Queen of Gold Slot Review

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User Rating:

  • ProviderPragmatic Play
  • Volatility Medium
  • RTP 96.5%
  • Paylines 25
  • Reels 5

I had sleepless nights worrying whether it was good. Now I think I'm dreaming every time I'm playing it - it's that good!


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 30/06/2017

Queen of Gold could soon rule G2G free Slot Casino!

The new Queen of Gold slot by Pragmatic Play has just the right blend of business, bonus features and unpredictability needed to make it a big hit!

It’s been a pleasure writing this review and add it to the collection at G2G!

Soothe your senses with Queen of Gold

Pragmatic Play is one of the fastest-growing providers of mobile and desktop video and classic slots. They’ve released around 130 mobile slots already, including the likes of Hercules: Son of Zeus and 3 Genie Wishes.

Which reminds me. Genies really need to get themselves better lawyers. Once the first person worked out that all you needed to do was say’ Ok, for my first wish I want endless more wishes’, that was it. Then everyone started doing it and then Genies stopped appearing granting us three wishes. It should have expressly said in the terms and conditions: ‘Requesting any further wishes is prohibited under any circumstances. Any attempt to do so will result in the request being denied and on occasions can lead to the Genie revoking his original offer of three wishes.’ Three wishes is three wishes, mate. It’s like those people who queue at the five items-only aisles at the supermarket with 10 items.

Progressive Jackpot

Where was I? Their new release isn’t a Progressive Jackpot slot in the sense that the Jackpot itself grows (there isn’t an actual Jackpot) but it’s progressive in the sense that as you play it, you go up levels and become more and more rewarded.

Instead, it’s a bonus feature-rich slot with free spins. But I’ll come to all that in a bit.

Queen of Gold is a mobile slot so if you can’t go to Ancient Egypt, let Ancient Egypt come to you via the wonders of technology. It’s worth playing it on your mobile at least once a day for the music alone. It’s a strangely hypnotic and extremely relaxing tune that helps to make you forget about all the annoying things in daily life.

Like changing the oil on your car, taking the trash out or James Blunt.

Symbols and mechanics as cool as Cleopatra was

The Queen of Gold, of course, refers to Cleopatra. A proper Queen with proper royal blood who committed suicide rather than suffering the indignity of being paraded through the streets of Rome after her Empire was seized by the Romans. Are you reading this, Queen Latifah? A proper Queen.

I’ve already got a few Ancient Egypt-themed mobile slots in our Casino, such as Cleopatra Plus and Book of Dead. In fact, there are already three other games about Cleopatra at G2G, check them out in our free slot section. But (spoiler alert), this one’s much better as you’re about to find out.

The first thing you’ll notice about the game is that there’s a golden circle around the square in the centre of the reels. You can actually move the position of that circle by just clicking anywhere else on the reels. It probably doesn’t actually make much of a difference where you position it but if you’re a superstitious sort, you may decide it’s luckier to have it somewhere else.

The circle is there because in addition to Cleopatra being the highest-paying symbol, getting her in the circle is what allows you to move up different levels.

To the right of the reels is a wheel which spins with every spin. It will either give you a Multiplier between 1x and 8x or very occasionally, a Joker. We’ll tell you what that does in a minute. The Multiplier will be added to any win you secure with that spin.

Other symbols include Egyptians icons of Gods, one of which is a beautiful black cat with wings. That’s our favourite. Then there are a Queen, King and Ace symbols which as ever, are the lower paying symbols. Maybe, in this case, the Queen symbol could have been the more valuable of the three given the name of the game, no?

Then there’s a Wild symbol, which seems to be the famous Tutankhamun and then there’s the Scatter, a shining white Pyramid.

The level Up feature makes every spin important

So here’s where I talk about how to play Queen of Gold in terms of its features. Let’s get stuck in.

Level Up Feature

Ok, so here’s something pretty weird. I’m not saying that the Level Up feature doesn’t appear in other slots but the last time I remember reviewing a game that had it was when I was reviewing…Cleopatra Plus.

Now, that would be pretty understandable if it had been made by Pragmatic Plus. But it wasn’t. Cleopatra Plus was made by IGT. So…all games featuring Cleopatra have to have a Level Up feature? Really weird.

If the Cleopatra symbol appears in the circle, you’ll collect a point. Remember that there will only ever be one symbol per spin that falls in the circle. If you collect 5 points during the course of 25 Spins, you’ll go up a Level. But if you don’t, you’ll go all the way back to Level 1, even if you were at Level 5.

But there’s another way of going up a Level. If the Multiplier wheel lands on the Joker, you’ll automatically go up a Level irrespective of how many points you had when you got him.

Taking it to the next level

When you move up a Level, the Multiplier wheel will remove the lower multipliers and add more high Multipliers and Higher Multipliers. The higher up the Levels you go, the more valuable the Multipliers become.

I’d love to tell you what happens when you get to the Super Level, which comes after Level 5. But we can’t. Sadly, I didn’t manage it to activate it yet but that just makes it all the more fun when you play it because it will be a surprise!

Free Spins

The second Queen of Gold feature is the free spins, which you get when the Scatter appears on Reels 1, 3 and 5.

You’ll get 10 free spins to start with but can re-trigger them. You’ll also get bonus wins added to your wins during the free spins, which is a…bonus.

During the free spins, the Level Up feature is turned off meaning that any you get during them won’t be added to your total but you also won’t lose any of your spins from the 25 if you don’t get any.

Queen of Gold can be a big hit, no doubt about it

The slot has great graphics, a cool little video each time you go up a level and some uplifting celebration visuals when you secure a big win. The detail of having the golden circle is pretty unique and the Level Up Feature means that you feel like every spin counts towards something, even if it’s not an actual winning combination.

Going up the Levels is fun (going down not so much!) and rewarding as those Multipliers increase because any wins during Level 5 are almost guaranteed to come with a big Multiplier.

It’s a busy little game with lots going on but not to the extent of something like Astro Cat, where you feel a bit claustrophobic about it all.

You can already play it in our Casino but to do so for real money you’ll first need to open an account at one of our top rated online casinos. It shouldn’t take you any longer than the time it takes to think of 5 cool Queens. So there’s Queen the band, the Evil Queen from Snow White, the actor Steve McQueen…