Piggy Riches Slot Review

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User Rating:

  • ProviderNetEnt
  • VolatilityHigh
  • RTP96.4%
  • Paylines 15
  • Reels 5

It’s odd but given the theme is absurdly wealthy swines living like the Kardashians, it’s hardly the oddest element of the game, is it? 


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 27/02/2019

These pigs must really bring home the bacon…

If you can overcome the absurdity of a wealthy couple who are Pigs wearing top hats and going on expensive shopping trips using gold credit cards, what you’ll find here is a highly entertaining game. And arguably NetEnt’s first-ever superstar slot. Hence why it still is frequently featured in promotions among the best casinos in India!

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Forget Fat Cats, it’s all about filthy-rich lavish-living Pigs

The great thing about our G2G slot reviews is that it lets me rekindle my love for games that I’d almost forgotten about, such as the brilliant Piggy Riches slot.

While searching through some video slots that had the odd cobweb on them from being in various Indian Casinos sites for a while – since 2010 in the case of this particular mobile slot – I re-discovered this gem of a game, that’s all about millionaire pigs.

It’s actually the favourite video slot of Guide 2 Gambling team member Manish. That may have something to do with the fact that Manish father…is a millionaire.

Let’s just make it perfectly clear that I’m not for a second suggesting his father is…a pig.

Though his first wife may (or may not) have referred to him as that a couple of times.

Manish is hilarious in that he just forgets how privileged he is. Here are a few things he’s said over the years:

‘You mean you can travel on a plane without it being in first class?’

‘Why travel by taxi when you can just hop in a Limo?’

‘I thought everyone had Caviar on toast for breakfast.’

‘It was a huge inconvenience when my gold Rolex broke the other day. I had to go around for a week wearing my spare gold Rolex.’

But say what you like about Manish and his obscene bank account when it comes to playing slots and writing slot reviews, few people are as passionate as him. Which is why he’s such a great member of our team. Let’s find out why he loves Piggy Riches so much.

Lying: Yeah you probably figured out that everything about Manish lush living – is a blatant lie to create good content. He is poor and has no wife. 😉

Piggy Riches slot was one of NetEnt’s first superstars

Piggy Riches was made by NetEnt, who is of course arguably the biggest player in the world of slot-making. These days a big, new NetEnt release is worthy of speculation, anticipation and all manner of gossip, with the Fairytale Legends series of games including Hansel and Gretel the particular cause of much excitement.

But it’s worth remembering that NetEnt only made their first mobile game in 2011 and that Piggy Riches was one of their first ‘superstar’ slots.

All of which means that when it was first released, it wasn’t available on mobile, only desktop. But it certainly is now. It’s available on the Net Entertainment Touch mobile platform that is compatible with iOS and Android. NetEnt Touch games offer the best in graphics, quality, audio and speed with the same features as their web-based counterparts.

So if you’re feeling a little down at lunchtime about your current salary, bank balance or career prospects, whip out your device of choice and play the Piggy Riches mobile slot. Seeing those Piggies living the life of Riley may inspire you to achieve what they did.

Wealthy Pigs

Although it is of course somewhat unclear how a family of Pigs reaches millionaire status.

And if you think that a game about absurdly wealthy animals is a one-off, think again. Let’s recall that Foxin by NextGen Gaming and in particular its sequel – Foxin Wins Again – was about a rich Fox with a lavish lifestyle. It’s an unusual theme for a Casino slot but one that seems to be popular with slots players online.

The pigs in Piggy Riches may have hit some sort of Jackpot like that going in Mega Moolah to become that rich but the game itself isn’t a Jackpot slot. The main feature here is the free spins.

Then again, when there are 360,000 coins on offer as the maximum win when playing for the maximum stake, does it matter that it isn’t an actual Jackpot slot? That’s not an easy number to reach, of course. You’d need to get 6 matching Piggy symbols whilst playing the maximum stake at the maximum amount of active lines. But as the late, ill-fated Aleksey Vayner was desperate to tell us: impossible is nothing.

Winning lines pay from left to right, as you’d expect.

