Guide to Playing Live Blackjack in India

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How to play Blackjack online from India

We as Indians are so familiar with various card games that it runs through our culture. Be it Diwali, Holi or even a simple vacation, the pack of 52 is always a necessary partner.

However, did you know that there’s an easy game of cards which has the best return to player and at the same time great fun to play?

And no, it is not online jhandi munda, online teen patti, andar bahar, or Rummy. This game is called Blackjack and the good news is that you can now play online blackjack for real money on many trusted blackjack websites. You simply need to score a hand value more than the dealer but not cross 21.

Earlier in August this year an Indian blackjack player, who had read this exact page, managed to win 35 lakhs while playing online live blackjack at Rizk casino. Next time it can be you, so continue reading my guide to get the same details as him!

What is online Blackjack?

Blackjack has traditionally been a land-based game which has seen a major attraction in the gambling halls and land-based casinos all over the world. This card game has some of the best return to player, among other table games and is generally upwards of 99.4% depending on the blackjack rules and variations, and when playing with optimal strategy.

However, I have been to many land-based casinos and the ambience there often makes you lose your guard and play carelessly. What you must remember is that blackjack is not a team sport. There are many players at a table but eventually, it’s just you and the dealer trying to outwit each other first.

Playing with real money means you must be more careful and so was I. Hence, I chose to rather go for online blackjack websites. This isn’t any download blackjack and I can instantly play online from the comfort of my home, without any downloads or installations required.

There are several advantages when choosing to play casino online rather than visiting a land-based casino.

  • Being online allows me to access my favorite casino card games from anywhere I want and at any time, whether it is Blackjack or Sic Bo. I can utilize my leisure time without any external factors affecting my decisions.
  • This is the era of smartphones with secure payment facilities, so I am protected.
  • I get complete track of my transactions at my fingertips.
  • All our recommended websites are licensed websites meaning they must fulfil lots of stringent regulatory requirements and can be trusted to be fair to the players.

What is Live Blackjack?

Playing live blackjack isn’t any different than playing regular blackjack in online casinos. The difference is that you’re playing against a human dealer and the game is streamed from a land-based casino.

Live blackjack is all the rage right now since it closely resembles playing in a land-based casino. The basics are the same – you play at a table which suits you, only this time there’s a human dealer sitting opposite of you. You’re not playing a computer, which makes the whole experience much more exciting and human.

The best part of all is that live blackjack games have advanced features which let you speak to the dealer in real-time and tell them your decision. It’s a whole new level of blackjack that you surely haven’t experienced before.

My live blackjack online list of casinos features the top live casinos which accept Indian players. All of the casinos on the list are reliable options and considered top choices in the industry.

Live blackjack takes casino games to a new level which is why I highly recommend it. Try it at any of the casinos on my list and I’m sure that you’ll be amazed.

Where can I play Blackjack for money?

In order to play on blackjack sites for real money, there are usually a few short and simple steps to sign up and make a deposit. After this, you can choose your favourite online card game and start playing.

  • Step 1: Pick one of our recommended online casinos.
  • Step 2: Register an account with your real name, address, email and phone number.
  • Step 3: opt-in for the optional casino bonus.
  • step 4: choose a payment method of your preference (VISA/MasterCard, Net Banking, e-wallets etc)
  • Step 5: Make the payment.
  • Step 6: Choose a blackjack game and enjoy the gameplay.

I and my team at G2G have reviewed over 200 online casinos for Indian players. We have listed the complete list of Indian blackjack sites here and verified that they are 100% trusted and legitimate. You can choose any of these verified online blackjack sites and start playing safely!

Where to play Blackjack for real


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Blackjack Charts for Optimal Game Strategy

At an entrant level, the Blackjack chart helps players to navigate the game from optimal to perfect play. You can find multiple charts on search engines where each chart differs based on the game variations, number of decks, and rules. However, the underlying strategy will remain as it is.

With a Blackjack chart, you can play the hand professionally and lower the house advantage. It gives you the opportunity to win like a professional.

