About Guide2Gambling

Online casino has long been shrouded with mystery, deception and disloyalty. It’s an industry which has been perceived acted behind closed doors. Imagine Sharad Pawar, Dinesh Trivedi and Manmohan Singh sitting in a bar planning their next con.

But so is not the case.

The Team at Guide2Gambling, or G2G, has dedicated their whole grown-up life to online gambling. If the statement were true, our lives would be a big deceptively lie filled with disloyal people while travelling down a mysterious path.

Ugh, that’s not who we are!

Our vision is to make online gambling just as easy as clicking home something from Flipkart. So what we have to do is inform the modern Indian of modern entertainment within the theme of “Online Casino India“.

We know there’s a long road to build trust in casino websites. That’s why we find it essential to introduce the authors of Guide2Gambling.

You have to trust the captain who is steering the ship, right?

Authors of G2G


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Why we are doing this

Well first and foremost because we are kind of hooked at the whole concept of online slot and casino games.

Then, there’s something called affiliate marketing as well, which is a type of performance-based marketing. Every time you click on the links leading to the websites we review, we are paid a certain commission.

But I can ensure you that we never recommend casinos we don’t… Recommend…

Does that make sense?