Jewel Strike Slot Review

Jewel Strike Slot from blueprint logo

User Rating:

  • Provider Blueprint Gaming
  • Volatility High
  • RTP96.097%
  • Paylines10
  • Reels5

With a classic gems-themed slot game with stacked symbols and adjacent pays. This 10 line 5x3 game featuring Colossal Reels and Epic Spins where you can change your stake and eliminate symbols from the reels.


Content Writer, Vladimir

Last updated on 9th April 2024

Published: 26/02/2019

Just rattle your jewellery

I spoke with the other guys here at G2G and if we had to define one moment in the life of John Lennon as his greatest, we would probably say it’s when he performed for the Queen, yes the Queen of England and cheeky as he is, said:

“For those of you in the cheap seats i’d like ya to clap your hands to this one; the rest of you can just rattle your jewelry”

Imagine, saying that in front of the Queen of England?

But what does that to have with this slot game? Well, playing Jewel Strike you may be fortunate enough to win big and on your next concert rattle your jewellery!

Jewel Strike Strikes back

If you consider yourself any of the following: a minimalist, a sucker for the simple pleasures in life or a lover of all things shiny, then Jewel Strike might just be the game for you.

The Jewel Strike video slot really is the ABC of slots with its basic design, simple symbols and just the one bonus feature. As a ‘retro game’ that will appeal to a certain type of player, it’s very much a slot, for the slot lover.

That said, the Epic Spins option will appeal to risk-takers and is quite a unique asset. I’ll now tell you exactly what you can expect from this game.

A video slot that’s just classic Blueprint Gaming

I suspect that Blueprint Gaming, the makers of Jewel Strike, are into retro stuff because other online slots of theirs include ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Top Cat’ based on the classic British TV shows and ‘Viz’ based on the iconic comic strip.

But Blueprint gaming are experienced at what they do as providers of online slots and land-based slot machines and appreciate that the slot-playing public has an appetite for all manner of casino games online.

In keeping with the 90s theme, this slot isn’t available on mobile, it’s desktop only! Those guys at Blueprint Gaming really take their retro stuff seriously… If you want to try out a Blueprint game that is less retro and also is available on mobile I highly recommend one of my absolute favourites Ted!

Putting the VCR into video slots

So what kind of player are you? More likely to watch the latest episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ on your huge flat screen TV or the type to still have a VCR video that you occasionally use to watch an old episode of ‘Baywatch’ or ‘MacGyver’?

If it’s the latter you’ll like the design here. A typical 5-reel slot, it’s very 90’s with its bright colours that don’t really match but just have fun and excitement written all over them. Some of the symbols are playing cards from 10 to King. But the theme of the slot, as the name suggests, is jewels. Quite why jewels feature in so many slots, such as Jewel in the Crown, Cool Jewels and of course the most popular of them all – Starburst – is a bit of a mystery but as long as players keep on liking them, providers will keep on making them. Here there are four different coloured jewels: a blue sapphire, a red ruby, a green emerald and of the greatest value of all, a yellow sapphire.

There’s only one audio effect here, which you hear when you spin the reels but it’s actually strangely hypnotic. It kind of reminds us of that little noise you hear in TV shows when someone is about to enter a dream.

The Colossal Reel feature is where the ‘real’ money is at

If nothing I’ve mentioned so far about this slot is wildly original, then I’m about to tell you about two features that are.

Epic Spins

You can play the slot in the normal mode but you can also decide to become a high-roller for the day by activating the Epic Spins mode. Playing in the Epic Spins mode automatically increases the size of your stake on each spin but in the process it also eliminates lower paying symbols, starting with the 10. The higher your stake (which is adjustable) the more low-paying symbols it eliminates so that at the highest possible level you’re betting 20x the normal stake to eliminate the following symbols from the reels: 10, J, Q, K and A. If it’s not obvious what that means, it means that the remaining symbols on the reels are all high value and that any wins secured will be considerably bigger than at lower level Epic Spins and much bigger than in the normal spinning mode.

These features allow those who like taking risks to take a gamble and reap the rewards when they secure big wins.

Colossal Reels

Now, Jewel Strike doesn’t have any wild symbols or Scatter icons in keeping with its endearing simplicity. It’s a bit like a fish & chip shop where you can buy…just fish and chips. But it does have the Jewel Strike Colossal Reels feature. It’s a randomly triggered special symbol. These huge jewel icons will appear across 3 adjacent reels to guarantee a three-in-a-row win on every line, not to mention a chance to trigger even more wins if normal matching icons appear alongside them.

Remember when I said that the yellow sapphire was the most valuable symbol of the lot? Well, if the Colossal Reel helps you to get 5-in-a-row you’ll win 500x your bet.

Jewel Strike is an acquired taste

The heading above shouldn’t surprise you one bit if you’ve read the whole review I’ve just put together for you. To start with – having an intro about John Lennon from the Beatles, probably tell both one and two between the lines of the Slot. But there are still people who listen to Bryan Adams and others who think ‘The Goonies’ was the best action film ever made so this will still be some players’ cup of tea.

The one thing I didn’t mention is that it’s a pretty volatile game and if you’d rather ‘go big or go home’ rather than securing frequent but small wins, you’ll like Jewel Strike, especially if playing on the Epic Spins mode. Check out India’s top online casinos below!