In the case of land-based casinos, charts are allowed at tables as long as you don’t slow down the game’s pace. The Blackjack charts can be easily found and printed from online sites. Alternatively, you can purchase it from gift shops that sell casino souvenirs.

The Blackjack Basics

In a game of Blackjack, you’ll be comparing cards with other players to beat the house with a better hand.

During the game, count all achieved points and use player decisions wisely for greater odds of winning. The game has simple fundamentals and lets you brush up on the basics in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the Internet – you can play the game online and not just in a land-based casino.

In a typical game of Blackjack, two or more card decks are used where each deck has 52 cards.

You can beat the dealer in the following ways:

  • Get the Blackjack before the dealer can
  • Score more without exceeding 21 points
  • Ensure your points are always greater than the dealer
  • The dealer has bust his/her hand

Odds and Probabilities in Blackjack

One of the most difficult things to perfect in Blackjack is understanding odds and probabilities. Perhaps, the best approach to win is by honing your basics and perfecting play strategy.

When you use a basic strategy, the house edge is often 1% or slightly lesser. However, when players don’t apply a strategy, the house edge increases from 2 to 8 percent. Higher the percentage of the house edge, the greater are the chances of getting negative returns.

The odds in a game can also depend on variations and rules of the Blackjack you are playing.

Blackjack Table Layout

Since 1931, not much has changed in terms of the table layout in the land-based and online casinos.

  • The casino table is semicircular and can host a game of 5 to 12 players at a time. However, a typical Blackjack game consists of 7 spots.
  • During the game, a dealer sits behind the table facing players with chips within his or her arm’s reach. The game commences clockwise starting from the ‘First Base’ (first player on the dealer’s left) and ending at the ‘Third Base’ (last player on the dealer’s right).
  • A casino table’s surface is made of padded foam which is layered with felt. This gives the table surface a soft and premium texture making it easier to slide chips and cards during the game. In a traditional casino, green is the preferred color of Blackjack table layouts, but it’s not cast in stone. Nowadays, the table layout colors vary from one casino to another.
  • The players are allowed to place chips or drinks in the apron. Every player has a dedicated apron nearby for their convenience.
  • In a casino table, the number of players that can be accommodated depends on the number of betting circles. A player’s bet is typically laid within the betting circle to accept wagers.
  • After the game commences, the player is allowed to take insurance from the dealer. To do so, the player must lay their chips inside the insurance line.

The table center is controlled by the dealer where he or she places the hand or shuffles cards.

  • The dealer uses the rack to assort and place chips. This is a prominent feature in brick and mortar casinos where Blackjack dealers handle physical chips. Occasionally, the tray is also called a bank.
  • To the right of the Blackjack dealer is a discard rack. Every card discarded in the game of Blackjack is collected and stacked.
  • On the dealer’s right is a paddle that is T-shaped. The money is pushed into the drop-box using this paddle.
  • The dealer draws cards from a plastic case, also known as the ‘dealer shoe’. The size of the case can vary and it depends on the number of decks that are used in a game.
  • Finger, face, wedge, and lip are among the few elements within a ‘dealer shoe’. During the game, the dealer’s finger is pushed into a sleeve on the ‘dealer shoe’ called the finger. This enables cards to be slid out of the case. The face of the dealer shoe is where cards are held. To help dealers draw cards during the game, a wedge is used to apply pressure on the deck. It’s a plastic notch situated in the rear of the card deck.
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The answer is Yes and No both, it’s in a grey zone. Gambling in India has been covered under archaic laws known as Public Gaming Act. This was drafted all the way back in 1867 even much before India’s independence.

As per it, it is illegal to play game of chance outside authorized venues. However, 1867 is way before the internet was invented and thus online gaming is generally not covered even after certain amendments.

There is generally no legalization to enforce this old law in online casinos. India is a country of over 1.3 billion people, and no one has ever been punished for playing blackjack online, or any other online game of chance like Roulette or Baccarat. The chances of getting caught for online gambling is even less than getting struck by lightning. Thus, you can play safely online.

