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on 26th February 2020
Written by Chief Editor, Christopher and Editorial team.
Published: 27/02/2019

Sit down on the front row and let the magic begin

Rabbit in the Hat is a highly entertaining slot with cool magic-show themed graphics, a suave Magician as your host for the night and of course, the Rabbit. With a truly unique Magic Hat feature, there’s never a boring moment here.

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No tricks or illusions, just a wonderfully entertaining and fun slot

Finding the Rabbit in the Hat slot wasn’t so easy. I Enter the LeoVegas Casino slots section, turn right past the branded slots such as Guns N’ Roses and turn left when you get to NetEnt’s Fairytale Legends range of games like Hansel and Gretel. Then go up the street past the Jackpot slots and take first left again when you get to the slots that really don’t come under any category at all.

If there’s one person who just isn’t good with directions at all, it’s G2G team-member Gurdeep. He once got lost in Starbucks and has to use a GPS to find his way around the same Mall that he’s been going to all his life. When he goes on holiday, his girlfriend insists he has a little piece of paper with his name, her phone number and the address of the Hotel they’re staying in tucked into his pocket, in case he gets lost.

Yet remarkably, he can tell you where any country in the world is on a map to an incredibly high level of accuracy. Yeah, even Saints Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean.

But if there’s one thing Gurdeep knows, it’s slots. And the Rabbit in the Hat mobile slot is one of his favourites, describing it as ‘a fun-filled concoction of humour and magic with a truly unique bonus feature not to be found anywhere else.’

Shall we find out why he likes it so much?

Who made the Rabbit in the Hat slot?

Given it was released in early 2015, Rabbit in the Hat can be described as ‘young adult’ in the context of average casino game ages. Not a too-cool-for-school, moody teenager like Wild Toro who has been around for a year or so. Nor an ancient relic of a slot like Gonzo’s Quest, which is so old that if it were a person it would watch the Antiques Road Show, play indoor bowls and get a free bus pass as a pensioner’s benefit.

But it would be entitled to feel a little neglected after being a loyal servant in our online casino for two years without getting its own review.

The question of who made the Rabbit in the Hat mobile slot doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Which is something our very own Manish, also a XXX Blog contributor can relate to. Nothing with him is ever straightforward.

‘Do you prefer meat or fish?’ I like Surf n’Turf.

‘Do you prefer blond or brown-haired girls?’ I like it when their hair is turning grey.

‘Do you prefer wearing trousers or shorts?’ I like ¾ length shorts, which are neither.

‘Do you prefer films or music?’ I like musical films, which have elements of both.

Quickspin or Microgaming?

You see, when you start playing Rabbit in the Hat it’s the Quickspin logo that pops up but with the added line ‘Powered by Microgaming.’

It seems to be the case that the creativity and design behind it was indeed by Microgaming, makers of the excellent Lost Vegas and the new release Tarzan.

And it appears that Microgaming somehow provided the software for you to play it on as they’re currently in a partnership with Quickspin. And as the bigger operator of the two, can somehow claim it’s their game.

But let’s not worry about that too much.

No Jackpots on offer but as hinted already, a really unique bonus feature to look forward to. I’ll come to it in a minute. Before Manish can say

‘I don’t necessarily prefer Asia or Europe. I actually prefer Istanbul, which is partly in one…partly in the other.’

Smoke, mirrors and a very suave Magician…

A few slots that have come my way over the past year or so have had elements of magic in them. Frog Grog and Charms and Witches certainly did but this one is a little different in that it’s about a magic show in its own right.

If you’ve ever witnessed a magic show done properly (and we don’t mean your seven year-old nephew making the most of his magic box birthday present), you’ll recognize all the elements. To the right of the reels is your host for the night, a super slender magician with an awesome curly moustache and wand, dressed in an immaculately pressed Tuxedo. The guy oozes style and sophistication. And he can do magic. So not the sort of guy you’d introduce to your impressionable 21-year old sister.

