Chasing Rainbows Slot Review

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  • ProviderRealistic Games
  • VolatilityHigh
  • RTP95.47%
  • Paylines20
  • Reels5

It’s fair enough for Realistic Games to do their thing and retro slots from when Spandau Ballet sold lots of music is clearly their thing.


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 27/08/2017

1985 called and it wants its slot back right now

This is ground roots slots playing at its best in a quirky retro game that looks like it belongs in an old Vegas casino somewhere. Forget complicated features but remember that Locked Wilds during free spins can deliver big wins.

Cashing Rainbows slot is a feast of colours

The interesting thing about reviewing video slots for G2G is that you never know what you’re going to get next. A bit like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates.

So when I heard I was going to try out the Cashing Rainbows casino slot, I really didn’t have a clue what I was going to get.

It didn’t take long to work it out. This is another very retro slot with simplicity and easy gameplay the keywords here. How does it compare to other slots I’ve played and in particular the more old-school looking ones? Read on to find out.

Just a few days ago I was reviewing a game called Money Matrix and after a quick check of my notes, I confirmed that yes, both games were made by slot suppliers Realistic Games.

A textbook Realistic Games video slot

Realistic Games are a UK-based company that provides a number of casino products including table games, different varieties of Blackjack, number games such as Keno and of course online slots.

When it comes to slots, it’s pretty obvious what their style is. Simple, retro slots that look like they were made in the mid-80s but are actually being made now. A bit like those extortionately-priced bicycles you can buy that do nothing that a normal bike doesn’t do other than move forward when you pedal.

But cost more than a brilliant mountain bike with loads of gears and added features.

But if it seems like they’re stuck in a time when it comes to design, theme and playability they’re certainly not stuck in a time when it comes to being mobile-friendly.

But don’t take our word for it.

Realistic Games are fresh from winning the EGR (E-Gaming Review) award for being Mobile Supplier of the Year 2016. You can, of course, play Cashing Rainbows on desktop as well as mobile.

Who’s that Mick Hucknall look-a-like?

It’s funny how the mind can play tricks on you. When I first read the name of the slot, I thought it was Chasing Rainbows. Like the song ‘’I’m always Chasing Rainbows’’ which has been sung by the likes of Judy Garland (who played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz a long, long time ago) and Alice Cooper.

But it’s not. It’s Cashing Rainbows. Those guys at Realistic Games are just playing mind games with us.

Instead, Cashing Rainbows refers to the fact that the Wild symbol in the game is a rainbow and that (presumably), the more of them you get, the more cash you get. The Wild symbols can substitute for all symbols other than the Scatter.

The slot’s logo- the initials CR in capital letters on a gold-rimmed shield- are the Scatter/Bonus of the game. More on that later but they also provide your greatest chance of a huge win. Because getting five will reward you at 5000x your stake. Four of them pays out 500x your stake and three means you win at 100x.

Some slots, such as Red Riding Hood, Lost Vegas or Warlords have a very obvious theme and storyline to them. But that’s not really the case here.

The best I can come up with to describe the theme is to say that it’s somewhere between Dungeons and Dragons and Game of Thrones. Other symbols include elves, dragons, unicorns and a guy with long red hair who looks a bit like Mick Hucknall from Simply Red.

Well, like he used to look. A couple of decades ago.

It’s a 5-reel slot and similar to Money Matrix, it makes you feel like you’re actually playing it in a land-based casino rather than as an online slot.

Wilds lock during the free spins feature

If you’re hoping to hear about loads of cool and ground-breaking features right now…hope again!

Because as I’m quickly discovering, that’s now how the suppliers of this slot go about their business. They prefer to keep it Real(istic). See what I did there? No? Ok.

Let’s talk about the slot’s one feature.

Free spins feature

If you get the CR logo (the Scatter) on the first and fifth reel, you’ll activate the free spins. You don’t need to get the Scatter on the central line, any line will do. Meaning your chances of activating the 10 free spins are quite decent.

The nice thing about the free spins in this slot is that each time you get a Wild symbol, it locks and will remain there for the remainder of the free spins. Meaning of course that if you lock three or four Wild symbols there’s the potential for some big wins. Not the sort of wins to rival Mick Hucknall’s bank account but big wins, nonetheless.

Sadly, you can’t re-trigger the 10 free spins or get even just a couple of extra ones.

A little bit more miss than hit

When I review 100s of different slots every year for G2G, I can’t expect every last one of them to be a cracker. And the honest truth is that this one isn’t one of them.

It’s fair enough for Realistic Games to try to do their own thing and retro slots that seemed cool back at a time when Spandau Ballet still sold a lot of their records… is clearly their thing.

The locked Wilds means that getting free spins should win you something decent each time and this game will appeal to those who like their slots to be of pretty low volatility.

But if it’s a simple and old-school slot you want to play, Money Matrix is the slightly better option. Below you find the top rated casinos featuring Cashing Rainbows!