Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is a common game variant of Blackjack. Once you know the rules and strategies for classic Blackjack it is not difficult to understand rules that apply in this variant.

Blackjack switch includes a fun element, switching of cards which would often be thought to be cheating in traditional table games.

Let’s take a look at how it works!

History of Blackjack Switch

There is an interesting history to this variant.

It is said to be a patent of Geoff Hall who was annoyed when he realised that a player can often be plagued by weak hands in regular blackjack.

If one could trade cards between two rounds then it added an interesting twist and the Blackjack switch variation was created.

Rules of blackjack switch game

Rules of Playing Blackjack Switch

The basic rules of Blackjack apply for Blackjack Switch but the key difference is that a player is dealt out two hands instead of a single one. You can use the same bet on both hands and the cards are dealt with their faces up.

  • Once you are dealt both hands you can then swap the second card from one hand to another;
  • You choose for switching of hands if odds are improved when you make this decision;
  • Switching of cards can be done one time and then the hands proceed as normal. The usual rules apply and you have options such as to split or to opt for the double down;

Example of How it Works

For instance, you might be dealt a 6 and 10 for a hand and on the second hand; you are dealt 5 and 10.

When you are playing this version, you could swap the 6 in the first hand with the 10 from the second hand.

This will give you a hand with a 20 score as total that is a good score to have while the second hand now has 6 and 5 which totals to 11; you can choose the second hand for a double down.

Odds in this Variant

When you play Blackjack Switch the odds increase in your favor. However, you need to make the choices in ways that do not allow the house edge to improve.

One of the drawbacks here is that you will get even money as payout here is 1:1. This is lower as compared to the usual 3:2 which is in regular blackjack.

Another difference here is that the dealer does not go bust if the draw is 22. This only means that it is a push and that all hands come to a tie position.

Casino edge, in general, is a small one, around 0.5% which is similar to what applies in standard blackjack as well.

How to play blackjack switch

Strategy to Use in Blackjack Switch

If you wish to follow a strategy that allows you to play the odds perfectly you need to remember the best hand for the switch.

When you start the best hand would be to get a total of 21 followed by 20, 19 after which the best combinations are AA, 11,10, 9 and 18.

Examples of Strategy

As per the hands of the dealer that show up, for instance, a 7 or 8, you need to make your hands strong.

For instance, if you are dealt 10,9 and 8,8 and the dealer shows a 7 you would want second cards switched so that you have 10,8 and 8,9; even though the first-hand goes down your second hand will improve from 16 to 17.

Again, if the dealer has a 10 and you as a player have A, 5 and 9, 10 you would want to switch second cards. This will get you A, 10 and 5, 9 which gives you a strong hand and you could get lucky for a win.

The Online Version of Blackjack Switch

The online version of this game works exactly as in a land-based casino. To be honest I would say that it is even better at Indian online casinos since you have a better overview of what is going on.

It’s a good variation to Blackjack online and is especially good for beginners who want to learn. Another good beginners tip is the blackjack bet behind, which means you bet on someone else’s card.


There are several enjoyable aspects of Blackjack Switch. You might lose a hand and win another but the loss leads to a push and it also means you get to play again.

You can find the game at several online casinos powered by NetEnt, Microgaming and other brands.

Once you know the basic rules and useful strategies to apply, it is easy to enjoy a session of this game at a casino with real money.