The Pig Wizard Slot Review

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User Rating:

  • Provider Blueprint Gaming
  • Volatility Medium
  • RTP94.68%
  • Paylines 20
  • Reels5

From the brilliant Pig Wizard character to the overall magic theme and symbols, it’s made us eagerly await the next Blueprint Gaming slot.


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 10th April 2024

Published: 27/07/2017

My Radar has spotted one hell of a Pig Wizard

What do you get when you cross a magic-making pig and a popular child wizard? The answer is Harry Trotter, star of the brilliant new slot Pig Wizard. Find out why being turned into a ghost is good but being turned into a frog is bad.

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Blueprint’s video slots are getting better and better

The Pig Wizard video slot comes to us courtesy of Blueprint Gaming, the UK-based slots provider responsible for the likes of Happy Days, Top Cat, Jungle Jackpots and Ted.

They’re normally best known for producing land-based slots but just recently they’ve started making some really good online slots, too. As you’re about to find out, this one’s a cracker.

You can play it on your desktop or on your mobile if you prefer.

Harry Trotter dominates the reels

The Pig Wizard is called Harry Trotter.

I don’t think I need to tell you who he may (or may not) be based on.

It’s a 5×3 reel slot and the first clue that this is a magic/fantasy themed slot (apart from its name, of course) is the fact that the spin button is a cauldron full of bright green liquid.

No, I wouldn’t be in a rush to touch it, either.

Symbols include a bag full of money and jewels, a Wizard’s pointy hat and a gold coin symbol that has the game’s name written on it, plus a picture of good old Harry Trotter. And clearly, this particular pig likes to be the centre of attention because he’s also present in the Wild symbol and as the Scatter symbol. The lower value symbols are playing cards.

There’s a little ‘pingey’ noise every time the Bonus symbol appears.

You know, just to add to the tension.

Your best chance of bringing home the bacon in the base game is to get 5 Wilds. If you manage that, you’ll be paid 1000x your bet. 4 Wilds gets you 50x, 3 Wilds gets you 5x.

Trail of Magic feature up there with the best

I’ve talked about theme, symbols and how a few Wilds can deliver some big wins. Now it’s time to talk features.

Wild Reels

There’s no point being a Pig Wizard if you’re not going to occasionally use your magic powers. Such as randomly flying onto the reels and turning certain symbols into Wilds with the help of your magic wand.

Magical Map

Remember those bonus symbols? Of course, you do.

Well, getting three of them in Positions 1, 3 and 5 activates the Magical Map.

The magic map leads to four different rooms. It’s up to you to choose one of the four rooms with each one having a special prize on it.

Ah, you want to know what the different prizes are. Ok, as the game show hosts say: ‘’Here’s what you can win.’’

Cash Prize

Ok, maybe not the most exciting of the prizes on offer but it’s money in your pocket. Sometimes plenty of it.

Squeal or no squeal

The ‘Deal or no deal’ gameshow is a staple for fans of daytime TV in the UK, the USA and plenty of other countries round the world. It’s a show where you choose from different boxes with cash prizes in them and have to decide whether to keep your box or accept a cash offer from the mysterious Banker.

In a casino slot that’s all about a pig, it’s hardly surprising that Blueprint Gaming didn’t miss out on a good chance to apply their own take on the show and create a swine-related pun.

In the Squeal or no squeal bonus round, you’re presented with a number of spell books, with a win multiplier hiding behind each one. The Pig Wizard will ask you to select one but if you’re not satisfied with it, you can pick again.

Up to a maximum of five times.

So weigh up your options carefully but don’t be a greedy pig if you’re lucky enough to get a really good prize. You may end up with a lesser prize if you choose not to stick with it.

If you use up all your five choices, you’ll be stuck with whatever you got on your last one.

It’s also worth mentioning that one of the spell books has the Magic Mirror feature and another has the Trail of Magic feature hiding behind it. So if you land on them, you can choose to play one of those if you prefer.

Magic Mirror Free Spins Bonus

What sort of magic-related slot would this be if there weren’t some Magic Mirrors somewhere?

In this round, Magic Mirror symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and a symbol is chosen at random and revealed in all mirrors in view. This is one of your best chances to pig out on some really big wins, especially given that the free spins can be re-triggered.

So just take a moment to ‘reflect’ on that.

Trail of Magic

Here you’re playing on a board game and move around by rolling the dice. Most boxes have multipliers on them which just help you accumulate wins as you move around the board. But there are three special potion boxes you can land on as well:

  • Ghost (purple potion)– A mystical version of the Pig Wizard is created, a sort of ghoul clone. So when the Pig Wizard moves around based on the number on the dice, so does the Pig Wizard ghost meaning you accumulate twice as many multipliers for each time you land on one.
  • Mystery (yellow potion) – If you land on this one a couple of times your winnings can be increased straight up but it will also increase the value of the multipliers on the board.
  • Curse (green potion) – Yeah, this is the one you don’t want to land on! Normally it’s activated if you land on the curse square twice. Not only are you (and the ghost if he’s been activated) turned into a frog, you also end the bonus round.

There’s also the Crystal Ball. If you land on this one you get to see the future! That includes the Magic Dash, where the Pig Wizard or the Ghost dash around collecting extra wins.

Vegas Jackpot

At any stage you can trigger the Jackpot, should the letters V-E-G-A-S appear across all five reels. There are five different progressive Jackpots ranging from Super to the huge Vegas Jackpot. The bigger your stake on each spin, the bigger your chances of triggering the Jackpot.

If all Blueprint Gaming slots are as good as this…

This is one of the best, most entertaining and gripping casino slots I’ve reviewed since my first free online slot review. From the brilliant Pig Wizard character to the overall magic theme and symbols, it’s made us eagerly await the next Blueprint Gaming slot. If you are into pigs, nothing wrong with that by the way, check out Piggy Riches!

And that’s only half the story.

Because the features in this slot are probably as good as anything we’ve seen so far in of the slots reviewed here at G2G. We’re sure everyone will have their favourite from amongst the three different features. The Squeal or no squeal is a good test of how greedy you are and the Magic Mirror Free Spins Bonus can see you get some really big wins if the symbol that’s mirrored is one of the more valuable ones.

But my favourite is the Trail of Magic. Not just for the winning potential if you get on a roll but because of the story within a story element of it.

Two big thumbs up for this super slot.