Goldwyn’s Fairies Slot Review

Logo of Just For The Win Goldwyns Fairies Video Slot

User Rating:

  • ProviderJust For The Win
  • VolatilityMedium
  • RTP96.20%
  • Paylines 20
  • Reels 5

JFTW decided to be innovative and bold right from the outset and took a gamble which has certainly paid off.


Content Editor, Nemanja

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 26/04/2017

Let the Queen Goldwyn Fairy get you off to a flyer!

Beautiful graphics, three types of Wilds, re-spins and free spins with returning Wilds are just some of the things you can look forward to in Just for the win’s new and first-ever slot.

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Play Goldwyn Fairies for Free

Goldwyn or Gold-win?

G2G member Manish swings open his office door and storms out to join the rest of us. His face is slightly pink and his upper lip is slightly curled upwards.

‘This Goldwyn’s Fairies slot is useless. Nothing happens. You say it’s the first-ever mobile slot by Just for the win? Yeah, well it might just be their last too!’

I put my arm around him.

‘Chill, man. Drink a glass of water, sit down in a cool room for a couple of minutes. Stroke the office cat Marbles. You know that sometimes with slots you have to be a little patient. ‘

Manish nods. He returns to his office. He emerges 5 minutes later. He’s glowing, he’s smiling, he’s happy.

‘What a game. Three…yes three different types of Wilds?! These guys are going to go far!’

What a difference 5 minutes makes…

Goldwyn’s Fairies have big rewards awaiting you

Everyone needs to make their debut at some stage. Madonna, Lionel Messi, Muhammad Ali, Jack Nicholson, Justin Bieber. Well actually, the general consensus is that I wish Bieber hadn’t made his debut at all.

And Just for the win are making their debut here. Not just their G2G debut but this is actually the first-ever slot they’ve made. I’d love to tell you lots about them but at the moment ‘lots’ is more than I know. I know they opened their doors for business last year, that their staff includes team-members with previous experience of making online slots and that they made this slot in a partnership with Microgaming. But that’s about it.

Anyway: welcome Just for the Win.

Are they making their debut straight up with a Progressive Jackpot slot? No. But they are giving away up to 158,250 Euros if you were to get the highest possible winning combination. Which isn’t bad at all. This new release is a re-spins and free spins slot and trusts me, there’s more to those two features than first meets the eye.

The Goldwyn’s Fairies slot is available to play on desktop from the comfort of your home and on all mobile devices. But just control yourself a little when playing it when you’re out and about. A cry of ‘Yesssss! I just got the Goldwyn Queen Fairy!’ might be interpreted by some as you being slightly …cuckoo.

You read it right…three types of Wilds

I don’t know exactly what Goldwyn’s Fairies are but apparently, there’s such a thing as the Goldwyn Queen, who is sort of the ‘normal’ fairies’ boss. Geez, there’s even a hierarchy when it comes to fairies, eh?

It’s a 5×3 reel slot with beautiful artwork. The different symbols appear to be hand-drawn and it’s certainly not lacking bright colours and the sort of symbols that really brighten up your day.

There are three four different fairies on the reels, each one representing the different seasons of the year. I quite like the Winter Fairy, who behind her ear has some winter berries which look a fair bit like the ones in…Winterberries. The Fairies are the high-paying symbols with the different coloured gems the low-paying symbols. The simple fact they’re the rather than the tired playing cards that most other slots have already earned them bonus points.

Now to the crucial bit. There are three types of Wilds. If you think you’ve just misread that, you haven’t. There really are. The first is a ‘regular’ Wild and is written in Gold letters on a green background. It does what most Wilds do, substituting for all symbols other than Scatters.

Then there are the Goldwyn’s Fairies Wilds which are pretty much the game’s logo and act like a Scatter, even though strictly speaking, they’re a Wild. They can only appear on Reels 1, 3 and 5.

Finally, there’s the Goldwyn Fairy Queen who can only appear on Reel 3. You’ll see what she does in the next section.

There’s rather enchanting-like music going on in the background. You can play for as little as 1 INR a spin or go for a rather larger 2500 INR a spin. It really is up to you.

Returning Wilds in free spins and re-spins feature

Let’s talk about how to play Goldwyn’s Fairies in terms of the bonus rounds. The features are actually pretty unique in terms of how they work so let’s take a moment to go through them.


Get the Goldwyn Fairy Queen/Re-Spin Wild on Reel 3 to trigger the re-spins. The first thing that will happen is that the square in which the Wild appeared will have a golden circle drawn around it.

A bit like the golden circle in Pragmatic Play’s Queen of Gold in that that actual square it’s on becomes of special importance.

If you happen to get another Re-Spin Wild (or several) show up on your re-spin then you’ll get a further re-spin after that. Crucially, each Wild will that appears will carry on causing a golden circle to be drawn around the square where it landed. If a Wild lands on a square that already had the golden circle around it, then the game will randomly choose another square and put the circle around that one.

You’ll carry on having more re-spins as long as you carry on getting at least one Wild per re-spin. When you don’t, the game will notify that you’re about to have your final re-spin. As the final re-spin is taking place, all the squares with the golden circle around them turn into Wilds (‘returning wilds’ if you prefer) meaning that the reels can be filled with as many as eight or nine Wilds. Well, potentially all of them if you got really lucky.

Any wins that were secured during the re-spins are then added to whatever you get on the final re-spin, which is obviously likely to be your most valuable spin because of the presence of those Wilds.

It is, however, worth pointing out that if it’s your final re-spin, it’s your final re-spin. You can get a Wild on the final re-spin and start the chain of re-spins again.

Free Spins

If you get a symbol with the game’s logo on Reels 1, 3 and 5 you’ll activate the free spins.

You’ll get 10 of them. More precisely, you get nine of them and the 10th is the final free spin. The difference is that, exactly like with the re-spins and the final re-spin, on the 10th free spin the squares with golden circles around them all become returning Wilds. The round works pretty much exactly the same way as the re-spins in terms of how the Wilds lead to the squares having golden squares around them.

The only differences, of course, being how they’re activated and the fact that with the free spins you know exactly how many you’re going to get in advance.

Like with the re-spins, the ‘final’ warning means it really is your last one.

It’s bold and it’s beautiful

An excellent first effort from the Just for the Win crew. The obvious thing to do would be for them to first up make a slot with nothing particularly original about it as a way to cut their teeth in this slot-making business. But no. They decided to be innovative and bold right from the outset and took a gamble which has certainly paid off.

Having three Wilds in play is a lot of fun and I especially like the returning Wilds. As you keep on accumulating Wilds, it’s a great feeling knowing that the final re-spin/final free spin is going to be very profitable indeed.

And let’s also remember what I said about it being a beautifully designed slot with some great symbols.

So now to the crucial question: was Manish right to lose his patience when first playing it? To an extent, yes. This is a pretty highly volatile slot meaning you’re going to have to be prepared to wait before activating the free spins and re-spins. So budget for a least 40 or 50 spins if you’re going to play this mobile game. Out of interest: experience tells us it’s easier to activate the re-spins than it is the free spins.

But all in all, a great debut and I’ll look forward to playing more slots by Just for the win.