Mr Piggy clearly brings home a lot of bacon

Many of the symbols here should be pretty familiar to our pal Rupert. The keys to a luxurious car (in this case a Pig Mobile, Rupert drives a classic Aston Martin), a piggy bank bursting with bank notes, a golden credit card, two sacks full of gold coins and a handbag overflowing with bank notes.

Even the lower-paying playing card symbols have an element of luxury to them with gold around them.

The male Piggy, wearing a top hat like the one Rupert needs no invitation to wear himself for any wedding/baptism ceremony/day at the races, is the Wild. No surprises to hear that he substitutes for all symbols other than the Scatter.

The Scatter is the female Piggy, who has long golden locks, wears a bright green dress and is surrounded by fancily wrapped presents. Presumably purchased with that fat gold credit card. She looks a lot like Miss Piggy from the Muppets.

Every time the Scatter appears anywhere on the reels, you can hear her husband say “Honeeeey’. See? Just because you’re a millionaire Pig it doesn’t mean you can’t be cute and lovey-dovey towards your wife. Yes, even after 20 years of prison. Errr…marriage, we meant.

As cool and amusing as the symbols and graphics as a whole are, we’d be lying if we said they didn’t look a bit dated. But that’s perfectly understandable. This mobile slot is almost seven years old so that’s like saying that FIFA 2010 looks old-fashioned compared to FIFA 2017 or that the original iPhone is a joke compared to the iPhone 7. (talk about First World problems).

Want lush Graphics?

If you want incredible 3D graphics that look like they’re out of a movie try something like Warlords or Red Riding Hood. But maybe all of that is missing the point. Rather than moan about the fact that Piggy Riches doesn’t have the latest graphics, let’s embrace the fact that despite being a real veteran of a slot from back in the day, it’s still an awesome game to play. It’s really stood the test of time and is very relevant today. Just as ET, Shawshank Redemption or even Citizen Kane are in the world of movies.

Oink, Oink – let’s listen

If you’re not looking at the slot but have the audio on anyway, the sound effects resemble that of a busy Cafeteria with plates and forks clinking against each other. It’s a little odd but given the theme of this slot is absurdly wealthy swines living like the Kardashians after a tax rebate, that’s hardly the oddest element of the game, is it?

Up to 28 free spins in the Free Spins feature

Time to find out how to play Piggy Riches when it comes to its bonus feature, the free spins.

Free Spins

Three or more Scatter/Miss Piggy symbols and it’s time for some free spins.

This is one of those slots where you get to choose what sort of free spins you want to play. Here are your choices:

  • 22 free spins with 2x multiplier,
  • 15 free spins with 3x multiplier
  • 9 free spins with 5x multiplier

Getting to choose from a selection of free spins/multipliers is a somewhat rare feature but one that’s also in play in the Sure Win slot.

Everyone will have their views on which one of the three leads to the biggest wins. The general consensus amongst the G2G crew is that when in doubt, go for the middle one. But either way, it’s nice to have the choice.

You can’t re-trigger the free spins as such but you can pick up additional free spins along the way. Each extra Scatter you get during them will give you an extra one. So if you were to get three Scatters in one spin, you’d automatically earn yourself three more. Simples, as that cute Meerkat says.

You can get up to 28 free spins but no more. Then again, when you consider that you could have a 6x multiplier on wins generated from those spins, that’s hardly a number to turn your nose at.

If you fall just short of those three scatter symbols, you still get paid out twice your stake by just getting two of them.

Piggy Riches has stood the test of time

In terms of appearance, the Piggy Riches mobile slot would be unlikely to win any prizes for design if it were to be judged by today’s standards. But for a slot from 2010, it ‘aint’s too shabby’ as our far less blue-blooded and wealthy (than Manish) G2G member Gurdeep would say.

The theme itself combines imagination and humour and as is typical of quite volatile slots. Activating free spins is easier said than done but highly rewarding when you get them.

All in all, I’m very glad I gave Piggy Riches its moment in the sun because it thoroughly deserves it. Few slots from 2010 are still as good now as they were back then.

To play Piggy Riches for real money, you’ll first need to open a real-money account. It’s quick, simple and uncomplicated. Which is more than you can say about becoming a millionaire…when you’re a Pig.