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on 19th August 2020
Written by Chief Editor, Christopher and Editorial team.
Published: 25/02/2019

What’s better than Wilds? SuperWilds!

The SuperWilds video slot is by no means the first superhero-themed game I’ve reviewed here at G2G. Just recently we looked at the likes of Justice League and The Flash.

But those two slots are inspired by well-known characters that have been popular in comic books for decades. Quite who these SuperWild characters are and more importantly, what they are up to… is a whole different story.

But that, of course, makes them textbook G2G material and I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t one of the weirder online casino games in India I’ve come across. But as I often say around the office ‘’Weird is wonderful.’’

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A video slot by guys who know their stuff

Or do they? Genesis Gaming may not be the first slot provider you’d think of. But with over 150 different casino slots under their belts since 2008, they certainly know what they’re doing.

From the brilliantly-named ‘The Great Cashby’ to ‘Bier Fest’, (a slot about yes you guessed it…a beer festival) they’ve certainly worked with some pretty original themes over the years.

You can’t actually carry a beer festival around with you in your pocket. But you can carry the SuperWilds casino slot around with you because it’s available on mobile. As well as on desktop, of course.

Is Expando Man the coolest slot symbol ever?

Ok, so what do we have here? The 5×3 reel seems to be stuck on the side of some skyscrapers and above some red-brick buildings. And as per usual, it’s a case of good vs evil.

Some things never change.

Baddie 1 seems to be a sort of distant cousin of one of the Transformers with evil red eyes and retractable long arms that probably shoot something. Oh, I don’t know…lasers?

Now, Baddie 2 looks like it’s, in all honesty…a giant Weetabix. Yes, I know that doesn’t sound particularly scary but it also has evil red eyes and it’s got an incredibly sharp and menacing set of teeth.

Maybe it’s a serial killer.

Baddie 3 looks like a cross between a green King Kong towering over a Skyscraper and that Marshmallow-shaped ghost out of Ghostbusters. Here’s a reminder of what he looked like. ‘Green Marshmallow Guy’ is the highest paying symbol out of the three.

Trying to stop these three running havoc in the (unspecified) city are the SuperWilds.

the SuperHeroes

First up, the Doubler and The Tripler are Multiplying Men dressed in some very tight-fitting lycra. Very tight. Even though they look quite alike, you shouldn’t be in any doubt about which is which.  They hold up the relevant number of fingers so either two…or three.

Then you’ve got the Spin Twins. He is dressed in blue lycra with a Mohican haircut, she is dressed in pink with a hairstyle that can only be described as a …reverse seashell. Now, I honestly don’t know why I thought of this but for some reason, they kind of remind us of that episode of ‘Friends’ where Ross and Monica do ‘the routine’. You know the one.

Finally, you’ve got the Expando Man. Now, I’m not the judgemental type. But when you look like you’ve eaten all the food within a McDonald’s restaurant rather than just a couple of burgers, you really shouldn’t be wearing spandex as tight as the Expando Man.

But he’s by far our favourite symbol.

Lastly, there’s also the SuperWilds symbol, which is the game’s logo.

There are also a few playing cards as seems to be the norm with most online slots these days but as the slot’s name suggests, this game really is all about the Wilds.

Expando Man free spins feature an absolute classic

I’m going through a time when slots are filled with endless different features, of which Charms and Witches and Red Riding Hood are good examples.

But Genesis Gaming have gone the other way with this one. The only feature in the game are the free spins but there’s a lot more to them than what first meets the eye.

I’ve already said that there are five different types of Wilds in this slot, including the SuperWilds logo one. Any three of those appearing on the reels means the free spins bonus is activated. And you automatically get 10 of them. Actually, sometimes you get 15. This is how…

  • Multiplier Man The Tripler – All wins in the feature are boosted by a 3x multiplier and trebled.
  • Multiplier Man The Doubler – All wins are doubled on each free spin.
  • Expando-Man – Whenever the Expando Man wild hits during the feature, it will turn into a stacked wild and fill the whole reel.
  • The Spin Twins – 5 extra free spins are awarded when you these Wilds so you get 15 rather than 10.

Of course, sometimes you get a combination of the different Wilds. As an example, if you triggered the feature with 1 Standard Wild and 2 Multiplier Man Tripler Wilds you’d get all wins paid out with an incredible 9x multiplier.

It’s worth mentioning that watching the Expando Man, errr…expanding…is absolutely brilliant. His ‘’waistline’’ is so wide that he actually goes beyond the reels. So you don’t just get some wins as tasty as whatever he’s just been eating, you also get some comic genius thrown into it at all.

Full marks for originality

First up, this slot gets bonus points for the original element of having several types of Wilds. There are so many different slots around these days that it’s not easy to create something unique that no other slot has.

Some players will find it a little dull that the only feature here is the free spins but then again, you can’t make a slot that fits everyone needs.

I’ve said it already but the Expando Man free spins really make this game. Winning lots of coins is great of course but playing slots is also about entertainment and that’s certainly provided by Expando Man and the sight of him stretching beyond the reels.

For more reviews of original and fun-filled slots (they don’t all have symbols as hilarious as Expando Man, sadly) go to the Free Slots page to find out what else is new in our Free Casino this month. Or check out the best rated Indian casinos below!


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