Winterberries Slot Review

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  • ProviderYggdrasil Gaming
  • Volatility High
  • RTP96.7%
  • Paylines25
  • Reels5

As long as that symbol keeps on appearing, you keep on getting re-spins in a similar way to what happens with the classic slot Jack Hammer.


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 10th April 2024

Published: 28/02/2019

Frosty berries that thaw into hot payouts

The Winterberries slot by Yggdrasil features bright and juicy Vitamin C-filled fruit taking over the reels and with a potential payout of 1250 times your stake, the wins on offer are as healthy as the berries. No wonder why this slot machine is frequently featured among the best online casinos in India!

Fruitful payouts on Winterberries slot

As is so often the case amongst the G2G team when reviewing the next free to play mobile slot, a heated debate arose when discussing the Winterberries slot. A member of the team asked the seemingly unloaded question:

What’s your favourite berry?

Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry all got a few mentions.

‘Halle Berry’ said Manish, deadpan and without a hint of irony.

‘Halle Berry?????’ I replied.

‘Well, yes. She was excellent in Monster’s Ball; let’s not forget she won an Oscar for it. And besides, I like her in interviews and she’s an unusually beautiful lady. Her surname is Berry, right? In that case… she’s a Berry.’

‘Yes, she is remarkably attractive.’ added Gurdeep.

‘She kicked ass in X-Men. And was one heck of a Bond girl in Die Another Day.’ Manish continued.

So there you go. Our favourite berry amongst the G2G team is officially Halle Berry.

Play the Winterberries slot somewhere remote and icy

The Winterberries mobile slot comes to us courtesy of those crazy kids at Yggdrasil. It says a thing or two about their continued ability to produce eye-catching games worthy of our slot reviews that several of those games not only made it onto the G2G release slot schedule and also got glowing reviews: Beauty and the Beast most recently, before that Alchymedes and going back a little further than that I reviewed the remarkably gory all-action slot that was Vikings go Berzerk.

Winterberries is not a Progressive Jackpot slot but there is a Jackpot to be won to the tune of 1250x your bet; I’ll tell you how you can win it in a second. And as you will soon find out, the slot only has the one feature. Well, two in a way. Details on those are also below.

Yggdrasil’s new slot can be enjoyed on your desktop but of course, is also available on mobile.

In Cinema, actors and actresses who immerse themselves in the role to the extent that they almost become their character in real life are called ‘method actors’. Robert de Niro in his heyday and more recently Christin Bale are two of the most prominent ones. So how’s this for ‘Method Slot Playing’: travel to a bleak, frozen part of the world where there isn’t a soul in sight within five miles, sit amongst some beautiful winterberries so you’re in synch with nature, get your mobile out, play Winterberries. Don’t fancy it?

So what’s a winterberry, anyway? From a scientific point of view, it’s a fruit produced from the ovary of a single flower and normally contains lots of seeds.

Crisp, juicy winterberry symbols look good enough to eat

Now, this is where things get a little complicated: the likes of gooseberries and elderberries are winter berries. As are fruits I think of as winter berries but which don’t have the word ‘berry’ in their name: blackcurrants and redcurrants for example. As are, bizarrely, bananas and pumpkins. Yes, I just discovered that too. Yet blackberries and raspberries are not winter berries. Scandalous, isn’t it? If you’re up in arms wondering ‘Why, oh why?’ I don’t blame you. But don’t shoot the messenger.

In addition to making a dreary landscape far more beautiful and being a healthy food for us, humans in pies, cakes, yoghurt and juices, their most valuable characteristic is that of being a precious food supply for birds in winter at a time when other sources of nutrition aren’t available because it’s too cold. So they’re good guys. But back to the Winterberries mobile slot.

The yellow winterberries are the most valuable, followed by the blue ones, then the red ones. It’s a beautifully designed online casino game with clear, crisp graphics of juicy-looking berries that make you think that a few of those a day would adequately protect you from all manner of unpleasant winter illnesses.

Until you remember they’re just symbols in a slot.

The most delicious symbols are missing

Wild symbols and Scatter symbols are as commonplace in slots as organic macrobiotic food at a dinner party hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow. Yet the Winterberries slot doesn’t have any of either symbol. The seven types of winterberries are all you’re getting. Three of them in a row from left to right gives you a prize; getting four or five a much better prize.

If you’re feeling a little lethargic from not eating enough winterberries, you can use the ‘Autoplay’ function and opt to play 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500, 750 or even 1000 spins in a row without having to do a thing.

Oh yeah, there’s also this symbol available to select. If you were paying attention in Mr Brown’s maths class, you’ll know that’s the infinity symbol. So yeah, that’s quite a long time to be doing anything, even playing a top slot by Yggdrasil. So maybe best leave it alone. But for the record, if you press it, it will carry on playing the slot for as long as you have funds in your account.

Audio-wise, there’s some ongoing polka music going on as you play which turns into the soothing sound of the frosty wind blowing if you stop spinning. There’s also a cool (no pun intended) sound of fruit freezing each time you secure a win.

Sticky Wins feature the gift that keeps on giving

You don’t need a degree to know how to play Winterberries. In fact, you barely need secondary education. It really is simple and easy. Here are the Winterberries features.

Sticky Wins

Hit three or more symbols on a winning payline and those symbols will freeze. Yeah, they full on become engulfed within an ice cube. It’s awesome. When that happens they’ll stay in place and you’ll get a respin on the house.

As long as that symbol keeps on appearing, you keep on getting re-spins in a similar way to what happens with the classic slot, Jack Hammer. Or Jack Hammer 2, for that matter.

Eventually, one of two things will happen. Either the re-spin won’t produce another of the same symbol or you will have filled up the whole screen with that symbol. You don’t need any sort of education to work out which of the two is the better scenario. If it’s the first, you then get paid out for each of the same symbols on display.

Multiplying Reels

During the sticky winning symbols, if you fill consecutive reel columns with frozen symbols, from left to right, a Multiplier will come into play. So similar to the likes of Gonzo’s Quest in that you can earn Multipliers during re-spins but not exactly the same way because in Gonzo it doesn’t need you to fill the whole column for them to come into play.

So if you fill reel one, it’s just an x1 multiplier or no multiplier. Fill reel 1 + 2 = 2x multiplier. Fill reel 1+2+3 = 3x multiplier… and so on, towards that Jackpot bringing a 5x multiplier if all your reels are filled with the same symbol.

And if it happens to be filled with the yellow berry, that’s when you’ll get the ‘1250x your stake’ payout. Odds on that happening? Roughly the same as Gwyneth Paltrow eating a burger from a roadside burger van. Unlikely, not impossible.

Just accept Winterberries for what it is

It’s worth remembering that this was only Yggdrasil’s second-ever mobile slot. It was made long before the big-budget extravaganza of something like Vikings go Bezerk so let’s cut it some slack before pointing the finger and complaining it doesn’t have enough features or storylines.

It is what it is. A beautifully designed slot with colourful graphics and let’s not forget that there’s a big, big prize up for grabs if you happen to fill that screen with identical frozen symbols.

If it’s a lot of different features, quirky characters and unexpected twists you’re after, this probably isn’t the slot for you. But play it at last once to see those stunning symbols for yourself and enjoy the sight of those frozen re-spins.

Given it would be rather frustrating to secure that 1250x your stake win when playing for fun, it’s best you open a real-money account at an Online Casino, which you can do it no time.