You can read more about gambling laws in India in our article, Is it legal to gamble online in India?

Understanding the Rules of Blackjack

To be able to play online blackjack for real money in India you need to have an account with a trusted online casino like the ones in at G2G, and which supports INR.

You will need to open an account, make a small deposit and start playing. To know more about deposits and withdrawals, you can go through this article.

Some of the rules for playing blackjack are:

  • The goal is to score higher and beat the dealer hand, but without going over 21 as the overall sum of all your cards in your hand
  • Aces counts as either 1 or 11, number cards at face value, picture cards K/Q/J counts as 10
  • Players cards are dealt face up, while only the dealer’s first card is shown. Both get 2 cards initially
  • Depending on your and dealer’s card, you can decide to ‘Hit’ and take additional cards, or ‘Stand’ to take no more cards. You can also ‘Split’ or ‘Double’ your hands in specific cases
  • If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you may opt to buy insurance
  • After you play your hand, the dealer reveals his ‘hole’ card. If the total is 16 or less, dealer must draw another card till its 17 or more. In some casinos, dealers can also hit on “soft 17” i.e. when the dealer has an Ace card that can be counted as 1 instead of 11
  • If the dealer goes over 21, then the player if not already busted will win
  • If the dealer does not bust, then whomsoever has higher card total wins
  • Some casino allows for late surrender, but you should check the complete game rules first
  • If the dealer or the player has an Ace and a 10 or picture value card, then its called “Blackjack” and this hand always wins

In a game of blackjack, you will see 5 to 7 positions facing the dealer on a semicircular table. The dealer will shuffle up to eight decks of cards in each game. As the game begins, no more than three players are allowed to place their wager in the betting box.

In a live game, the player whose wager is placed in front of the betting box controls the position until the playing decisions are signaled using hand signs. The controlling player places a bet in the box, while the other players will “Play behind”.

In a Blackjack table, multiple players are allowed to place their wagers in any number of boxes. However, it is illegal for individual players to place several bets in a single box or play at other tables during a live game. Most casinos across the States allow up to three positions at a Blackjack table where betting is allowed by one player on each position.

As the game commences, the first base dealt first and third base is dealt last. The dealer places two cards in each of the player’s betting boxes where each player is oblivious to what the dealer has dealt.

The first card received by the dealer will be face up. In the case of the ‘hole card’ game, the dealer receives the card facing downwards. The dealer will also peek, and reveal the hole card only if it makes a blackjack in the dealer’s hand.

Some Blackjack tables come equipped with sensors and mirrors to help dealers peek at the hole card without accidentally revealing it to players. In Europe, this game pattern slightly differs because the dealer doesn’t draw the hole card until every player has played his or her hand.

The dealer deals cards from no more than two card decks from the dealer’s shoe. Alternatively, the cards are dealt from a shuffling machine. The dealer will place a single card on each of the player’s position in a clockwise manner. The initial card will also be placed in the dealer’s box. Thereafter, additional cards will be drawn and dealt similarly to the initial card. In a single-deck card game, the initial card in the player’s position may face upwards or downwards.

The player’s goal is to score higher than the dealer without exceeding a card total of 21 points. Another way to achieve a better hand is by allowing the dealer to go bust by letting him or her take additional cards. The player decisions can be one among the following:

  • Hit – take the card from the dealer
  • Stand – finish the turn by not taking any additional cards
  • Double – double the bet in exchange for staying after an additional card is received
  • Split – make two hands out of a single card if they have identical values
  • Surrender – retire from a live game by giving up the half-bet

In a game of blackjack, the player decisions must only be conveyed by hand signals. The video camera is often concealed to record the game and player activities on the Blackjack table. It helps in resolving disputes and protecting casinos against fraudulent and advantage players.

The number on each card represents its face value. The card with faces has a value of 10. The Aces can have a value of 1 or 11 depending on the player. Once the player’s hand exceeds a card total of 21 points, their hands are bust and the player forfeits the wager amount to the house.

