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on 20th August 2019
Written by Chief Editor, Christopher and Editorial team.
Published: 26/01/2017

Take these scary Dragons for a spin today!

I’ve seen dragon-themed slots before but none of them features dragons quite as menacing and evil-looking as the black one here.

I’ve listed the top rated online casinos in India who offers Dragons below!

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This is one Dragon’s Den worth entering

When I received the slot release schedule for February in my inbox (it’s always e-mailed at exactly 11.17am on the last Friday of the month, no-one knows why) I couldn’t help but notice that the Dragon Spin slot was inevitable…about Dragons.

It’s funny how there are certain themes or words that appear time and time again. Enter the word ‘Dragon’ into the Casino search box and there are already 10 mobile slots that contain the word; with Dragon Spin that’s 11. Other examples are Jokers (also 10 entries), Stars (also 10) and Gold (yeah, 10 too).

So that got me thinking; why not make a slot that’s just totally unique in the subject matter? With a theme so run-of-the-mill and mundane that therein lies its brilliance, it’s genius. So I gathered around and thought of the most boring, uneventful, predictable and utterly sleep-inducing theme ever and decided that it would be a slot about…an accountant. So I knocked on the Manish’ door.

‘Manish, I want to make a slot about an accountant. His work, his spreadsheets, his budgets, his financial reports, his analysis. His life as a man planning how to spend money and later analyzing how well that money was spent.’

‘Sorry, brother. Can you talk me through that again, please? I’m afraid I dozed off for a second.’

Dragon Spin slot made by those safe hands at SGI

This latest release comes to us courtesy of SGI. Their mobile slots have been reviewed here at G2G before. You can find them in our for fun slot casino section! There is Lucky Tree and Jewel in the Crown and far more significantly Kooza: Cirque du Soleil, arguably the best new slot I played over the whole of last year from a visual/design perspective.

For the sake of completeness, I can add that it’s also not the first slot I’ve tried out at G2G that was specifically about Dragons because we also had a good look at…Dragonz. Boy, those little baby dragons were cute.

A dragon that looks like a burnt Donald Trump

This is a 5×3 slot that unsurprisingly features plenty of dragons on it. There’s a green one, a blue one, a purple one and a black one and somewhat unusually, they’re also worth exactly the same in terms of when you win on them. It’s a close call but the black one is arguably the ugliest. Imagine if Donald Trump fell asleep in the sunbed because he was on the phone to his accountant and came out all singed and scarred. Can you picture it? Ok, that’s kinda what the black dragon looks like.

Next up, enter the playing card symbols which as is so often the case, are the low-paying symbols.

There’s also a Wild Symbol on the Dragon Spin slot and it will occupy the whole of the reel when it appears so that increases your chances of securing regular wins.

But the symbol you really want to be seeing is the Emerald. That’s the Scatter and three of those lead to Free Spins. I’ll get to those in the time it takes to list the qualities Trump possesses to be US President (about 10 seconds).

As ever with G2G, it’s all about the mobile experience when reviewing a new slot game. Not only can you do all the things on mobile that you’d do on Desktop (like kissing the screen when you secure a big win) but playing Dragon Spin on mobile is actually probably easier and simpler than doing so on a laptop. Whether it’s using your lucky finger to press the button on an important spin or a quick swipe to adjust your bet size, we’ve made it all as user-friendly as possible.

Reel Blast Free Spins feature is the real deal

So here’s the part where I talk about how to play Dragon Spin and more precisely, what the different features do.

There’s been a recent trend to have several types of Free Spins in any given casino game and a good example of just how varied and exciting they can be was Warlords: Crystals of Power, which by the way isn’t too far behind Cirque du Soleil in terms of visual brilliance and sophistication.

As mentioned already, three Emerald symbols and it’s free spins time. And that means you can get one of the three listed below. Which of the three you get is determined by the spin of a wheel just before the bonus round starts.

Persisting Wilds Free Spins

The clue is in the name. You get 5 free spins and if you secure a Wild, it will persist on the reels for the remainder of the free spins in a Sticky position. That can happen with between 1 and 7 Wild symbols.

Raining Wilds Free Spins

One of the low-points of the 1980s was the song ‘It’s Raining Men’ by the aptly-named Weather Girls (talk about having a strange obsession) but one of the high points of this slot is the Raining Wilds. A Dragon makes it rain and rather than raindrops, it rains Wilds.  You’ll have 5 free spins in this round.

Reel Blast Free Spins

You’ll be having a blast if you get this one, by far the best of the three. There are three sets of reels in play and 90 available paylines.

The Reel Blast middle reel covers Reels 2,3 and 4 and whatever lands on the Reel Blast Reel will be what occupies that position on the other three sets of reels. This means three stacks of the same symbol on each reel set providing some big win opportunities. Because it goes without saying that if you land a nice valuable symbol on the middle reel, you could really be cashing in on the other reels, too.

It’s all a little hard to picture but once you get it for the first time, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

Dragon Spin slot worth playing if only because…

Let’s make no mistake about it. This is one of those low-volatility mobile slots where you can secure plenty of small and consistent wins time and time again in the base game because there are so many Wilds in play. Which on the plus side means you can play it for hours without really seeing your balance change that much one way or another. But on the downside, you’re very rarely going to secure anything big in the normal game.

But of course, that’s what the free spins are there to do. The Reel Blast free spins are the ones with the most potential but don’t dismiss the other two because I got some pretty good wins on those, too.

All in all, it probably rates as a middle-of-the-road sort of slot on most counts. But worth playing for the Donald Trump-look-a-like-black-dragon-slot alone.


Get up to ₹80,000 in Welcome Bonus

  • Accepts INR
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Many promotions
  • Casino & Sports app for iOS/Android