The Symbols

The Magician is also, alongside the beautiful assistant, the highest value symbol. The Assistant is typically over-the-top in her attire, all low-cut top, big bouncy blonde hair and top hat. Yeah, she’s all showbiz, all right.

Other symbols include an escape chamber, a target board with daggers on it and a magical safe box. Then, of course, there’s the rabbit himself. You would have thought he’d either be the highest value symbol or the Wild, but actually, he’s neither. I suppose you could say he looks like a cross between Bugs Bunny, the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and Roger Rabbit. But then again, that’s just listing the three most famous rabbits.

I wonder what Manish would say about the best-known rabbits ever?

The Wild substitutes for all symbols and is represented by a top hat. Which is fair enough in a magic-themed slot. The symbols and other graphics get a very solid 8/10 here. They’re ‘cartooney’ which makes them fun but actually very well designed and it’s very easy to see what’s going on.

The audio

In terms of audio, it’s a little bit of an odd-ball. When you’re not actually spinning, the noise is that generic slot sound which you’d expect to hear on a Casino floor wherever you were in the world: coins falling, winning lines buzzing, people chatting. But as you spin, the music changes, including acute hopping sound as the rabbit’s hat moves.

Can I play on mobile?

You can play this slot on desktop or on mobile. Doing so with the latter will make for a good pick-up line. You’re sitting next to someone you think is cute and whisper quietly ‘Want to see some magic?’. When they say ‘yes’, you show them the slot and say ‘Well, this is the magician, this is his assistant, that’s the rabbit in the hat who activates the…’

All about the Magic Hats feature

Listen carefully because how to play Rabbit in the Hat is a different story to any other slot.

Magic Hats Feature

At pretty regular intervals, the Magician waves his wand and a Magic Hat will appear above the reels, starting on Reel 5.  You’ll be able to see the rabbit’s cute ears popping out of the hat and you’ll see one of four messages written on the hat. The Rabbit will move one position from right to left after each spin until it’s ‘Exit stage left’ after the spin when it was on Reel 1. You can several Magic Hats on the Reels at any given time.

The Wild symbol I mentioned earlier doesn’t just act as a symbol to help you secure winning paylines. It’s crucial here because if it lands on the same Reel as where the Magic Hat is positioned, you’ll activate one of these four features:

Wild Reels

Turns the whole Reel Wild, meaning that on the next spin you’ve got a great chance of securing a big win.

Cash Prize

The clue is in the name. An instant prize is coming your way.

Free Spins

You’ll start off with 10 free spins and with each spin the Magician will position a new Magic Hat on Reel 5, meaning that there will always be a Magic Hat on each of the five reels.

That in turn means that a Wild anywhere on the Reels guarantees you something. Two Wilds, two prizes and so on. You can also get further free spins if you keep getting the Wild on the same Reel as the one where the Magic Hat with ‘Free Spins’ written on it is sitting. Up to a total of 50 free spins.

Mystery bonus

Will reveal one of the three prizes listed above. No surprises that the free spins are the best and most valuable of the lot.

It’s a kind of Magic…and definitely worth playing

You will have noticed that I didn’t say the Magic Hats feature reminded us of a similar feature in another mobile slot. That’s because I’ve never seen a similar feature to that anywhere else. If you have, please post a comment at the bottom telling us in which slot you’ve seen it before.

And for that reason alone, it was worth picking out Rabbit in the Hat from amongst our older Casinos games to review it. Even if the directions in order to find it got Gurdeep hot under the collar. It’s not easy doing something totally unique in the slot-making world but Quickspin/Microgaming have achieved that here.

Not that this slot is a one-trick pony. The rabbit is as cute as those ‘Lol Cats’ YouTube videos, the Magician is a class act and those free spins, with the potential to get as many as 50 of them, can be highly rewarding. All of which makes it a more volatile slot than it first seems because regular base game wins aren’t that big but a good run on the free spins can really fill your coffers.

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