Golden Jungle Slot Review

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  • Provider IGT
  • VolatilityMedium
  • RTP 96.2%
  • Paylines 50
  • Reels 5

The Sticky Wilds keep you interested because you feel like you’re always building towards something. And that if you play for long enough, you’re almost guaranteed to get a big boost once hose Sticky Wilds are in play.


Content Editor, Nemanja

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 04/06/2017

A Golden Jungle full of Golden chances

The Wild Tiger is very much your friend in the Golden Jungle slot. The Golden Archways are your path to the riches of the free spins, where you choose the type you want. Are you ready to be King of the Golden Jungle?

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to finding the best online casino in India. Hence why I’ve compiled the best casinos who have Golden Jungle for you, below.

Uncover the riches of the Golden Jungle slot

When I heard that next up on the G2G free to play slot review scheduled it was the Golden Jungle slot, I got quite excited.

And I got even more excited when I realised that the video slot features a beautiful tiger, a cousin of LeoVegas mascot Leo. Was the Golden Jungle slot worth getting excited about? Let’s find out.

A video slot from our old friends at IGT

It’s always quite reassuring when the supplier of a casino slot is based in Nevada, home of… Las Vegas. Slot supplier IGT has been featured on G2G times before with the likes of 1421 Voyages of Zheng He and Cleopatra Plus. If you like their stuff, then you may also want to give Family Guy (based on the hit TV show) a go.

Understandably, slot makers who have been in the slots business for a long time tend to be the most consistent in terms of quality and IGT are a good example of that. They’re one of those companies who produce slots for both land-based and online casinos and are equally comfortable doing both.

You can play Golden Jungle on your desktop but if mobile is the way you roll, then, of course, you can enjoy this slot that way, too.

No shortage of gold on these reels

Pull a few those tree leaves to one side as you wander through the grass as high as your head in the deep jungle and you’ll find a 5×4 reel slot. The paylines are fixed at 50.

Most of the symbols in action are more ‘Golden’ than ‘Jungle’. There’s an emerald ring, a gold-coated dagger, a golden goblet with sapphires, a broach with a jewel in the middle and other stuff that you’d expect to be worn by Indian royalty. Whilst they sip a cool mint tea in their huge palace as servants fan them down (we imagine). Talk about living life.

But the highest paying symbol in the Golden Jungle slot is Leo’s meowing buddie…the Tiger. He’s the Wild in the game and actually covers two spaces on the reel thus increasing your chances of a win. Better still, when positioned above another symbol, he makes it look like his huge paw is on top of the symbol directly below it. That doesn’t give you any extra wins…but it’s pretty cute. Get five tigers on the reels and 2,000 coins are heading your way.

Somewhat surprisingly, the turban, which you would have thought would be less valuable than all these other gold pieces of jewellery, is the (joint) second most valuable symbol. The golden elephant is worth the same and getting five of either of those rewards you with 400 coins. Some of the other symbols are admittedly pretty low-paying but it’s nice for a change to play a game that doesn’t have playing cards as lesser valuable symbols.

Then there are the scattered golden archways. And yes, I said golden archways…not golden arches. McDonald’s can keep their precious golden arches. I prefer these. They’re the scatter symbol.

And finally, there’s the Golden Buddha symbol. Each time you get one, it will add one icon to the slate of four positioned above each of the five columns. Want to know what happens when you get all four of them? Of course, you do. Read on.

Your Golden Archway free spins, your choice

The Golden Jungle game has two features to discuss. So let’s discuss them.

Tiger Stacked Wilds

So I was talking about getting four Golden Buddhas and what happened next. What happens is you get a Sticky Wild on the whole reel and it goes without saying that your chances of getting a decent win are about the same as walking into an Indian restaurant in England with six friends and at least one of them ordering Chicken Tikka Masala. Very high but not…guaranteed.

The Golden Archway free spins

Get any three Golden Archway symbols and free spins are coming your way. If you manage to get four or five, you’ll get more free spins, up to a maximum of 75. Which is about as likely as someone going to an Indian restaurant and not having a curry. Very unlikely but not impossible.

When you get your free spins you can choose to have a load of them (15 if you get three scatters) with one Wild reel or fewer spins with two Wild Reels. Or even less free spins with three Wild Reels.

Just like it’s your choice what type of rice you want with your curry, it’s completely up to you which of the free spins you want.

When I got them I tended to go with the two Wild reels but then again, we’re pretty middle-of-the-road sort of people.

A volatile slot that can reward those with patience

This a video slot that’s typical of a game that was originally made for a land-based casino. It’s pretty simple stuff with not a huge amount of effort put into the graphics or other visual aspects. But then again, it’s also one of those games that you could play for a couple of hours and not really notice the time go by.

The Sticky Wilds keep you interested because you feel like you’re always building towards something. And that if you play for long enough, you’re almost guaranteed to get a big boost once that big Sticky Wild occupies the whole reel.

Maybe it was just a slightly dry run I had but I actually found the free spins somewhat difficult to activate. On the other hand, when I did get them I tended to get some pretty big wins that more than made up for the long periods in between getting the free spins. Good things come to those who wait, as Guinness like to say.

So a fun slot of the no-frills variety, but be warned it’s a pretty volatile one. You’ll probably need quite a big bank on your side to give yourself enough chances to activate those two all-important features.