Dragon Sisters Slot Review

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  • ProviderPush Gaming
  • VolatilityMedium
  • RTP 96.73%
  • Paylines25
  • Reels5 (10)

A medium to low volatility slot partly due to the fact that there are two reels and were you to play it for 100 coins, you could win 1500.


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 05/08/2017

Review of Dragon Sisters slot for G2G

The new Dragon Sisters slot is visually beautiful with eye-catching graphics and spine-chilling sound effects but it’s the two reels operating in tandem that make it unique and worth trying out.

Sisters isn’t a theme but dragons is

The new slot Dragon Sisters was made by Push Gaming. They’re no strangers to anyone who has been at G2G before. They made their debut with Star Fall and a further appearance with Wild Neon, which I really enjoyed. Not as much as Trump loves tearing up agreements to try and protect the environment so our children will still have a Planet to live on in the future…but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

What’s the theme of the slot then? Well, given that ‘sisters’ can’t be said to be a realistic theme for a slot (even though Charms and Witches arguably feature two sisters) I’m going to have to go with fantasy and/or dragons. And speaking of which, this isn’t the first appearance for a dragon-themed slot at G2G either because a few months ago I had…Dragonz. And I also had Dragon Spin; if you read the review you’ll remember that it features a dragon who looked like a burnt Donald Trump. As for fantasy-themed slots, I’ve had plenty of others, trust me.

If you were looking for a Progressive Jackpot slot you’ll have to look elsewhere because this certainly isn’t one. There is a bonus round, however, which I’ll cover in a second.

One thing I’ll say about Push Gaming is that they take their mobile slots pretty seriously meaning you’re guaranteed to have as good as an experience on the device of your choice as you would on desktop. So there’s a good chance to play a few spins of Dragon Sisters as you tuck into your lunchtime prawn and mayonnaise sandwich and salt and vinegar crisps/replace with favourite crisps flavour.

Sisters doing it for themselves

It will take you all of two seconds to realise this isn’t your average slot. The clue is in the fact that there isn’t just one set of reels, but two.

They’re right above each other and display the exact same symbols with the top set of reels having a red border around it and the bottom set of reels having a blue border around it. The high-value symbols include a red crown, a yellow shield, green sword and blue spear whereas the lower value symbols are small coloured objects: red, orange, yellow, green and blue.

Then there’s the Wild, which is one of the cooler Wild Symbols I’ve seen in a while: it’s orangey and fiery. And that’s the last time in this review that I’m adding a random ‘y’ at the end of the word just for the sake of it.

But let’s tackle the issue that no doubt you’re really desperate to hear about: what’s with the Dragon Sisters? Well, I don’t know the full story but here’s what I do know. The ‘red’ Dragon Sister only appears on the top set of reels and is, according to water cooler gossip, the evil/mean/wicked of the two Dragon Sisters. She looks like a beautiful, generic brunette ‘Slavic’ girl.

The ‘blue’ Dragon Sister appears on the bottom set of reels and is allegedly the kind and honourable one. Or so they say. She looks like a cross between Cate Blanchett and Sarah Alexander, star of hit british TV show Coupling.

Quite what their relationship is with the Dragons themselves I’m not sure about, because no-one at the water cooler knew all the details. But I think they each own one. By the way, the two sisters are alongside the Wild, the highest value symbols.

In the section below I’ll reveal what exactly the Dragons do but there’s nothing too spectacular about them. Somewhat disappointingly, they just look like normal Dragons.

What’s pretty cool is that the action is played out to the backdrop of a huge Medieval-looking castle at the top of some windy and somewhat scary mountain tops.

Audio-wise, there’s some rather dramatic music playing as you spin the reels which creates something of a spine-chilling atmosphere all around.

Re-Spins feature assisted by fire-spitting Dragons

Let’s talk about how to play Dragon Sisters and its bonus feature? To paraphrase what one of the UK’s biggest shops used to say: ‘let’s not just do it, let’s B and Q it.’

Dragon Sisters features are but one. Well, two in a way and they come in the form of re-spins.

Blue Dragon Re-Spins

If you get at least one Blue Dragon on the bottom set of reels, you’ll receive one re-spin on the top set of reels. You’ll get between one and three Wild symbols positioned in random places on the reels to help you secure something good when that Re-Spin comes your way. The Wilds appear on the reels courtesy of the Dragon spitting fire at them.

Red Dragon Re-Spins

This works in pretty much the same way as the Blue Dragon Re-Spins. Or does it?

If you get at least one Red Dragon on the top set of reels, you’ll get a Re-Spin on the bottom set of reels. But here’s where the differences begin.

In this case, you’ll get a Stacked Wild (three Wilds vertically on top of each other) on the same reels as where the Dragon landed above. So if for example, the Red Dragon landed on Reel 1, then you’d get Stacked Wilds on Reel 1 on the bottom set of reels for your Re-spin. It reminds me a bit of the way that the Re-Spins work in Sakura Fortune.

The interesting thing about the Re-Spins is that they tend to generate more Dragon symbols than you’d get on normal spins. So what sometimes happens is that the first Re-Spin leads to another Dragon showing up and this one, in turn, leads to yet another one on the subsequent Re-Spin. All the while you’re accumulating Wilds on both sets of reels because they stay there.

Better still, if you get two Dragons rather than one during the Re-Spin, then you obviously get more Wilds.

Beautiful but not brilliant

You sit down at a restaurant overlooking the sea, the table cloth is white and starched, the cutlery is all brand new and shiny, the staff is impeccably dressed and polite, the menu had a classy leather cover and the food is all beautifully prepared and attractive that you feel like going all ‘millennials’ and take several photos which you instantly then upload onto your social media channel of choice.

Then you taste it and it’s fine, but that’s about it. Not that tasty, not that fresh, nothing special. Not that much better than your average pub or upmarket coffee shop except it’s a lot more expensive and comes with all the frills.

And the Dragon Sisters slot is a bit like that. The mountain in the background and other graphics look great, the audio is all dramatic and mood-setting, the symbols are cool and the novelty of having two reels is original and refreshing.

But with just the one feature in place that pretty much just does the same thing time and time again that feeling of ‘Ok, and now what?’ comes sooner rather than later. It’s a slot that will appeal to those who like style over substance.

It’s a medium to low volatility slot partly due to the fact that there are two reels and if you were to play it for 100 coins, you could win 1500.

To play Dragon Sisters for real money, you’ll need to open an account first. It’s easy and quick. Which is more than you can say about trying to get anything done over the phone when you contact HSBC. Just saying. To make it even easier for you I’ve listed the absolute best casinos available in India for you below!