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on 26th February 2020
Written by Chief Editor, Christopher and Editorial team.
Published: 26/08/2017

Glorious Empire slot – a voyage into the past

Forget 3D-stuff and endless bonus features full of flashy lights. There are plenty of other games that do just that. This is old-school slot playing that’s just about chilling out and having fun and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. After all, that’s exactly what we all want when playing online casinos!

Where to play Glorious Empire slot for real


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As Roman as gladiators, spears and chariots

A few weeks ago I was treated to an Ancient Greece-themed video slot with Hercules. And this time it’s an Ancient Roman-themed slot going by the name of Glorious Empire.

There may be a certain degree of extravaganza in the video slot’s name, the symbols and the whole look and feel of it, but the game itself is pure simplicity.

It’s unlikely to the next Starburst or Hall of Gods but it strikes us as one of those games that could attract a few loyal fans quite quickly.

A video slot that’s not typical NextGen stuff

When I review games from NextGen, they’re normally superhero slots such as Superman, Green Lantern or Justice League.

That’s not to say that NextGen is a one-trick pony, far from it. But in all honesty, this slot is very unlike what I’ve seen from them on previous occasions.

But more on that later.

They’re an experienced company who have been in business since 1999. They provide numerous different Gaming products and services. They may have made the game ‘The Flash’ but they’re not really flashy at all!

Instead, the focus is on providing good experiences on video slots for players and they normally get it right. They certainly succeed in making slots that are just as good on mobile as they are on desktop.

A slot you’d expect to find in a land-based casino

If you ever played land-based casino slots before about 2008, you would surely have come across plenty of slots very similar to the Glorious Empire video slot.

Slots involving Ancient Egypt, Greece or the Roman Empire seem to be pretty popular in land Casinos. These days some slots can have as many as five or six different bonus rounds in them but back then it was pretty rare to have more than one. But I’ll come to that in a bit.

It’s a 5×4 reel slot within a rectangular-shaped box and surrounding the reels are some statues and rooftops of house…presumably in Rome.

Somewhat unusually, the Scatter symbol is the highest-paying symbol because if you get five of them, you’ll get paid out 4000x your stake. The chances of that are about as likely as going on a date with Taylor Swift. Unlikely but hey…you never know.

There’s quite a big drop to the next highest paying symbol, which is the Wild Golden Lion Shield. Get five of those and you’ll get 250x your stake. Chances of that? About the same as those of going on a date with an afternoon soap opera star. Decent enough but you may have to have a little patience before it happens.

Other symbols include the golden-haired princess, the Roman soldier, the winged horse, a soldier’s helmet and the chariot. There are also low-value symbols in the form of playing cards.

Did they have playing cards at the time of the Roman Empire? Not sure. I’ll have to look that one up.

The Golden Lion shield – the Wild – substitutes for all symbols except for the scatter.

As is so often the case.

Free spins feature has priceless sticky wilds

Time for my favourite part of Slot reviews. The Features. Let’s walk through them together.


They may (or may not) have had playing cards in Roman Times (our Research Team is still meant to get back to us) but they definitely also feature in the Gamble feature.

You can choose to Gamble on any win by clicking on the little Gamble box that appears whenever you get a win. It will emerge just above the spin button.

Pick red or black to double your win or try to predict which suit will come up to quadruple your win. You can keep going for as long as you like but contrary to what Gordon Gekko said in Wall Street, greed isn’t always good. So sometimes it’s best to just quit while you’re ahead.

Free Spins

Three or more Scatters activate the Glorious Empire free spins. The Scatter symbol is the one that looks like a beautiful Ancient Roman building with lovely pillars of stone.

For a little bit of extra drama, once two of the Scatter symbols have been secured, all the reels go dark except for the one (or ones) that could still get you that all-important third Scatter symbol.

During the free spins the Wild is sticky, meaning that whenever that friendly Golden Lion appears, it will stay there for the remainder of the free spins. Get yourself three or four of those early on in the round and you could secure yourself a really big win. Maybe enough to go on a Roman Holiday. Ha.

Burger and chips person? You’ll like it then…

What kind of person are you? The sort who likes to go to a restaurant and try loads of different things at the buffet? The kind who wants to try out new and exotic cuisines? Or someone who is more than happy with burger and chips knowing exactly what you’re going to get? If it’s the last of the three, you’ll like this slot.

It’s unfussy, uncomplicated, easy to play and you’ll very rarely go more than two or three spins without securing yourself a win of some description.

That said, it’s a little hard to make a case for playing this particular slot instead of some of the others I review that you can find at our free slot casino section. It doesn’t really have the imagination of something like Wild Toro or the fun element to it that a game like Pig Wizard has. And maybe I was just a little unlucky but I didn’t get the free spins often enough to secure some big wins.

Give it a go if you have a craving for a game with a land-based feel to it or feel like relaxing by playing something really simple. To help you out I’ve listed the best Indian casinos that feature Glorious Empire below.


Get Up To ₹1,00,000 in Welcome Package

  • Fast deposits & withdrawals
  • Engaging welcome package
  • Great array of casino games to choose from