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on 17th September 2019
Written by Chief Editor, Christopher and Editorial team.
Published: 13/04/2017

There’s a treasure with your name on it

A slot that’s as pirate-themed as Treasure Island, with every pirate reference you’d expect. An easy-to-play game that’s a throwback to old-school slots but one where tripled prizes on free slots make it as serious as walking the plank.

Where to play Buccaneer’s Bay for real

Look for loot in the Buccaneer’s Bay slot

After a few more high-profile slots were sent to me for review here at G2G, I had to knock at the Manish’ door.

‘’Manish, Some of the G2G games are the weird and off-the-beaten-track ones that only real slots lovers will ever get to hear about. I want low-profile and obscure stuff’’

‘’Oh yeah? In that case, I got the perfect next review for you – Buccaneer’s Bay.’’

It didn’t take me long to realise that yes, the Buccaneer’s Bay video slot really is pure and unfiltered my type of slot-material. So here’s what I made of it.

A video slot by one of my favourite providers

My ears instantly picked up when I realised that Buccaneer’s Bay was made by Side City Studios. That’s because the last time I reviewed a slot made by the Montreal-based slot provider, I fell in love with it.

Like a man falls in love with a kebab and a can of coke at five in the morning after a night on the town.

On that occasion, it was the brilliant Charms and Witches slot that conquered my hearts with superb, scary graphics and all manner of original features.

Is this one in the same category? You’ll have to read on to find out but what I can tell you is that it’s available for play on both desktop and mobile.

As pirate-themed as the Jolly Roger

If you look at the background just behind the reels, you’ll see the beautiful turquoise Caribbean Ocean and a heavenly beach with fine, white sand. There are some palm trees, of course, some trees and a beautiful pirate boat sailing around.

You don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to work out this is Buccaneer’s Bay itself.

Now close your eyes and imagine you’re sleeping on a hammock on the warm sand and think of everything you’d associate with the word ‘pirate.’

Charismatic yet deadly Pirate captain, resourceful and loyal first mate, sexy pirate lass in a corset, skull and daggers, pirate ship steering wheel, telescope, miscellaneous navigating instruments, a map with an X on it, a stunning pirate ship. Check, check, check.

By the way, anyone got the phone number for Johnny Depp’s lawyer? Yeah, because that pirate captain looks a lot like a certain character he played in a certain pirate film.

Ok, I’ll let it go.

There’s also the Wild symbol that’s made up by a load of cogs and the Scatter. The Scatter symbol is a chest full of gold, shiny jewels and pearls. Why? Because getting Scatters is your path to riches, of course.

There isn’t much that catches the ear in terms of sound effects. But what’s cool is that when you’ve secured two Scatters from the first few reels, the remaining reels become highlighted to raise the suspense of whether you’re going to get a third Scatter.

Free Spins Bonus gives you unheard of triple wins

In nights out with my previous Boss that involved all manner of games of pool, cards and quiz games his mantra was: ‘’A simple game is a good game.’’

With that in mind, I suspect he would very much have liked playing Buccaneer’s Bay. These are its features.


It does what Wilds do on most other slots and by that, I mean that it substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter. It’s worth noting that the Wild appears a lot more frequently here than it does in other slots meaning you get plenty of wins, even though some of them are quite small.

Free Spins Bonus

One morning I called Side City to ask them what exactly Buccaneer’s Bay was all about. Their first response was:

‘’Did you know it’s 4am over here in Canada? Don’t you guys sleep?’’

The second response was:

‘’Ok, well Buccaneer’s Bay is where the pirate ship has dropped anchor. The crew know that there’s buried treasure somewhere in the bay so they have to use the map to work out where it is. Once they’ve done that, they can dig it up and being the pirates they are, they can then fall out with each other and kill each other instead of sharing it equally.’’

‘’I see. But how do they work out where it is?’’

‘’Free spins, buddy. Free spins.’’

So now you know. Two scatter symbols give you an instant cash prize. But if you get three, four or five Scatters, you’ll get 10, 15 or 20 free spins respectively.

Nothing special then.

Or so you’d think.

Very uniquely, any wins secured during the free spins are not doubled but tripled. So that’s a real chance to leave Buccaneer’s Bay with plenty of cash. To buy some stuff. You know, the usual stuff.

Like some new planks after you’ve made several of your crew walk them. Or some top-notch poison for the one who wanted a bigger share of the loot.

A great slot if you’re just finding your feet

This isn’t the first pirate-themed game out there and it won’t be the last. Just as an example, Ghost Pirates is another good one with slightly better graphics and more happening in it than what you get here. And even though it’s not a pirate theme, I think that Vikings Go Berzerk is a game to be included as a slot you may fancy as well!

But maybe that’s missing the point. This is a very simple and easy-to-play slot that will appeal to players who like things simple. The kind of player who walks into a pizza place and orders a Margherita and doesn’t even want to know about what other toppings are on offer.

The Buccaneer’s Bay casino slot is also perfect for the beginner slots players just finding their feet with these sorts of games. Who doesn’t want to have to make big decisions or get overwhelmed with loads of features? Who just wants to play and enjoy themselves.

In many ways, this slot reminds us of the infamous Dead or Alive by NetEnt with its simple set-up but the potential for some eye-watering wins if those free spins go your way. That said, Dead or Alive is even more volatile than Buccaneer’s Bay because the frequent appearance of the Wild symbol here means the intervals between winning spins are much shorter.

I’ve said it already but Charms and Witches is a great slot as an alternative to this one if you like the quirkiness and imagination that made Side City Studios such a good slots provider. To read my review of that game and lots of others, visit our free slots to play section.

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