Narcos Slot Review

G2G's review of Narcos video slot

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  • ProviderNetEnt
  • VolatilityMedium
  • RTP96.23%
  • Betways243
  • Reels5*3

Narcos released 23'rd May 2019 is feature specced NetEnt video slot featured from the award winning Netflix series with the same name. Play it for free at G2G and bet between $0.2-400 or for real money at any of the Indian online casinos below!


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 15/07/2019

Experience the Escobar power on Slots

Welcome to the world of enticing and enthralling casino games online where an exciting slot finally meets the theme you longed for! If you have been burning the midnight oil to stay awake and binge on Netflix to watch Pablo Escobar in action and long for more then the game Narcos slot NetEnt is what you need to play.

Yes, continue your journey through the life of one of the worlds legendary drug lords in the streets of Colombia right from your home as you play the slot Narcos.

You can experience it by play Narcos for free or you can make the experience rewarding by playing NetEnt’s Narcos for real money on one the top Indian online casinos!

Play Narcos for Free

Features: Bonus & Free Spins

Narcos Slots has three features in all.

  1. Narcos Walking Wilds Feature: Wild symbols which remain on the screen as long as you are winning and moves one slot left with each spin.
  2. Narcos Drive-by feature: A car drives by shooting and the high-value symbols hit by the bullets turn to wild symbols.
  3. Narcos Locked up Feature: three locked up symbols on the same row initiates the locked up feature.

Narcos Free Spins: 3 scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reel rewards with 10 free spins.

Free Spins Feature

The Free Spins feature can be triggered by getting the three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. You get 10 free spins which can be activated by pressing the “Neon” lit enter button. During these free spins, there is a probability that one of the high-value symbols can turn into wild.

The Drive by feature can also occur during free spins.

It is a possible occurrence that Free Spins and the Walking Wild feature can be activated in the same game round.

But till now everything sounds familiar to any normal free spin feature!!

The treat here is that if at the end of the 10th free spin you have any walking wild present on the reels, you are awarded one extra free spin. These free spins keep on being awarded till all the walking wilds are exhausted.

The free spins will be played at the same bet value and level at which it was triggered via the main game. At the end the free spin winnings are added to the winnings from the base game through which the free game was triggered.

Bonus game: Walking Wild Feature

This feature is available during main game and free spin feature. Wilds that are a part of a win stay on the reels and shift one place to the left horizontally with each spin. These wilds are walking wilds.

The walking wilds will end if there are no wins from the walking wilds or if the bet staked in increased.

Bonus game: Drive-By Feature

This is a randomly activated feature. It’s amazing in a way as you suddenly hear a car approaching and you leave spinning and wait in anticipation as your reels go transparent and zoom pasts a car spraying bullets at you.

The Drive-by feature transforms the high-value symbols into Wild Symbols.

In the occurrence where the free spins or the locked up feature also gets activated and you hear the car approaching, the drive-by feature will be played first.

Bonus game: Locked Up Feature

The locked up feature is triggered from the main game when 3 or more locked up symbols appear on the same row. Once the Feature Is activated the locked up symbols have chains around them and are grouped in a cluster.

A locked up symbol is a part of a cluster if it is adjacent to the main symbol. It can be horizontal or vertically adjacent.

All locked up symbol from the main game will stay on the reel positions as the game transitions to feature reels and move towards the centre of the reel set forming a cluster.

Pablo Escobar’s face turns to a smile as the placard he is holding reveals a coin value.

The spins within a locked up feature are free.

Each locked up or the golden locked up symbol in a cluster is assigned a value which can be 1,2,3,5 or 10 times the total bet staked.

The golden locked up symbols can be even more rewarding with values which can be 11,12,13,16 or 26 times the total bet!!

During this feature only locked up and golden locked up symbols appear on the reels. The feature starts with 3 free spins. If a new winning cluster is created during these three spins the number of remaining spins resets to three.

The locked up feature ends when either all positions on the reels are filled with locked up symbols or no more spins are left.

Video & Audio

The name Pablo Escobar resonates with one of the most hit Netflix Series Narcos. This was a global hit. This game has all the features to bring you back to the streets of Medellin full of vices, money and danger. Welcome to NetEnt Narcos Video slots.

As you get the game, the progressive Spanish track playing in the background makes you feel as if you are sitting beside a pool on a hot summer day under a shade and sipping tequila in a palace build on fast cash earned through the cartels. Yes, beautiful immersive music and stunning animations are what makes this game so special.

