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on 26th February 2020
Written by Chief Editor, Christopher and Editorial team.
Published: 20/05/2017

Multi-coloured cats the stars of this NetEnt slot

A new slot by NetEnt is always something to look forward to and Copy Cats looks a cracker. From the cat-themed graphics to the eponymous feature round where cats on Reel 1 are mirrored elsewhere, this one could really win our hearts and become a great addition to all online casinos games portfolio!

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Inside info Exclusively at G2G: I happen to overhear a conversation when I was in Malta, it turns out it’s not any of the teams at NetEnt who has made the slot design. It’s actually Push Gaming who did the design of Copy Cats. A little bit like a consultancy for NetEnt.

NetEnt spill the beans on new Copy Cats video slot

Just over a month ago I told you that NetEnt was releasing a new slot, available on both mobile and desktop, called Copy Cats. I told you that it would be available in G2G free Slot Casino at the earliest. Those were the facts.

What followed was me trying to figure out what the game was all about, what it looked like and what features it may contain. That included speculation, logic, use of powers of deduction like the famous Byomkesh Bakshi, wild guesses and sensible reasoning based on what we know of NetEnt and the state of the slot industry.

The good news is that this morning I received a package in the post from NetEnt. How did I know it was from NetEnt? On the package, it said ‘Sender: NetEnt.’ – How else?

In the package was all the necessary info about Copy Cats and now is the time to see how I did in terms of my guesswork. Were we on target like Abhinav Bindra when he won the Gold Medal for us at the Olympics? Or wide of the mark like those handsomely paid political experts who predicted that Donald Trump would never come to power? Let’s find out.

Feline fun everywhere on the reels

An early bonus point for guessing in my previous article that the Copy Cats slot was a 5×3 reel slot but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Predicting that is about the equivalent of guessing that a Punjabi restaurant that serves chicken tandoori.

NetEnt or should I say Push Gaming, have really gone with the cat theme here in terms of symbols with four different coloured paw prints, a fish bone, milk, a wind-up toy mouse, and three different coloured cats. Red, pink and blue.

Fun fact: ‘tortoise shell’ cats whose fur has three different colours and whose name derives from their similarity to tortoiseshell material, are almost always female. They’re also perceived to be lucky in countries such as Scotland, Ireland and the US, where they’re sometimes called ‘money cats.’

Sadly, I couldn’t find any quirky trivia about red, pink or blue cats.

There’s also a Golden-coloured cat which is the Wild and a little silver cat bell, which is the bonus symbol. The Golden Cat is wrapped up in a purple ball of string, the red cat is a Fat Cat (in the sense that it looks like it lives on a diet of samosa and kachori rather than being an overpaid investment banker), the pink cat is cute and docile and the blue cat looks angry and irritable. A bit like you’d imagine Madonna would look if she was told her pilates class had been cancelled and that they’d run out of seaweed and Quinoa smoothies.

The feline fun is played out to the tune of some cool-sounding Jazz. I guess Cat Stevens and the Pussycat Dolls were busy.

First-of-its-kind feature to look forward to

They say a company is only as good as its staff, a film is only as good as its Director and a casino slot is only as good as its feature rounds. So let’s find out what the Copy Cats features are.

Copy Cat feature

‘Buy that man a big stiff drink!’ said Manish. I tell him that Gurdeep doesn’t really drink alcohol.

‘Buy that man a big glass of Coke!‘  I tell him that Gurdeep is trying to cut down on sugar.

‘Buy that man a big glass of Coke Zero!’ me and Manish nod.

Why is Gurdeep about to be so generously rewarded? Well, here’s what he had to say last month about what features the game may have.

‘Maybe if you get a particular symbol on Reel 1 during free spins, the reel combination will be copied onto Reels 3 and 5 to give you the same wins there.’

To be fair, he was only partly right. There is a Copy Cat feature and it is activated after you get a particular symbol on Reel 1. But it happens in the normal base game – not during free spins -and actually applies to symbols anywhere else on the reels.

What happens is that if you get a particular cat symbol stacked on Reel 1, it triggers the Copy Cats feature, turning any other Cats symbols on the reels into the Cat symbol that triggered the feature. So if you stacked Reel 1 with the blue cat and there were four other cat symbols on the reels, those four would all turn blue. If you activated it with the Wild/Golden Cat, all other cat symbols will turn Wild.

This is normally the part where I say that this feature is similar/inspired/copied/identical to another feature in a different slot. But the truth is this business of all cats anywhere on the reels turning into the same symbol that triggered it is, to the best of my knowledge, unique.

In other words, you really will have to try it out to see what it’s like.

Free Spins

‘Take back the big glass of Coke Zero from Gurdeep’ said Manish. We tell him Gurdeep has already drunk it. He closes his office door dramatically and isn’t seen for the rest of the day.

Manish’ disappointment comes from the fact Gurdeep predicted multiple types of free spins because that’s the way NetEnt had gone in recent times with the likes of Warlords and Scruffy Duck.

But in fact, NetEnt have come up with just the one pretty standard free spins round here. Well, sort of standard. It is in the sense that the 10 free spins are activated by three Bonus symbols (appearing on Reels 1,3 and 5) and can be re-triggered by getting additional bonus symbol during the free spins meaning you can get up to 20. But they’re not standard in that all cat symbols on Reel 1 will be Wild, meaning that you will by default trigger the Copy Cats feature as all other symbols will be turned into bigger wins.

Unique, funny and daring

From what I’ve seen of NetEnt over the past year or so, their new slots are divided into three distinct types. Their Fairytales series, of which Red Riding Hood was the first slot and the soon-to-be-released Hansel and Gretel will be the second; the big-budget blockbusters like Warlords and finally, a series of animal-themed games released in the first half of 2017 including Butterfly Staxx, Jungle Spirit and Scruffy Duck.

It’s pretty obvious that Copy Cats here belongs to the third category and from what I’ve seen of all four so far, it seems to be the one with the strongest humour element to it. From the theme itself to the different types of cat to the fish bones that remain from a nutritious fish dinner like the ones you get in places like Calcutta and Mumbai. Yum!

But what will surely make or break this game will be the Copy Cats feature itself. More bonus points for the way NetEnt have created something totally fresh which has never been done before with this feature and the early signs are that it’s one that we’ll love getting our claws into. Once those other cats on the reels start turning into the original one, we’ll be like the cat that got the cream.

It’s likely to be a slot that reminds us that creativity, a cool theme and just the one original bonus round can trump all the graphics and endless features if done properly.

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