About Guide 2 Gambling

Online gambling has long been shrouded with mystery, deception and disloyalty. It’s an industry which has been perceived acted behind closed doors. Imagine Sharad Pawar, Dinesh Trivedi and Manmohan Singh sitting in a bar planning their next master con.

But so is not the case.

The Team at Guide 2 Gambling has dedicated their whole grown-up life to online gambling. If the statement were true, our lives would be a big deceptively lie filled with disloyal people while travelling down a mysterious path.

We consider ourselves being a typical average Aam aadmi from Bangalore. And that’s why we want to present to you the team at G2G because we are just like your neighbour.

Our vision is to make online gambling just as easy as paying the electricity bill. So what we have to do is inform the modern Indian of modern entertainment. We know there’s a long road to build trust in gambling websites from another country, which might not accept bets in INR. That’s why we find it essential to introduce the authors of Guide2Gambling. You have to trust the captain who is steering the ship, right?


When I was studying to become an automotive engineer in 2010 I got in contact with online gambling for the first time. I was working as a freelancer writing web content at Fiverr.com when I accepted a gig to write some articles about online slots for a European gambling company.

Writing about online slots hooked my fascination from the first day. The games were loaded with action, sound effects and the thrill of winning a mind-bogglingly big Jackpot!

Since then I have written gambling content for some of the biggest companies online. I started my own first tennis betting blog in 2015, but it is not until now when I work with some of the best Indians in the business, I’ve decided to go full scale: to cover all sports, lottery, poker, bingo, rummy as well as an online casino.

I do a lot of administrative tasks on G2G and making sure all the promotions are up to date, but also a lot of knowledge sharing especially about lottery online. As a starter I recommend you to check out my complete guide to finding lottery websites. See you around!


I moved to the UK back in 2010 to study Computer Science at the University, little did I know destiny had something completely different in mind for me. When I got to the UK, I was quickly desperate in need of an extra job to keep me afloat.

I had never gambled before, never in my 20-year-old-something life. But a friend recommended me to apply for the role as Customer support agent at Unibet’s London Office. So I did, and I got the job.

In the preparations for the job interview, I made sure to create an account and familiarise myself with the casino and the products they offer. You could say I got hooked. Not in a bad way, it was more a fascination for the mix of meditative and calm feelings and also exciting and thrilling feelings you get from playing slot machines. I quickly left support for a better position within Unibet and officially started my iGaming journey.

2012 I left university and England for the small island of Malta in the middle of the Meditteranean. There I worked for a handful of the absolute biggest online casinos facing Europe and Asia. I came to work as Head of Casino and made all the decisions related to the casino.

But my passion for slots and eager for a new challenge, and of course an offer I couldn’t refuse. I started to work for a slot provider as a game producer. My job was to was to take an idea and turn it into reality — a real slot machine.

If you have been reading Slot related articles, you may already be familiar with my name. All my pop culture references of Hollywood movies and British tv-shows are a result of my time in the UK. It’s something I’m still very much dwelling about in my spare time and here on G2g. My passion, experience and knowledge lead me to be the one who writes most of the slot reviews and the guides about Slot machines! Best of luck and as always – May the slot gods be with you!