The best part is Narcos slot is an HTML5 game so it’s easily playable across all devices and there isn’t any headache to install or allow adobe flash player to run. Can Adobe stop Pablo? Never ?

The backdrop is beautifully designed to display the streets of Colombia, with the usual gusts of wind and paper flying by. Big wins make a shower of bullets, cartridges and bills. You just have to play it to feel it.

Pablo Escobar’s smiling face comes in to hand you a great rewarding feature. Free spins happen across a backdrop of a famous shootout which was held in the first season. This shoot out was carried out by the DEA and one of Pablo’s aides was killed. This brings a more personal touch to the free spins.

The drive-by feature is beautifully animated where the reels go transparent and you can hear a car approaching. The excitement is nail biting as you wait for the car to drive by and the goons firing at you and bullets tearing through the symbols and spinning them for new symbols.

The entire theme of the game is built on the chase to catch Pablo and you feel as if you are part of the chase. The choice is yours to chase or be chased.

Symbols and graphics

NetEnt has brought in some stunning graphics into Narcos video slot. The paytable which can be accessed by pressing the ‘I’ button at the bottom left corner of the screen is easily accessible.

The information slides clearly distinguish between High Value, Medium Value and Low value symbol payouts. In all there are 4 High Value, 2 Medium value and 4 low value royal symbols along with a Wild symbol, a Walking Wild symbol, a locked-up symbol featuring Pablo Escobar and a golden locked up symbol featuring a briefcase.

The high value symbols can be easily distinguished as they are based on the main characters from the series. They include the two detectives from DEA (Steve Murphy and Javier Peña) and a female (Judy Moncada) and her right-hand honcho (José Rodríguez Gacha) from the rival gang who end up mixing and aiding the DEA inspector in order to gun down Pablo.

The Medium value symbols are not characters but a pink flamingo and an airplane which was the most preferred form of transportation to ferry the magic powder.

The low value symbols are four Royal symbols A (with a gun), K (with cash all around), Q (with a machine gun) and J (with grenades).

But where is Pablo?

Our man Pablo comes in as a “Locked up” symbol featuring himself holding a “Catch me” placard. Three of more in the same row enters the “locked up feature” which constitute of two symbols only. The Golden Locked up symbol which is a golden briefcase and the Locked-up symbol has a chain bordering it.

Other than these there is a scatter symbol which is a car with “FREE SPINS” text on it and 3 or more of it appearing anywhere on reels 1,3 and 5 in the main game triggers 10 free spins.

The Wild symbol is a police badge of the DEA and the same symbol is on fire to represent the Waking Wild.

The button panel and layout are beautifully designed with a theme which represents the madness of the chase but with the art of simplicity in the sense that the player feels at ease while playing the game. You don’t have to “look around” for which button to press as every feature is clearly visible and a pleasure to the senses.

The Wins from the reel spins are neatly notified at the bottom right corner of the screen after a spin is completed.

The graphics and the gameplay immerse you into the streets of Medellin with the chase on to catch the famous Escobar and get rewarded with features.

If you liked Narcos play it with real money!

In all this is an excellent release by NetEnt and a must play for that matter. You can play NetEnt Narcos for real money at online casinos in order to make the experience much more rewarding. The 243 ways of winning make it even more appealing and more rewarding.

Narcos Video slots is a medium to High Volatile game and this is a game to play if you really want to hit it big. For instance, the free spins which are triggered can continue to go on even after the total number of free spins has ended.

This cool and unique feature happens because of the “Walking wilds”. If there were any walking wilds present on the screen on the last free spin they will continue to stay till they keep moving left and exhausted. There is a probability that the next spin can again bring in a new set of walking wilds and this iterative procedure can eventually gift you with a very rewarding free spin feature.

The major catch is this game pays you in 243 ways, unlike Line wins. Now, what does this mean? It means that watching the reels from left to right if there are any matching symbols on reel 1 vs reel 2,3,4,5 you get a win for all of those combinations. You don’t have to restrict yourself to figuring out matching combinations only on “win lines”. How is that helpful?

Usually, line games pay out on 20 to 25-win lines. But here you have 243 ways to be rewarded and with an RTP of 96.32% this sure means a lot.

The wins are good, the audio is enthralling, the graphics are exciting especially the drive-by feature. For a personal touch, there is an easter egg in the game. Wait for the telephone booth in the backdrop to flash. If you click on the phone when it’s flashing you might hear a voice that sounds like it’s our man talking to us and all that you can say is “si Patron” and get down to business. What’s keeping you reading this review still, go ahead and hit it!!