Dragonz Slot Review

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User Rating:

  • Provider Microgaming
  • Volatility Medium
  • RTP 96.46%
  • Paylines243
  • Reels5

The Dragonz themselves are very cool and I like this trend of having different types of free spins!


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 14/06/2017

Enter the Dragonz den if you dare!

Four different types of super-cute Dragonz star in this great slot with four types of free spins available plus the unique Wild Deal Feature. These particular Dragonz breathe both fire and ice. Find out what else they do.

The Dragonz slot proves they actually exist!

A quick search of ‘Dragon’ in the LeoVegas Casino search box tells me there are exactly 10 video slots whose name starts with that word. So there’s clearly a demand for those fire-breathing mythical creatures when it comes to playing slots.

But I’m here to talk about Dragonz, the latest slot featured in our increasingly popular free to play slot section here on G2G.

Whatever wonders those other dragon-related slots do or have, I can assure you their dragons certainly aren’t as cute as the ones here. But there’s a lot more to this casino slot than just that.

Let’s go through it all.

Veterans Microgaming made this video slot

Believe it or not, slot providers Microgaming have been making online slots since 1994. Yes, I didn’t remember the Internet had been around since that time, either. They hold plenty of records within the world of slots, including the fact that they’ve paid out more than 100 million dollars in progressive jackpots over the past 10 years.

With such a rich history behind them, they’ve made slots based on just about any and every theme you could possibly think of. More recently, you’ve probably heard of Bridesmaids, Tarzan and Game of Thrones, three of their more high-profile games.

It’s a golden rule of both ours and theirs at Microgaming that all casino slots are just as good on mobile as they are on desktop. Dragonz is, of course, no exception.

‘Cute’ is an understatement regarding the Dragonz

You know when someone says: ‘’Well, you needed to be there to get it.’’

Well, you need to play the slot to understand just how cute the four different Dragonz are. But to give you an idea, I suppose you could say they remind us of the ones in ‘How to train your Dragon’, the hit 2010 animated film. There’s a green, red, purple and ice blue (is that a real thing?) Dragon and I’ll explain what each one does in the section about the slot’s features.

Other symbols include the (far more) dull playing cards, a big Wild symbol and the Scatter. The Scatter is a sort of shiny jewel in the middle of a shield.

No, I don’t know why, either.

It’s a 5×3 reel slot with a happy, fresh meadow in the background. Which goes well with the Japanese Spa-like soothing noises that accompany the game.

But personally, I preferred to play it with the sound off.

But then again I eat a banana, peanut butter and ham sandwiches for lunch sometimes. So each to their own.

During free spins, the Dragon featured during them will jump outside the reels and appear in 3D mode. It will also interact with the reels in a typically cute way. Again, you’ll need to witness it yourself to believe us.

The Dragon features

This is the part where I take you through the slot’s features. So without further adieu…


The bright orange symbol is Wild and replaces all symbols other than the Scatter.


Yeah, I still haven’t worked out why they look that way since I last spoke about them. But anyway. Two or more give you a prize, three or more activate the free spins. Speaking of which…

Dragonz free spins

Getting three scatters leads to free spins. You’ll be randomly awarded one of the four following ones:

  • Flint (the red one): 10 free spins with flaming wilds. Flint shows up when he feels like it and in typical dragon-style, blows some fire at the reels to turn certain symbols wild.
  • Switch (the purple one): 10 free spins with stashed wilds. The reels will keep spinning but don’t be upset if Wilds appear that don’t lead to wins. Three or more Wilds from non-winning spins give you a guaranteed win.
  • Frost (the ice blue one, as I call him): 10 free spins with frosty wilds. Frost will freeze wilds with a blow of his frosty breath and the Wild will be frozen in that position until a win is secured.
  • Gobble (the green one): 10 free spins with winning wilds. He will spit wilds on to the reels on a spin which will lead to a guaranteed win. Slightly bad manners but a good way of getting a nice win.

The Dragonz casino slot will keep count of each of the times the free spins are activated and when you get to 12, you’ll be able to choose which of the four you prefer for your 12th.

Yes, I know spitting is not in good taste but for some reason I like the Gobble free spins. They make me laugh.

Wild Deal Feature

Ok, so this one’s pretty unique. If a wild symbol appears on Reel 3 but it doesn’t result in a win, it will deal out more Wilds across the reels until you do get a win somewhere.

Cool free spins yes, enough of them…no.

A tough slot to sum up. Here at G2G, I had a convened to get a general consensus about what I thought of the game but it wasn’t easy.

Tempers flared, tears were shed, things were said.

Some of those things can’t be printed here.

But the view went something like this:

The Dragonz themselves are super cool and we like this latest trend of having different types of free spins, something that already happened with the recently-released Warlords.

But the problem is there aren’t enough of them. There were quite a few barren periods of simply not activating the free spins often enough to keep us interested and allow us to win a big prize from time to time. And yes, getting to choose which of the four free spins you want by activating the free spins feature 12 times is the dangled carrot but it could take some time until you get to eat it.

A game that’s cute and funny but one which you’ll need some patience and a decent-sized bank to enjoy to the full. If this is your cup of tea, check out the top rated casinos listed below!