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on 20th August 2019
Written by Chief Editor, Christopher and Editorial team.
Published: 04/10/2016

A must-play slot for any Superman fan

Superheroes are a common theme when playing casino slots. In fact, just recently I reviewed the wonderful Justice League slot as part of free slots offering here at G2G.

You’ll remember that Superman was one of the founding members of the Justice League and features prominently in that video slot.

But if you’re that much of a Superman fan that you don’t want to see him sharing the limelight with any other superheroes, then this is definitely the game for you.

With a real comic book feel about it and plenty of features to keep you interested, this one is worth trying out.

NextGen love their DC Comics slots

I’ve mentioned Justice League already and it’s worth pointing out that NextGen has also released other slots based on individual superheroes, including Batman and The Flash.

Other cool games of theirs include 300 Shields, Foxin Wins and Glorious Empire.

But they’ve now had plenty of practice at creating video slots featuring DC Comics superheroes so I’m was not surprised to realise this is probably what they do best.

Play it on desktop or carry Superman himself around with you in your pocket by playing it on mobile.

All the usual Superman stuff is in the game

Even if you’re not an avid reader of the Superman comics or watcher of his films, you should still recognise the relevance of some of the symbols in the game.

There’s the Daily Planet where he works as his alter-ego Clark Kent. There are Clark Kent’s glasses, the Kryptonite that reduces him to a mere mortal and his famous clenched fist.

The one that’s so vital as he flies through the air on his way to being a hero again.

No Superman slot would be complete without the presence of his love interest Lois Lane. And if there’s love, there’s also hate.

Step forward his arch-enemy Lex Luthor. Who by the way is the highest paying symbol, rewarding you with 50x your stake if you get five of him on a payline.

More on him later.

Superman himself is the Wild, looking rather serious and cheesed off. And the iconic ‘S’ for Superman symbol, is the Scatter/Bonus symbol.

It’s a clean-looking 5×4 set of reels with comic-book looking symbols but I’d be lying if I said the graphics and audio effects were in the same league as…Justice League.

Save the World feature brings super rewards

We said the graphics were nothing to write home about.

Which if you’re Superman, is the planet Krypton.

But the features are pretty good. Here’s what you can look forward to.

Superman Wild symbol

If you’re a regular slots player, I probably don’t need to tell you what it does. Yes, it substitutes all symbols other than the Scatter and Bonus. If it helps make up a winning line, it will double your regular win based on those symbols in the base game.

Free games

NextGen missed out on a great opportunity to refer to them as ‘Super Spins’ but there you go. Anyway, you get free games (as they insist on calling them) if the Superman Wild appears on all three middle reels. You’ll get 10 free games with an extended Superman Wild appearing on any reel for each spin. All wins that include Superman payout at 5x the normal value.

All of which means you’re bound to walk away with a very decent win should you get this feature.

Which just about makes up for the (non) Super Spins faux-pas. Sorry but I just can’t let it go.

Save the World feature

For most of us saving an abandoned cat by finding it a warm home with daily meals and fresh water is an achievement in itself.

But when you’re Superman the stakes and expectations are a bit higher.

Saving the World on an almost daily basis is part of your job description. You accepted it when you signed up for the role.

So it’s fitting that there’s a Save the World feature in this game.

3 or more Superman bonus symbols will trigger the feature. If you’re lucky enough to get five, you’ll get 100 times your stake as a cash bonus in the time it takes you to say ‘Metropolis.’

When the feature is activated, Superman makes his way through a meteor shower and destroys missiles to give you cash prizes.

As you do.

You thought that was it?

But that’s not where the feature ends. Eventually, he reaches Earth and it’s up to you to choose from one of three lead-lined doors. They contain:

  • Kryptonite – Yeah, that’s the one you don’t want to find. The bright green metal is as harmful to you as it is to Superman himself and the feature ends.
  • Hostages – Release a room full of them and you’ll be rewarded with a cash prize.
  • Lex Luthor – Presumably this is where you end Lex Luthor’s reign of terror in Metropolis because you get rewarded with 100 times your stake if you find him.
Important: I need to say that you can only get this feature if you activate the Bonus Bet mode. You do so by clicking the ‘Bonus Bet Activated’ button to the right of the ‘Spin’ button and it will cost you an extra 20% of your stake.

But it could well be worth it.

A semi-Super slot but one the fans will relish

I’ve already said that all in all this slot isn’t quite up there with fellow DC Comic-themed slot Justice league. But that doesn’t make it a bad slot by any stretch of the imagination.

And if you want to enjoy the adventures Superman gets up to solo, at G2G you get your chance.

You’ll need a little patience with it because activating those all-important free games doesn’t happen quite as frequently as it does in some other online slots we’ve played recently. And playing the Bonus Bet is no guarantee that you’ll get to experience the Save the Planet feature straight away.

But both those features reward you handsomely once you get there and if you’re a Superman fan, you’ll certainly want to give it a go.

I bet Superman wouldn’t play with bonus money, do you? Exactly what I thought, head over and check out the best online casinos in India to find a casino that a safe and trusted casino.