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on 2nd December 2020
Written by Chief Editor, Christopher and Editorial team.
Published: 25/02/2019

Flash by name, Flash by nature

It’s like London buses. You wait for ages for a DC Comic-themed slot to come along and then you get a load of them all at once. The Flash video slot is just the latest to arrive Under the Radar after the likes of Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman and Justice League, which features all of the superheroes just mentioned.

I was a sucker for Justice League and its impressive array of bonus features but The Flash is arguably the one with more about it from those slots featuring just the one superhero.

But let’s go through why I liked it.

Where to play The Flash for real

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A trademark NextGen Gaming video slot

All of the DC Comic slots I’ve mentioned already are made by NextGen Gaming. Others from their stable of casino games online in India include the geniously-named ‘The Codfather’ and ‘An Evening with Holly Madison’ where you get to…spend an evening with Holly Madison. Well, not literally.

Either way, there’s some serious imagination and creativity going on at those NextGen offices because I’m often pretty satisfied with their work when I review their slots.

An interesting characteristic of their slots is that they often feature a ‘Bonus Bet/Super Bet’ function  as well as a choice of free games when you manage to activate that feature. Unsurprisingly, this slot has both of them.

This has comic book written all over it

It’s a 5-reel slot with 50 paylines so nothing out of the ordinary there. The other thing that’s standard these days is to have playing cards as low-value symbols. Not sure why it’s so difficult to come up with something else as low-value symbols. But then again, it’s a little unfair to single out this particular slot for being a little unimaginative when they almost all do it.

Other symbols include The Flash as the Wild and a purple bonus symbol with the Flash’s lightning bolt as the Scatter. Everyone has enemies – mine are Ryanair, Kanye West and baked beans- including The Flash. So that means that Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd and the Mirror Master are all present on the reels to give the ‘man in red’ a hard time.

There are some other Flash-related symbols around as well, including a stopwatch. Presumably to time the superhero when he says ‘’I’ll be back in a Flash.’’

There’s a slightly dramatic musical number every time you secure a win as well.

All in all, the game has quite an old-school feel about it with the graphics very much resembling a comic book itself. Which I guess, is exactly what NextGen set out to do.

Choose your favourite free spins feature

They say than a smartphone is only as good as its camera and that a hotel is only as good as the quality of its breakfast. They also say an online slot is only as good as its features. So how good are they? Let’s start with the bonus bet.

Bonus Bet

This is slightly cheeky on Nextgen’s behalf but you can’t activate the Rogue Gallery free spins feature unless you play it with the Bonus Bet active. Playing it also means you get bigger multipliers on the Wilds.

Either way, it’s no big deal to play it all the time. It will cost you 20% more. So for example, 1.20 Euros rather than 1.0 Euro per spin and the slot really isn’t worth playing unless you can get the free spins.

Wild symbols

The Flash himself is the wild symbol and replaces all other symbols on the screen except scatters.

The usual story.

Without the bonus bet, he comes with a 3x multiplier but with the bonus bet, he shows up and can give you a multiplier up to 5x in the base game, and ‘up to 10x’ multiplier in the free spins.

See, I told you it was worth playing with the Bonus Bet.

Speedsters Feature

After each and every spin, there’s a chance for the Flash to zoom onto the screen and turn any symbol of his choice into a Wild. Then he’s gone. You know…in a Flash.

So here’s the main reason why you want to have that Bonus Bet active. When you get 3 or more scatters – represented by The Flash slot game logo – you’ll activate the 12 free spins. But before you start playing them, you get to decide which ones you want to play. Which as I mentioned, is a characteristic that NextGen Gaming like to have in their slots. Each of the different types of free spins stars one of the Flash’s mortal enemies.

  • Captain Cold: Whenever the Flash wild appears, Captain Cold may appear and freeze that reel into an expanding wild (using a gun especially made for the occasion) for a single free re-spin. Chilling stuff.
  • Gorilla Grodd: This angry Gorilla appears on every spin and turns one random symbol on the reels wild. He’s pretty loud and scary as he jumps on the reels at the start of every spin.
  • Mirror Master: After any free spin, the mysterious Mirror Master may take you back in time, replaying the last 4 free games. Any wins you secured in them, you’ll get paid to you again.

It also means that you end up getting more than the 12 free spins, of course. Because the ‘replayed ones’ don’t count as part of the 12.

In many ways, this is the coolest (well, temperature-wise I guess the Captain Cold free spins are)…of the free spins modes.

Originality makes this an above-average slot

Originality and trying to do something very different from what everyone else is doing is always highly rewarded here amongst the G2G team.

So top marks to Nextgen for creating the Mirror Master free spins. I certainly haven’t come across a feature like the replaying of the last 4 spins on any other slot review or any slot at all, for that matter.

I’m not quite sure which of the different types of free spins is the most profitable so you’ll have to try each one out a few times to decide for yourself.

I also enjoy when the Flash runs out onto the reels to turn a symbol Wild. It’s not the first time I’ve seen that happen of course but I do like the Flash’s style when he decides to do it.

A good slot with the potential for some big wins on the free spins and one you should try out. Even if it’s just to compare it with some of the other DC comic games I’ve had on G2G recently.

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