Chibeasties 2 Slot Review

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User Rating:

  • Provider Yggdrasil
  • VolatilityMedium
  • RTP96.2%
  • Paylines 20
  • Reels 5

Far better than the original with finer graphics, better gaming experience and the introduction of the Realm Wilds a real game-changer.


Content Editor, Nemanja

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 27/03/2017

Let these Chibeasties become your besties

Yggdrasil has done it again with a visually stunning and highly amusing slot that stays fresh for a long time while transporting you into their crazy fantasy world. Look out for a couple of totally unique features here.

Knowing that the Chibeasties 2 slot was next up on the G2G list of slot reviews got me thinking about how sequels have fared in the past.

In the world of movies, Godfather Part II is normally seen as setting the benchmark in terms of a sequel being almost as good as the original, even though the original was certainly a hard act to follow. Die Hard 2 was pretty good as well, though one has to ask the question: how unlucky can one be to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time like that on two consecutive Christmases?

In the world of slots, Jack Hammer 2 and Mega Fortune Dreams are good examples of sequels that were at least as good as the original, if not better.

So we’ll consider how the Chibeasties 2 mobile slot compares to its predecessor to an extent but ultimately I’ll judge it on its own merits. That’s because I’m a fair and impartial person.

Can Yggdrasil keep making magic with Chibeasties 2?

The problem with success is that much is expected of you all the time when you achieve it. Just ask the likes of Manchester United, Apple or NetEnt, for that matter. Anything other than the best is seen as a disappointment. And Yggdrasil is quickly heading that way, too.

After producing some top class new releases in recent times like Beauty and the Beast and Vikings go Berzerk Yggdrasil have set their own high standards. No longer just a small-time supplier of beautifully crafted games, they’re now ready to dine at the top table.

Which is more than I can say about some members of the G2G team, whose table manners are somewhat questionable. I’m not naming any names. Because I don’t want to embarrass…Manish.

The Chibeasties 2 mobile slot isn’t a Progressive Jackpot slot but when you can win 18,000 coins on it, that doesn’t really matter. Big wins in this game are all about the Wilds and in particular, the Mutated Wilds. I’ll explain about all that in a bit. Patience is a virtue and it’s a good thing my team members have that particular virtue because it’s easy to sometimes wonder if they have any other virtues. Isn’t that right…Gurdeep?

Chibeasties are possibly even cuter than Dragonz

Quite what Chibeasties are is highly debatable. Answers vary from little multi-coloured aliens to scaly characters resembling poisonous frogs. But one thing we all agree on is that they’re ridiculously cute. The cutest creatures to appear at G2G since I played Dragonz.

There are four different types of Chibeasties here: green, blue, dark red and purple and these are the higher paying symbols and then mushrooms of those very same colours, the lower-paying symbols.

As I’ve come to expect from Yggdrasil, the symbols, graphics, the background of the reels and everything else visual is truly beautiful. They’ve created the feel of a magical, mysterious and enchanted forest where weird and wonderful things happen.

A particularly endearing aspect of all this is the base of the reels that appear like they’re made of the very same wood that you find in the Yggdrasil logo of a big and beautiful tree.

Hypnotic tunes

There’s a rather hypnotic tune going on in the background as you play but you never hear it uninterrupted for too long because any wins or real possibility of free spins interrupt the flow of the tune.

Press the Green button

You can do all the usual things here that you’d expect from a Yggdrasil mobile slot like adjust your bet size, press the Max Bet button or select a number of spins to play on Autoplay. But most important of all is what you can do on the big red button just above the big green spin button. Like with the uncovering of the murderer in an episode of classic cult TV show Diagnosis Murder with the inimitable Dick van Dyke, all will soon be revealed.

Chibeasties 2 can be played on desktop, as well as on all mobile devices. Which is just as well. Because after a long day of work meetings, commuting, too much coffee and annoying colleagues, there isn’t a greater form of escapism on your way home than being transported into a deep forest surrounded by smiling mushrooms and colourful reptilian-like beings that you only ever find in a Yggdrasil video slot.

Take control in the Realm Wilds feature

There’s actually more to be said about how to play Chibeasties 2 than usual because before you even start spinning, there’s a big choice you have to make. You’ll need to select a Realm.

Essentially you get the chance to choose what sort of Wilds are in place during the base game; whichever you select will also be the Wilds present during the free spins round. It’s not often you get the chance to do something like this right at the start of the game with a rare occasion being in Lost Vegas. There you select whether you want to play the game in Zombie mode or Survivor mode and where subsequent features are then affected by your choice.

Realm Wilds

These are the Wilds you can choose:

Expanding (Red): They expand to cover the whole reel.

Spreading (Blue): They spread to create between 1 and 4 extra random Wilds.

Teleporting (Green): The Wilds teleport to the best position for the biggest win.

Mirroring (Purple): Wilds mirror themselves to opposite positions. The mirrored Wild always appears two positions away from the original meaning that in some cases (eg. If it appears on the middle reel of the three from a vertical perspective) it will only create one mirrored Wild but in other cases, it will create two.

You can change which Wild you want to have in play at any time by pressing the red button above the spin button.

Mutated Wilds

According to expert Science website, a mutation is ‘a change that occurs in our DNA sequence, either due to mistakes when the DNA is copied or as a result of environmental factors.’

Which of the two results in Mutated Wilds appearing as a Chibeasties 2 feature is at this point unknown but it’s certainly a rare example of when a mutation is a good thing.

At random times, the Wild will mutate with other Wilds after its performed in its own way. In other words, if you’ve selected say the Expanding Wild and you get one, it will first Expand across the whole reel. Only after that will it act like one of the other three Wilds to help you win some more.

Free Spins with Wild Mutations

Three Free Spins symbols anywhere and you get seven free spins, four gets you 15 and five gets you a massive 30. Free Spins can be re-triggered during the round.

Whichever Wild you selected in the base game will be your Wild here as well. Except that each time it appears, you’re guaranteed at least one more Wild in action because a Wild appearing during the free spins always creates a Wild mutation.

That’s when those big wins really come into play because it doesn’t take much to start filling up almost the entire reels with Wilds.

Talk about a Wild party.

Early contender for 2020 slot of the year

First things first. Chibeasties 2 is a fine example of evolution taking over in a good way. In other words, it’s far better than the original with finer graphics, better gaming experience and the introduction of the Realm Wilds a real game-changer. It’s, therefore, an example of both slots just getting better and better in general and of the quality of Yggdrasil’s own slots improving over the years.

In an age where so many slots are made, experiencing something unique like the Realm Wilds and Mutated Wilds here is as refreshing to Casino slots as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to World Politics.

The Chibeasties 2 mobile slot is beautifully made, lots of fun to play and with the randomly-awarded Mutated Wilds, you always feel like a bad run can come to an end very soon. This is definitely one of the best slots so far of 2020.

To play Chibeasties 2 for real money you’ll first need to open a real-money account which should only take you about three minutes. You will find the best Indian online casino sites in the link!