After playing all boxes, the dealer’s hand is emptied by drawing more cards until a “soft 17” is achieved or hand busts. The player hands can only win if the dealer busts. While the dealer can never surrender, double, or split, they can only be beaten if remaining bets have higher hands than the dealer.

It becomes “natural” when the player hand has 21 on both first and second cards. In this case, the payment is immediate unless the player’s hand is tied by a dealer’s ‘natural’. When scores are tied, unadjusted bets are returned to players.

In any case, the Blackjack always has the upper hand over all hands even with 21 points. Every win earns a pay-out that matches the player’s bet or 1:1 bonus. In a typical game, a Blackjack receives a 3:2 payout, but in most cases, the casino offers 6:5 which is lesser than the 3:2.

In all variations of Blackjack games, a side bet is offered to players. It is called Insurance. When Ace is dealt as the upcard, the insurance can be played. Dealer match is another side bet that gets players paid when the dealer’s up card is matched by the player’s hand.

To know the game rules in more detail, you can visit the specific articles on online blackjack rules.

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Blackjack though is a game of chance, however, if you can learn the optimal strategy you can generally win big over time and can provide you with some of the best returns out of any slot or table game.

A simplified version of the basic strategy is,

  • If the players hand is hard 4 to 8, then you must hit
  • If your hand is hard 9, and dealer’s hand is 2 to 6, then you double. Else if the dealer’s hand is 7 to Ace, then you hit
  • If your hand is hard 10 or 11, and its more than dealers card count, then you double
  • If your hard 12 to 16, then stand if dealer’s card is 2 to 6, and hit if dealer’s card is 7 to Ace
  • If your hand is 17 to 21, then always stand
  • For your hand as soft 13 to 15, you always hit
  • For your hand as soft 16 to 18, double if dealer’s card is 2 to 6, else hit
  • For your hand as soft 19 to 21, always stand
  • For your card as 22, 33, 66, 77, 99, you split if dealer’s card is 2 to 6, else don’t split when dealer’s card is 7 to Ace
  • For your card as 88 or AA, you always split
  • For your card as 44, 55, 10-10, you never split
  • Note that if strategy tells to double, but the casino rules don’t allow, then always hit except stand with soft 18
  • If your card total is 16 versus the dealer as 10, then you should surrender if allowed

You should never ever take insurance as it has a better house edge over the long run. And you should always play where blackjack pays 3 to 2 rather than where it pays 6 to 5 or 7 to 5.

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Winning potential

Blackjack has some of the best winning potentials among many other cards or slot games. If played with optimal strategy, players can win upwards of 99.4%. Add the online casino bonuses in this and you can even win bigger overall.

A single deck blackjack or in general blackjack with lesser number of decks is better for the player whereas a higher number of decks has a slightly better house edge. The various rules of blackjack games may affect the winning potential. For e.g. if a player can double on any number of cards can improve your advantage by another 0.23%, a late surrender has 0.08% better player advantage, etc.

You can check a full list of all bets and payouts in another article if you like to learn in more detail.

Variations of the game

The most popular form of blackjack is the standard or classic blackjack, however, in casinos across the world, there are many variations of blackjack played. Each of the variations may result in either slightly better player advantage or slightly better house edge.

Some of the variations of blackjack are:

  • Double Exposure Blackjack: When both the dealer’s cards are exposed. This has a better player advantage but is generally offset by tweaking other rules
  • Pontoon Blackjack: When both dealers card are dealt face down, having a slightly better dealer advantage
  • Blackjack with poker hands side bets: When along with playing blackjack you can also make a side bet for a chance to receive specific poker hands like pair of Aces popularly known as pocket rocket, or an Ace and a King also popularly known as Big Slick. In general, you may avoid side bets unless you are comfortable
  • There are several other variants of online video blackjack game like Spanish 21, etc.

Noob Mistakes to Avoid in Blackjack

The rules and strategies that apply online don’t necessarily work the same way in brick and mortar casinos.

