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on 22nd February 2020
Written by Chief Editor, Christopher and Editorial team.
Published: 15/07/2019

Its Superhero time with Arcane Reel Chaos!

NetEnt is known for its amazingly beautiful and exciting slot games. Arcane Reel Chaos slots are no exception. If you are a fan of the superhero movies, of magic and power of good vs evil then this is a game which you must hit at least once. You can enjoy Archane Reel chaos NetEnt pay for free and turn the experience into a rewarding experience by play for real money option.

In this review, we will provide you with an in-depth look and feel of the game and what to expect when you play it. Once you are ready to try it out for real money I’ve compiled a list for you of the best Indian online casinos!

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Features: Bonus & Free Spins

Arcane Reel Chaos Slots has Four features in all apart from the usual Free Spins.

  1. Psyop’s stacked Wild Feature: Randomly activated feature in. The main game with the appearance of Psyop
  2. Flare’s Multiplier feature: Randomly activated in the main game. If there is a win on a bet line this feature helps to increase the win by a multiplier.
  3. Chronos Re-Spin Feature: Randomly activated feature on the main game in case of the no-win condition.
  4. Zero X’s Overlay Wilds feature: Randomly activated in the main game in both the conditions of a line win or no-win.

Free Spins Feature

The appearance of 3 scatter symbols on the 1st, 3rd and the 5th Reel during the main game activates the Free Spin feature. The main concept of the Free spin is that the villain of the game Deep pockets tries his evil and our heroes fight through up to 4 different stages. If the hero is able to pass the final stage an extra bonus win is awarded.

So how is the number of free spins determined?

Well, its kind of animated here in the sense that the heroes and Deep Pockets have one health meter each which depletes by one with each spin. They start each with 6 health points. If there is a win in the spin the enemy’s health bar decreases by one and if there is no win then the hero’s health bar decreases by one. If Deep pocket’s health bar depletes then the next stage begins, and this continues till 4 stages.

The Free spins end when the health meter of either the heroes or deep pockets go to zero.

The first stage begins with a win multiplier of x1. Now what happens is that with each progress to the next stage the hero’s health meter is incremented by 1 and the multiplier too is increased by 1. But mind it that the maximum health points can only be 6.

So for example, if in stage one the heroes health point dipped to 5 and you were able to deplete deep pockets and progressed to stage 2 you would have the heroes health points back to 6 and the multiplier would be x2. Now if you were able to defeat deep pockets here too without losing any hero health point and progressed to stage 3, the heroes health point would still remain 6 and the multiplier would be x3.

Deep pockets start with 2 health points for stage 1, 4 health points in stage 2, 5 health points in stage 3 and 6 health points in stage 4.

The multipliers are x1 in the first stage, x2 in the second stage, x3 in the third stage and x4 in the fourth stage.

After the 4th stage, the free spins end and if you still are able to progress ahead by defeating deep pockets a bonus additional win will be rewarded and the free spin feature would end.

Bonus game: PsyOp’s Stacked Wild Feature

PSYOP’s Feature is randomly activated in the main game. It’s like you are playing and suddenly the bevel turns yellowish and PSYOP’s and 3 stacked wild overlays cover an entire reel. So, if you have winning combinations on reels 1 and 2 and this feature appears on reel 3 you can have many winning combinations. This feature can only come on reel 2 or reel 3 at a time.

Bonus game: Flare’s Multiplier Feature

This is a randomly activated feature which appears during the base game. IT makes the entire reel seem enchanted as if the book of spells has been opened and a portal lights up in front of you which is rotating through different multipliers out of which one will be selected to gift you better rewards. This feature is randomly activated but only when a line win has occurred. The total win can be increased by 3 times, 4 times up to 5 times.

Bonus game: Chronos’s Respin Feature

This Feature is activated randomly in the main game on a spin which generates no win. However, this will not activate if a no-win occurrence is combined with a scatter win.

This basically initiates a respin on all the 5 reels until a line win occurs.

It is important to note that during these re-spins there is no possibility of getting the scatter symbols.

The best part is that with every respin that will keep on occurring till a line win is encountered there is also a win multiplier which starts from x2 and keeps incrementing by x1 for every repsin upto a maximum of x10.

Bonus game: ZERO.X’s Respin Feature

During this feature around 3 to 5 random wilds are created which overlay symbols on the existing reels. This is a random feature which can happen anytime during a main game.

