Cleopatra Plus Slot Review

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User Rating:

  • Provider IGT
  • Volatility Medium
  • RTP96.5%
  • Paylines 40
  • Reels 5

Be seduced by the Queen of Egypt in this feature-filled Egyptian online slot by IGT


Content Editor, Nemanja

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 27/04/2017

The Queen of Ancient Egypt

Egyptian themes are something game providers never seem to get tired of doing. But is Cleopatra Plus finally the slot that fills the quota? Find out in this G2G slot review!

Few historical characters have captured the imagination quite like Cleopatra, the Queen of Ancient Egypt. So it’s no surprise that game providers IGT have come up with the Cleopatra Plus video slot. Cleopatra Plus is essentially a sequel to Cleopatra but as you will soon see, it’s a significant improvement, containing a lot more features and bonuses to look forward to.

Play Cleopatra Plus for Free

IGT know when they have a winning video slot

When you’re based in Nevada (home of Las Vegas, not to be confused with Lost Vegas the recent slot machine by Microgaming) like IGT are, it figures that you know a thing or two about online slots. And IGT certainly knows when they’re onto a winner because the original version of this slot – Cleopatra – is their most popular casino slot ever. And unlike Back to the Future, another of their games, in this one you’re going back to the past!

And this trip back in time will be well worth your while.

Yes, I know there weren’t mobiles at the time when Cleopatra ruled those lands. But you wouldn’t want to be out and about without the chance to play Cleopatra Plus on your mobile, would you? The game is, of course, available on desktop, too.

Hear the sexy voice of Cleopatra

Cleopatra Plus is a 5×3 reel slot game with 40 paylines.

The theme is a trip back in time to when Egypt was one of the most advanced and fascinating civilizations in the world.

Symbols include cards (9 till Ace) and a few random symbols that are references to Ancient Egypt, such as the dung beetle. A beautiful green-eyed Cleopatra is the Wild in her own game.

When you’re the ruler of a whole empire, who’s going to argue with you being the Wild?

Another symbol is that of the Male Pharaoh, who looks like he built the pyramids single-handedly given his impressive physique. But he’s not just eye-candy. He’s the Scatter and is important for the game as a whole in two different ways, as I’ll discuss a little later on.

Egyptian music

There’s some Egyptian music in the background going on which makes me feel a little bit like I’m just chilling in a palace somewhere with servants fanning me with palm leaves as I prepare for a milk bath. Just like Cleopatra herself used to have.

But there’s an even better audio effect than that.

Each time the Scatter symbol appears anywhere on the reels you’ll hear a seductive murmur from Cleopatra with some of her ‘lines’ including: ‘follow my light’, ‘I welcome you’ and ‘come to me’. A ‘royal’ little temptress, is our Cleopatra….

The Level Up feature just gets better and better

Lots of unique features to talk about. They are…

Deity Picker

In Ancient Egypt Pharaohs and Queens ruled the land but the Gods were above even them. On the top left-hand side, you get to choose which of the three Gods you want to be on your side: Aset, Bastet or Hathor. The one you choose will then become your highest value symbol.

Level Up plus features

Remember when I said there were two ways the Male Pharaoh was important? Well, the first is that each time he appears, the Scatter counter goes up by one because Cleopatra has just attracted a new follower.

At Level One you need 50 followers (50 appearances from the Male Pharaoh) and as you go up the levels, the number of them you need to go up to the next level increases.

Going up a level unlocks features and brings you additional benefits, meaning you have increased chances of bigger wins which will see your balance steadily go up. That then allows you the necessary playing time to secure more followers.

For example, getting to getting Level 2 (50 followers needed) gives you access to the Nile River free spins during the free spins round.

And if you get to Level 8 (the last level), you can unlock the super spin feature; super-rich free spins with large stacks of wilds.

The Level Up feature, where receiving rewards the higher the level you go up isn’t new. It’s been done before on slots such as Nordic Heroes. And I’ll be completely honest when I say it’s not as easy to go up the levels as it is on that game or even on Wheel of Fortune on Tour.

But for players patient enough to keep playing in order to reach the higher levels, they can provide the sort of riches worthy of filling a Pharaoh’s Tomb.

Free Spins

Three Male Pharaohs at the first few levels and you’re in. The free spins round is unlocked.

At each level, you can choose from certain iconic Egyptian landmarks when you get your free spins, such as the famous Alexandria Library or the Alexandria Lighthouse (at Level 1).

Each landmark has additional prizes hiding behind them and with three Scatter Symbols, you get to make three picks. You can even put all three of your picks on one particular landmark, meaning you’ll get 3x whatever prize was hiding behind that.

As you move up levels, you get to visit different cities from Ancient Egypt. As explained above, the higher the level you’re at, the more prizes are available to you when you unlock free spins.

At Level 1 you start with 5 free spins and a 1x multiplier. Possible picks include:

  • Extra free spins
  • Extra free spins multiplier
  • A cash prize
  • A Last Spin Multiplier – a multiplier for the last free spin only which replaces any other free spins multiplier
  • A number of Super Spins – free spins guaranteed to have stacked 2x Wilds that are 6 or 10 symbols high.

Patience is a must to enjoy Cleopatra Plus

First things first, there’s no doubt this is a big improvement on the original Cleopatra video slot. Better graphics, more interesting symbols, better audio effects and far more going on. That said, I have mixed feelings about it.

The same as I do about, the fact that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is now considered a serious actor and that they’re making a sequel to Twin Peaks.

If you’re a player who likes to switch between different slots all the time and maybe just play a handful of spins on each one, move on.

Cleopatra Plus isn’t for you. Instead, if want the Egyptian theme, I recommend Queen Of Gold or Book of Dead. Two great games, you won’t need to invest as much time into.

Getting the most out of this slot requires patience. Moving up the levels requires playing quite a lot of spins because there’s no fast way to accumulating followers. The only way is getting the Male Pharaoh symbol every couple of spins. But if you’re the sort of player who’s happy to just play one casino slot at a time, your time and patience may well be rewarded.

Playing Cleopatra Plus for fun

If you are, however, a player who likes to play for fun – Cleopatra Plus is the perfect game for you – with the 8 levels you can play it for hours and still have unique experiences handed to you!

Play for real cash as I’ve compiled a list of the best Indian Online Casinos offering Cleopatra Plus below!