Here are some exclusive things that you should be doing at land-based casinos:

  • Increase your odds of achieving good returns by only playing at 3:2 table
  • Skip playing on tables with shuffling machine
  • The money you bring along shouldn’t be given to the dealer. Instead, place it on the table
  • Your cards mustn’t be touched at all cost
  • Don’t forget to use hand signals. Player decisions mustn’t be voiced
  • Try using basic strategy instead of guessing the odds
  • Being rude gets you nowhere, politeness is compulsory while playing at casinos

Here is a detailed explanation of why it is important to remember the above tips:

  • Playing on 3-2 tables gets you paid more when you beat the dealer. A $10 wager can earn you a return of $15, while the same can’t be said when you play at 6-5 table.
  • You will notice that the pace of the game is faster on tables with continuous shuffling machines. Therefore, you risk losing money faster.
  • Letting the dealer hold on to your money is risky. It’s easier to stay in control of the game when you have the money by your side. And it is also safer because the overhead security camera captures the exchange footage.
  • It’s against the rules for players to touch cards in a shoe dealt game. This is because casinos feel players can stealthily mark cards to their advantage. Therefore, only the dealer is allowed to handle cards. However, in dealt games, you can pick the card using only one hand.
  • To avoid your wager from becoming invalid, you shouldn’t touch the bet after the round begins. Touching the bet is considered cheating as there is a concern about players adding or removing chips.
  • Most casinos use overhead cameras that discreetly capture the video. Therefore, due to the risk of players denying or changing statements, voicing player decisions are illegal in the game. Use hand signals alone to ensure a fair game.
  • While increasing the game’s pace increases the house edge, slowing down to guess your move can shrink your returns. If you don’t achieve a perfect play, the house advantage increases by 8%.
  • Being in the best of your behavior is in everybody’s interest and that’s what is expected from all players at a Blackjack table.

Developers of Live Blackjack Games

Thanks to the popularity of the card game, every live dealer game developer has live blackjack variants in store. Ezugi, Playtech, NetEnt Live, and Evolution Gaming are among the most popular live blackjack platforms, offering classic variants as well as more exotic ones.

All blackjack studios differ in presentation and gameplay of their live blackjack games. Some put the accent on sexy dealers, while some are focused on the technical aspects of the game.

Some, like Evolution Gaming, are constantly trying to break the gameplay barrier with innovation. Most live blackjack betting sites feature variants of blackjack from these three studios and even more.

Check out the list of casinos which accept Indian players from above to find the best live blackjack games and exciting variants as well.


Ezugi’s blackjack variant is based on classic blackjack. There are seven seats in total with a few side bets and the Bet Behind feature as well. This variant of blackjack offers an enhanced player experience thanks to the advanced user interface which lets you communicate with other players.

The best part of it all is that the game is available on desktop and mobile devices via Ezugi’s apps. You can check out all blackjack live tables from Ezugi on my list above.


Playtech’s live blackjack is played with 8 decks of cards. There are multiple seats at the table and a sexy dealer sitting just opposite you. All blackjack online live dealer games from Playtech simulate a great Vegas blackjack experience which is why players love them so much.

Playtech’s Ultimate Blackjack is even better. It doesn’t limit the number of players on the table, which is great news to everyone who likes to chip in.

Ultimate Blackjack offers the ultimate blackjack experience, so make sure to try it out.

Evolution Gaming

The largest provider in the live casino industry, Evolution Gaming provides the ultimate live dealer games including blackjack.

Evolution’s live blackjack portfolio includes a variety of regular and VIP tables along with side bets and the Bet Behind feature.

The latter allows players to bet behind other players on the table which means better scalability and amazing revenue potential.

What sets Evolution Gaming apart from the crowd are the impressive graphics and presentation as well as the professional live dealers. The Pre-Decision feature makes the fastest blackjack tables even faster and more exciting. This adds an extra layer of fun to the game.

