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Last updated on 17th August 2022

Published: 16/03/2020

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Fake news website portraits Mega Moolah winner from LeoVegas

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to lie. It’s like a story you write based on some happenings of your life. Film writers do this for a living, and the more elaborate the story, the better the movie is. This LeoVegas news is one such hoax.

That’s why people turn to the internet to spread rumours and lies. The veil of anonymity this revolutionary technological advancement provides people, gives them all the protection they need.

If you read other fake news about the CEO getting fired, you will see that I and my people here are big about removing this veil and casting it aside. This time, a website has gone as far as publishing a fake story about a Mega Moolah “winner” at LeoVegas Casino.

Man kicked out from car dealership for looking too poor

Fake Mega Moolah screenshot
Photoshopped screenshot of the Mega Moolah big win at LeoVegas.

The latest LeoVegas news is from a website, which claims that a man of 34 years of age named Rajesh Acharya, was looking through the extravagant cars at a luxury car dealership in the city of Mumbai. He was just minding his own business there when a car salesperson spoke to him rudely and asked him to leave.

I’ll give it to them: this story has even me feeling bad despite the fact that I know it’s fully made up. And once Rajesh got kicked out, he supposedly felt very disrespected and went home to find his girlfriend jumping around with joy.

Why, you wonder? I’ll tell you. It was because she had won ₹96,125 at LeoVegas Casino. After seeing his girlfriend’s euphoria, Rajesh decided to give it a go at LeoVegas Casino and claim the ₹80,000 welcome bonus with a deposit of ₹1600 on the Mega Moolah jackpot (don’t even get me started on how absurd this is).

Once poor Rajesh turns crorepati

Rajesh then supposedly played the Mega Moolah game and won a whopping ₹72,882,954! The man was immediately able to withdraw his winnings into his SBI account and the website even attached a screenshot for this.

Image of fake LeoVegas winner
Fake screenshot from SBI bank account of the LeoVegas winner.

If only things were so easy, I’d be sitting on a throne made of dollar bills right now. Sigh. This fake LeoVegas news was appalling in every way, so I’ll get to what actually happened now.

What actually happened?

I was able to confirm that this story about LeoVegas was fake after communicating with my friends there. Their denial of such a win occurring shocked me because this story was so believable that even I was pretty convinced until I got to the how part.

The website claims that Rajesh could claim the ₹80,000 welcome bonus by depositing just ₹1600, when in reality, that is not the case. The ₹80,000 can be claimed at LeoVegas with your first three deposits, all of which must be over ₹1600.

The details of this welcome bonus can be found in my review of LeoVegas Casino. The second part of the how that raised my suspicion was when the website claimed that Rajesh was able to withdraw his winnings immediately.

LeoVegas clearly states that the winnings from the welcome bonus must be wagered 15 times within a 7 day period before they can be withdrawn. It is seen from these two loopholes that this entire story about a winner at LeoVegas is fake.

The third part is that the payslip is fake. All winnings from LeoVegas are paid out from a sister company called Mobile Momentum. I know this after winning & receiving money from them myself.

There is good news about Leovegas too

It is only when I come across such things that I’m reminded that the internet has a very dark side that no one should get into. If something sounds too good to be true, yeah then it most likely is.

LeoVegas is actually an excellent casino to play at and these fake stories shouldn’t keep you from doing so. LeoVegas constantly improves its gaming offering for the Indian audience. The other day they released a Live Teen Patti game from the famous game studio Ezugi. An enticing card game with its origins in India. Check it out and more than 600 other casino games at Leovegas!


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