Jade Magician Slot Review

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  • Provider Play'n Go
  • VolatilityMedium
  • RTP96%
  • Paylines15
  • Reels5

When it happens you have to grit your teeth and bear it. Probably how a hairdresser feels when asked to style a customer’s hair like Harry Styles.


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 28/07/2017

It’s a kind of Magic…and it’s Jade Magic.

If a beautiful sorceress who looks like Anne or Penelope, a Second Chance to secure free spins and Scatters that act as Wilds don’t put you under Jade Magician’s spell, then you’re probably made out of stone.

Jade Magician has mystical winning powers

I’m a passionate slot player, and sadly, my emotions have been known to boil over while discussing mobile slots. And never was that more evident recently than when I reviewed the Jade Magician slot.

So what was it that ‘got someone’s goat’? Why was someone wound up like an old Grandfather clock?

It had nothing to do with the fact that Jade Magician is a fine slot with lots of going on. That you and me both who have already tried it can agree on. And it hasn’t to do with whether this slot will be popular. I’m sure it will be popular with a bit of a cult following but unlikely to be the next Book of Dead or Dead or Alive.

No, what sparked the heated debate was this: does the surly, beautiful brunette that goes by the name of Jade Magician look more like Anne Hathaway or Penelope Cruz?

I’m going to tell you all you need to know about this slot now. But you must decide for yourself where you stand on the all-important question.

Jade Magician is yet another mystical-themed slot

Play n’Go are consistent makers of good and entertaining mobile slots, and it wasn’t too long ago that I was reviewing their new release Seven Sins, which has a very similar vibe and appearance to Jade Magician. There was a slightly mystical and decadent feel to it, much like the one found here.

I also enjoyed Troll Hunters where I’ll make no apologies about the fact that I took the side of the Trolls rather than the Hunters.

Magical and mystical themes like the one here have also featured on our slot reviews here at G2G before. The Pig Wizard was one of the best slots I’ve played recently, and Charms and Witches was a remarkably creative and quirky slot from a supplier – Side City Studios- who don’t often release too many games.

Jade Magician can be played from the comfort of your home with a cat (alternatively just choose another warm and furry animal of your choice) on your lap or on any Android or iPhone device of your choice from wherever you are.

Beautiful game, beautiful Jade Magician

The game starts with an intro featuring Jade Magician, presumably some sort of sorceress with a talent for the dark arts called…Jade. It’s this very intro that sparked the whole Anne/Penelope debate because it’s where you get the best close-up of her. I’ve finally decided that…actually, no. I haven’t decided on that at all, and I can currently hear the same sounds of crying, raised voices and discontent in the background as when I first started writing this. I’m about as close to agreeing on that as I’m to agreeing on who’s got the silliest haircut out of the members of One Direction.

Not close at all.

The symbols

The Jade Magician slot is one of those mobile games with a really clean and polished feel about it. Like it was made by designers wearing brand new white gloves.

The high-paying symbols are the animals: a golden dragon, a white tiger and a third animal that’s either a sort of Phoenix or a very, very cheesed off hen.

Maybe she’s feeling the effects of too many Margaritas at the previous night’s hen party. Who knows?

The low-value symbols are some strange mystical artefacts that could double up as earrings in a hippie jewellery shop. But they’re not worth that much so let’s move on.

There’s a Wild symbol that only appears on Reel 3, and if you secure a win using it, you’ll win twice the amount just by having used the Wild. It substitutes for all symbols other than the Scatter. And speaking of which: did I mention the Scatter? No? Well, it’s Penelope…no…Anne…no…the Jade Magician herself, and she’s gorgeous. Read on to find out what the Scatter symbols do.

In many ways, it’s no surprise that Play N’Go are so good at making mobile slots.  After all, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you treat yourself to a few spins on this game while you’re on a train or waiting for a friend. You play and then you…go. But all with the same experience as you’d get if you were playing on a laptop or PC.  That’s technology for you.

Second Chance feature adds to the suspense

How to play Jade Magician isn’t hard at all. But here’s what you should know about the game’s features.

Second Chance

The Jade Magician (scatter symbol) icon appears on Reels 1, 3 and 5 only. If you secure a Scatter on Reel 1, then Reels 3 and 5 will become somewhat highlighted at the anticipation of getting further Scatters. Pretty dramatic stuff.

If you get two Scatters but not 3, you’ll get a Second Chance. Four symbols will be displayed, you’ll have to choose one of them and then the game reveals what you’ve won. Or what you didn’t win. Because in addition to free spins and two different cash prizes, there’s also the ‘no prize’ prize. A prize where you win no prize.

When this happens you just need to grit your teeth and bear it. Which is probably how a hairdresser feels when asked to style a customer’s hair like Harry Styles. But in theory, this should only happen once in every four Second Chances so it’s not an experience you’ll have to go through too often.

Half of the time you get a nice cash prize when getting this feature. As the odds suggest you will. 2 in 4 and all that.

Free Spins

I’ve mentioned already that you can activate free spins via the Second Chance and that’s actually your best chance of getting them. The alternative way is the straightforward three Scatter symbols but getting those is actually rarer than one would think.

You get 5 free spins (however they’re activated) and during these, the Scatter becomes a Wild. The Wild is your route to getting more free spins. One gets you an extra free spin, two gets you two and three of them on the reels can get you as many as 50.

During the round, the symbol will also count as a normal Wild to help you get more wins but in addition to that, the regular Wild will be there as well. And it will carry the 2x multiplier with it as per usual.

Jade Magician slot is textbook Play N’Go quality

Play N’Go rarely make a slot that doesn’t get a thumbs up from us and it’s the same here. I’ve got a soft spot for beautiful brunettes with magical powers (which explains why Cher was our favourite of the three in The Witches of Eastwick. So it was always going to be popular amongst the team. But I did also really like the clean feel about it and the regular Second Chance always adds a little tension and anticipation which keeps the game flowing nicely.

You can play Jade Magician for fun but to cash in on real money wins you’ll need to open a real money account. No magicians needed. Jade or otherwise. Just two minutes of your time. What is as close you can get to magic though, is the list of top-rated Indian online casino sites below!