest card value you have in your hand becomes a wild meaning you can choose whatever you want that card to be to create your best possible hand.

Safe & Legal 3 Patti

We only recommend safe and legal teen patti websites where you can enjoy Indias greatest card game for real money.

We put a lot of time and effort into our reviews and guides and we have received praise for it in the form of positive feedback on Google reviews and Trustpilot.

Play here

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