These wilds can help create winning combinations on bet lines.

Video & Audio

Superbly mystical, magical and surreal. These are the adjectives which describe this game. This is a fight between a normal man corrupted by an evil power who becomes deep pockets. But like in all societies there comes superheroes who are there to save the day. They are in the form of our heroes in the game. This game is an html5 release and hence very easily playable on any device phone or tab, pc or laptop anywhere. The game takes you travelling through a magical world. You can sense the spirit surging within you as you hit the features one by one by our heroes in an attempt to keep deep pockets down.

The audio, however, could have been a bit more enthralling. You can hear city noises in the backdrop. It seems you are atop a broken cathedral waiting for the fight of your life as the famous 4 takes on the mighty deep pockets. The reel spin audio is more like a pack of cards out to rest after a shuffle.

After every win, the symbols which contribute to the winning pattern are stacked together adjacent to each other and displayed right above the button layout as each line win is shown in detail.

FLARE’s entry turns the bevel to an orangish hue and war colours describing the heat of Flare.

Zero.X comes in with a yellow dash whereas Chrono turns everything green with a green meter to count on the multipliers. Psyop’s turns the bevel to bluish.

The animations are stunning specially Flare’s wheel which looks totally diabolic.

This game is a must experience title.

Symbols and graphics

NetEnt has really invested in the graphical content of Archane Reel Chaos Slots. You can feel the detail and finesse in the game’s artwork and animations. This is no less than a cinematic experience. The layout has also been changed a bit. Let us talk about that in a bit more detail as to a player who has been playing NetEnt games might be at a loss figuring out where the hell did the ‘I’ button go off too.

Well at the bottom left corner of the screen where you would usually be expecting the ‘I’ button there instead of just that button, NetEnt has provided with a button which takes you to a window pane with four different options stacked vertically on the left-hand side.

They are the following:

  • The information ‘I’ section
  • The setting section from where you can access the options for:
    • Intro screen
    • Quick spin toggle
    • Spacebar to spin toggle
  • A ‘Document’ icon which basically the ‘?’ the section usually found in the other NetEnt games
  • A Game history section.

Knowing this will not let you venture into a lost realm and help you enjoy this fantastic game.

Regarding the symbols, there are a total of 12 symbols. 5 High Value, 5 low-value royal symbols and one wild and one scatter.

The high-value symbols are easily distinguishable as they portray the main characters of the game. The highest paying in descending order are as follows:


  1. Deep Pocket
  2. Flare
  3. Zero.X
  4. Chronos
  5. Psyops


  1. A
  2. K
  3. Q
  4. J
  5. 10

Apart from these, there is a Wild symbol which is self-explanatory as the prominent letter ‘W’ Is printed on it and the scatter symbol is a snake covering a talisman symbol.

The layout is a little different this time here. There isn’t any bet level selection option here. You have 4 meters in the button panel:

  • Coin Value
  • Bet
  • Win
  • Balance

You can click on any of the meters to toggle between EUR / COINS display.

So how do you change the coin value/bet level. Well for bet level I don’t see any option however the coin meter has an option to increase and decrease through which you can change your bet options. This little piece of advice will help you save the trouble which I myself went through whilst figuring out the usual bits and pieces compared to the usual button panel layout.

Overall it’s a new experience altogether and a better one at it.

If you liked Archane Reel Chaos play it with real money!

Archane Reel Chaos is a great game to play. Its theoretical RTP is said to be 96.81% and falls in the low to medium volatility slots. Volatility basically means how quickly you land up with a win. A game giving you quick wins, but small wins vs delayed but good wins a game somewhere in between.

You are playing on 20 betlines here and there isn’t any option to choose the number of betlines you want to play on.

The real fun and the most rewarding experience would be to play Archane Reel Chaos video slot for real money on one of our Indian online casinos. This is a game which is a must play with the stunning graphics and artwork at your disposal. It’s a treat to the senses.

Not to forget the great features it has which are really rewarding and makes you feel that you have had the best piece of the pie.

If you don’t believe me try it for yourself for free and then hit it for play with real money Arcane Reel Chaos.

Time to open your spellbook and bring out the wizard in you!!!


Get up to ₹80,000 in Welcome Bonus

  • Accepts INR
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Many promotions
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