Danger! High Voltage Slot Review

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  • Provider Big Time Gaming
  • Volatility High
  • RTP 95.67%
  • Paylines 4096
  • Reels 6

I do like this game and reward originality. I'm giving it bonus points for being (probably) the first-ever slot to be inspired by a pop song.


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 15/07/2017

Danger! High Voltage slot is electrifying

The new Danger! High voltage slot is all about the electricity so make sure you’re charged up before spinning. Lots of different Wilds to be enjoyed as you spend a night in a disco where the music never stops and the lights never fade.

Play Danger! High Voltage for Free

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Prepare to be sizzled in this electric disco

When I found out I had to review the Danger! High Voltage slot for G2G, I got really happy – I love Big Time Gaming. I love Bonanza! A slot vicsiously volatile and has taken its place among the most volatile slot games together with Book of Dead and Montezuma!

I and Manish discussed – It can’t be much fun being electrocuted, hence the Danger! High Voltage warning you see in places where electricity levels are sky high. So

what else were we afraid of other than being fried alive?

Snakes, heights, mushrooms (mushrooms???), the number 13 and horses all got a mention. But the best was yet to come.

Manish: ‘Hyper-inflation.’

Me: ‘You what, now?’

Manish: ‘Hyper-inflation. Years and years of saving up rather than spending and then it’s all worthless from one day to the next.’

It’s a fair point, albeit the least sexy thing anyone has been afraid of, ever. Yeah, these are the sort of people I have to work with here when doing my slot reviews.

But let’s get talking about this mobile slot and what it’s really all about.

Danger! High Voltage’s three-way partnership

The Danger! High Voltage is mobile and desktop video slot made by Big Time Gaming. You may know them from such slots as Dragon Born and StarQuest, though this is admittedly the first time they’ve ever been featured in one of my slot reviews.

The theme is inspired by the 2002 hit single by the same name as the slot – Danger! High Voltage – by the American band Electric Six. The song apparently featured secondary vocals by Jack White, of the White Stripes fame and was described as ‘insanely catchy’ by The Guardian. All well and good but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the bad sort of catchy. The same way that ‘catching’ a cold isn’t good. What can I say? I don’t like the song – sue me!

There’s no ‘Danger’ of winning a Progressive Jackpot because there isn’t one! But as I’ll see a bit later on, there’s the potential for some massive wins here. It’s mostly a free spins slot, though there are other ways of securing huge payouts in the main base game.

It’s Disco time and this one’s on fire

The video to the song features an absurdly dressed man (the band’s lead singer) and his female companion passionately ‘making out’ in what looks like a posh countryside manor house while listening to the song- a sort of funk rock/dance punk disco anthem while ornaments, paintings and other objects around them start to catch fire. No, I still don’t like it.

But I do like it as a theme to the slot – a burning disco with neon lights everywhere. It’s a 6×4 reel slot with some symbols associated with a kick-ass disco. When I say ‘some’ I mean it. Fair enough that tthere are a shiny disco ball and a smiley skull with purple crystals and purple gems where the skull’s eyes used to be. But why on earth is there a delicious-looking taco there? This is meant to be a hard-dancing disco, not a baseball game populated by numerous food trucks. But anyway.

The ‘normal’ symbols are completed by golden bells and playing cards- 9 to Ace.

Double Wilds double the fun

Let’s talk about special symbols. There are two Wilds on show and they can appear on Reels 2-5.

The first is the Wild Fire Wild, which covers the whole reel when it appears and is obviously very much in line with the ‘Fire in the Disco’ verse of the song.  The second Wild is the Wild Electricity Wild which epitomizes the theme of the slot and looks great. But it’s a symbol that’s as much substance as it is style. Because in addition to also being a Stacked Wild like the Wild Fire, it’s a Wild that comes with a 6X Multiplier, meaning that its regular presence on the reels can really make your day.

I’m sure there’s a reason why the Scatter is a tattoo of a heart with a crown on it and the words ‘My Desire’ written on it. I just don’t know what that reason is.

You’ll see what activating three Scatters does in a minute. But what’s cool is that after two of the Scatters have appeared on the reels, you’ll hear a few seconds of ‘Fire in the Disco’ play while you wait for the reels to finish spinning. Before you find out if you got that all-important third Scatter symbol.

Other cool audio effects include a sizzling sort of noise every time the Electric Wild symbol appears and an electric synthesizer-like noise when you secure a win and see some coins being scattered across the screen.

The Danger! High voltage slot is available on all mobile devices in addition to desktop. So if you don’t get the chance to get to the disco, let the disco come to you by playing the game as you wander round town.

High voltage feature has an electrifying 66x multiplier

There are 4096 different ways to win in this slot which as far as I can recall, is more than any other slot I’ve ever played. But it’s not about how many ways to win as much as it is about how much you can win. And with that in mind, let’s look at how to play Danger! High voltage in terms of the game’s bonus features.


I’ve mentioned them already so you know how they work. But it’s just worth clarifying that if the Wild Electricity (Wild) is used in a winning combination, that win will pay out 6x what it would if you hadn’t used that Wild. Just saying.

Three Scatters and you’ll activate free spins. No surprises there. But that doesn’t begin to tell you the full story. Because not only can you choose what type of free spins you want, there are a whole new two Wilds in play here, folks.

Gates of Hell free spins

You get 7 free spins if you go for the first option of the Danger! High Voltage features. Before the start of the spins, one of the symbols (excluding Wilds or the Scatter) will be randomly selected to be the Sticky Wild for the duration of the feature. Meaning that each time you get one, it will become Wild and stay stuck in its place for the rest of the free spins.

Should you cover one of the middle reels (2-5), with Sticky Wilds, you’ll get 3 extra free spins.

High Voltage free spins

Go for Option B and you’ll get 15 free spins. Here’s where the third type of Wild, the High Voltage Wild, can appear, also on Reels 2-5. Get it and it becomes a Stacked Wild, covering the whole reel.

It’s covered in Multipliers, ranging from 11x to 66x, but just one of those Multipliers will be highlighted. When you secure a win using the High Voltage Wild, the win will be multiplied by the value of the highlighted Multiplier.

You can get three extra free spins should you get three Scatters during these free spins.

Danger! High Voltage slot is dangerously volatile

I’m not an impulsive person. Which can admittedly be a little annoying for anyone standing behind me at the queue at Subway as I mull over the type of bread, filling, sauce and salad I want like it was a matter of life or death. But it does allow me to give reasoned opinions on mobile slots.

I do like this game and as ever, I reward originality. So I’m giving it bonus points for being (probably) the first-ever slot to be inspired by a pop song. I also like the two different Wilds in the base game and the fact that there are further different Wilds in each of the two different free spins rounds.  Not to mention the fact that you can choose which of the two different types of free spins you want.

Yes, I’ve said it already but I’ll say it one last time: I just don’t like the damned song!

But on a more serious note, be warned this is a highly, highly volatile slot. Proof of that is that I secured a Mega Epic Win while playing it (to the tune of over ₹30,000) yet only got to experience the free spins rounds twice despite playing it for well over a couple of hours.