Warlords Slot Review

Logo of Netent Warlords Slot Machine

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  • ProviderNetEnt
  • VolatilityMedium/High
  • RTP96.89%
  • Paylines30
  • Reels5

Few games have been as dazzling and visually brilliant and that’s really its selling point. The 3D Graphics and special effects are amazing.


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 10th April 2024

Published: 28/10/2017

Three Warlords but only one winner

Peacetime is a thing of the past in this visually brilliant, 3D graphic-filled and feature-rich slot that portrays the quest for power. Three Warlords go to battle and bloodshed is on its way. But whose blood will it be?

A slot where Warlords battle for domination

The Warlords: Crystals of Power video slot is a throwback to when things were done slightly differently. In the present day when there’s a power struggle, the norm is for there to be a general election resulting in an elected leader with no more high profile example than the recent US elections. Speaking of elections, we have them coming up soon in India! Do remember to vote.

But a few centuries ago things were far less democratic and the quest for world domination was about violence, destruction, strength and guts. The NetEnt slot The Warlords: Crystals of Power takes you to Medieval times when an epic three-way struggle for power was going on and with the aid of brilliant graphics and plenty of bonus features, you get to live through it.

NetEnt going big with Warlords: Crystals of Power video slot

NetEnt clearly subscribes to the view that you can’t afford to rest on your laurels and despite the big-budget, high-profile, super successful release of Little Red Riding Hood less than a month ago, they’ve gone all guns blazing once again with this Warlords: Crystals of Power Slot.

And good on them. Lots of slots are released every week these days but this one has really captured my attention and I’m about to explain why.

First things first, though. In addition to being able to play the Warlords slot on desktop, you can play it on most mobile devices.

Do Warlords have the greatest slot trailer ever made?

The Warlords slot is all about a struggle for world domination between three characters that are as unlikely to back down from conflict as Akshay Kumar or Shah Rukh Khan… They are the Barbarian, the Priestess and the Samurai. You don’t actually have to play as one of the characters or choose to side with any of them which quite frankly, is just as well, seeing as none of the three is people you’d want to have as enemies. So essentially it’s a fantasy-themed game set in the Medieval ages, but unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

You get a glimpse of the three main characters even before you’ve started spinning thanks to the trailer, which might well be the best slot trailer ever.

With its 3D Graphics, dramatic theme music and close-ups, this wouldn’t look out of place as the trailer for a new Lord of the Rings film (yes, I know there won’t be a fourth but you get my point) or one of those blockbusters based on Marvel comics or a movie with Salman Khan starring in it.

It really is that good!

We’re now reaching the stage with online slots that films and video games have already gone through. The stage where visuals are so good that we have to pinch ourselves to make sure we’re not imagining things. So take a moment to look at what a fantasy-themed slot like Viking’s Treasure was like 10 years ago or what a (good) trailer was like six years ago by playing the classic Gonzo’s Quest. And then compare it to this!

Battle Feature for show, Free spins feature for dough

NetEnt is clearly going for a ‘more is better’ approach with their slots at the moment when it comes to features because Scruffy Duck also had plenty. The Warlords slot is as filled with them as Comic-Con is filled with fanboys. So I won’t go through them all in huge detail but rather just focus on the most important ones.

Random Overlay Wild

The Barbarian Hammer Feature (4 Wild Symbols), the Princess arrow feature (2 to 5 Wilds) or the Samurai Sword Feature (2 to 5 Wilds) can appear at any time and after the feature is activated, random symbols will be replaced by Overlay Wild symbols.

Scatter Symbol

Three Warlords so three types of Scatter: blue (belonging to the Barbarian), green (Priestess) and red (Samurai).

As we’ll see below, the Scatter symbols are what trigger Re-Spins and what can lead to three different types of free spins.

The Battle Feature

Remember when we said that the three characters were all at war with each other? Well, in the Battle Feature you’ll get to witness those going all out for blood. And it’s all because of the Scatters appearing.

Whenever there are two or three different Scatter symbols appearing, the Warlords go into a two or three-way Battle for supremacy. After the Battle is over, a winner randomly emerges. If it’s one Barbarian and one Priestess symbol then you have a 50/50 chance of each winning, if it’s a three-way battle, it’s a 33% chance of each one winning and so on. When the winner is found, the ‘losing’ Scatter symbol is turned into the ‘winning’ one. Once this happens, it will start the re-spins.


We’ve seen above how the Battle Feature can activate the re-spins but it’s also possible to activate them if 2 or 3 of the same Scatter symbols appear without a different one being present.

All symbols other than the Scatters stay inactive; only the active Scatter symbols spin. If you get a further Scatter symbol that’s the same as the active one, you can get more re-spins. 3 or more Scatter symbols will activate the free spins but all is not lost if that doesn’t happen at the end of the re-spins because of…

The Final Chance Feature

You’ll have one last chance to activate the free spins in the re-spins mode if you don’t get a third Scatter symbol. If you don’t activate the free spins, you’ll at least get a coin win ranging from 3 to 100 times the value of your bet. But the better outcome is to get that third Scatter symbol.

Free Spins

There are three types of free spins (see below). Each one will activate a different feature (should there be an additional Scatter symbol) based on what type of free spins you get. Each free spins game has its own set of reels and only the Scatter symbol that activated it, is present on the reels.

  • Barbarian free spins (Blue)

If these are activated, you’ll get at least 9 of them. Only warlord and animal symbols are present and a new Scatter on Reel 3 gives you 3 more free spins.

  • Priestess free spins (Green)

You get 7 free spins and will get a 1x multiplier for each extra Scatter symbol you get.

  • Samurai free spins (Red)

5 free spins are coming your way and the Scatter symbol will remain as a Sticky Wild for the duration of the free spins.

Warlords: Crystals of Power shines brighter than the rest

I preview and review 100s of games here at the G2G Blog but it’s been a while since one caught my attention to this extent. You can win over 1 million in cash on this slot. That said, you’d have to be playing for the biggest stake to get it. And if it’s purely a possible fortune that you’re after, you have the chance to win bigger amounts on the likes of Mega Moolah.

But that’s missing the point. Few games have ever been as dazzling and visually brilliant as the Warlords slot and that’s really its selling point. It is like one of those brilliant Bollywood movies that manage to truly woo us in a crowd of average ones. The 3D Graphics and special effects are amazing and hopefully, you’ll get an idea of that by watching the trailer. With lots of bonus features, you’ll also be well entertained beyond the graphics.

Play it for fun or for real it’s up to you but below I’ve listed the top online casinos in India!