And let’s not forget Free Bets Blackjack. In this Evolution game, players are offered a free bet on some Splits and Doubles, which drastically increases the chances of winning.

You can play all live blackjack games from Evolution Gaming at any of the casinos listed above.

Types of Live Blackjack Games

Just like all other live dealer games, there are different live blackjack casino games as well. Although all are based on classic blackjack, small tweaks and variations of the rules add further excitement to an already stellar card game.

Apart from the rules, different variations of live blackjack can vary in scalability and features. Some will feature side bets while others won’t. It’s all up to you and your preferences.

  • Common Draw Blackjack – Live Common Draw Blackjack is a great variant of the card game where everyone plays with the same hand. All players can bet what they want, split their cards or ask for a hit multiple times. Insurance and Even Money are both offered in this variant making it even more exciting.
  • Blackjack Double Attack – An explosive variant of blackjack, this game draws inspiration from classic blackjack with a twist – the dealer stops after placing their first card down. This allows you to place a second bet and “attack” the dealer twice. Double the gun – double the fun.
  • Progressive Blackjack – A peculiar mix between blackjack and slots, progressive blackjack has two separate wagers – the basic and the jackpot. The latter gives you a shot at the jackpot game where you can win prizes beyond your wildest dreams!
  • Blackjack Duel – An intense game that adds a new layer of thrill, Blackjack Duel uses communal cards to simulate a “duel” between you and the dealer. Whoever has the closest value to 21 after picking a communal card wins – make sure it’s you.

Let me also highlight something here, especially if you are a baccarat player too. So, the biggest or key difference between blackjack and baccarat table game is certainly the options of betting. While in Blackjack, you’ll be betting on your own to win, in baccarat, you’ll have 3 betting options to go with. You can either bet on yourself to win or the dealer or on the tie.

Also, let me tell you something here because this is something I’ve experienced personally. There was a time when I tried all blackjack variations and wanted to try a new game just to experiment and explore. And trust me, the best is to play European roulette game or craps for that 100% excitement. Comparatively, Roulette and its variants are easy to understand.

Play Blackjack for real money vs. free

If the element of uncertainty is weighing you down and you want to get a real feel of blackjack by being in the hot seat without dealing in real INR, there is a way you can play in the same environment with the same rules but it will be ‘Play for Fun’ or ‘Practice Play’.

I would personally recommend you start playing and practising here on G2G at our Practice Page. The best part is you can practice it for as many times as you want, and you can be assured that the probability and the chances of the game events are exactly same as you would get in the real money game.

Until you are well versed with the terminologies of the online blackjack casino game and when to make strategic decisions like stand, split, double, etc. it is best to practice and improve your skills.

Once you have gained the experience, don’t let it go to waste. Many new online casinos with online blackjack have opened in India which offers dedicated customer support for Indian players and accepts INR which means you can play on a blackjack casino with rupees. Register on any of our recommended casino of your choice and start giving the dealer a hell of a time!

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FAQs Related to Blackjack

How do you play Blackjack?

There are two cards face up in front of your bet. You must sum up the card values together and obtain a value between 4 and 21 in order to play your hand. If your first two cards comprise of an Ace and a 10-value card, congratulations! You have got a Blackjack!

Is it legal to play online Blackjack?

Yes, it is 100% legal to play online Blackjack in an online casino. There is no law in our country which states otherwise.

How much should you bet?

The maximum amount you can bet is up to four times your initial bet. You can bet more if the online casino allows you to, but it’s not recommended. It is also important to remember not to bet only 1/4th of your total money on a single round, because you will need more in case you want to double down or split.

Is it possible to win every round you play in Blackjack?

As much as I would like it to be true, it is quite impossible to win every round you play at Blackjack. The best way you can escape the house edge is to stop playing as soon as you make a profit. Always remember to check the Blackjack rules of that particular online casino before you start playing.

Can you play Blackjack for free?

Yes, you can. Some gaming providers have released applications in which you can play Blackjack online for free. But we must tell you: the real fun is at the online casinos!