Real Money Gambling & Fake Casinos

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How to start playing casino with rupees

Yes, that’s right, you can now play online casinos for real money and deposit with Rupees!

But there’s one thing you should know before you head out and sign up for a casino account. Many online casinos you have seen on torrent and streaming sites often operate illegally.

These casinos are called Rogue Casinos and are frown upon from the industry of real money gaming.

They follow our strict guidelines of what a “good casino” has to follow and are in line with the latest legal changes for online gaming in India.

Before you start playing any cash games I recommend you to read my recommendations on this page, as well as a couple of mistakes to watch out for.

List of Safe Real Money Casinos


Deposit ₹10,000 – get ₹15,000 EXTRA to bet with!

» Fast withdrawals with PayTM/Net Banking transfer
» All casino games
» Bet on real cricket games
» Trusted and licensed


100% Up to ₹60,000 Welcome Bonus

» PayTM & Google Pay through Net Banking.
» ₹200 minimum deposit.
» Huge global company.
» Regular auditing of the site by eCOGRA


100% Up To €500

» Diverse collection of slots
» Unique welcome features
» Quick payouts (0-24h)


Get 100% Up To Rs.10,000 Welcome Bonus

» 250 Rupees min deposit!
» Accepts Indian rupees
» Fast and secure payments
» Friendly support in Indian languages


Get Up To ₹1,00,000 in Welcome Package

» Fast deposits & withdrawals
» Engaging welcome package
» Great array of casino games to choose from


Get up to ₹80,000 in Welcome Bonus

» Accepts INR
» 24/7 Live Chat
» Many promotions
» Casino & Sports app for iOS/Android

Recommendations before you start to play with money

All internet casinos for money promoted have been reviewed by G2G. If you want to know more about our criteria you should check out reviews criteria page.

Even if the online casinos on G2G are safe, there are many other online casinos which accept Rupees that’s not safe. You will encounter advertisements from these casinos on errr… Porn websites, free streaming sites, as spam in your mailbox and other dubious places on the web.

On this page, I will explain to you a few pitfalls which I strongly recommend you to look out for. If a casino gives you a bad gut feeling then please make use of these tips before you make your first deposit.

Let me take you on a trip to the world of real money online casinos.


How to Identify a Rogue Casino

Screenshot of real money casino games

Note: This is a guide for a more advanced computer user. If you are as nerdy as me about online casino you really want to find out every little way you could either win more or make sure I get paid out.

Online Gambling Licenses – A Short 101

The gambling license for operating cash games on the internet is a cornerstone when you choose a casino website. It’s a rigorous & expensive process of achieving the license and is not done overnight. A licensed casino guarantees your payments will be made, your personal information is stored safely, and so on from a state-owned institution.

The licensing body tests the online casinos without which means they in-person shows up at the headquarters without notice; the servers where the software is tested, the payments and all other processes involved in keeping your money safe.

However, there are some online casinos which claim they have a license without going through the process. They accept your cash bets, let you play the same games and have friendly support.

But once you win something big the tone is different, or no tone at all. The website will not let you make a withdrawal and might even close your account without telling you anything. Forget about getting in contact with the casino over Email or Live Chat. They will not reply.

This is called a Rogue casino.

How to start playing casino with rupees


How do I detect if I am playing at a Rogue Casino?

Good question my friend, because all dubious casinos do not look like in the pictures above. If you are a novice to online gambling it can be challenging if you don’t know what to look out for. With a professional layout, real casino games and real Chat operators I agree it’s difficult.

But I will show you how to check if a casino is Rogue or not.

Method 1

Step one is to check for the badge of the licensing authority in the bottom of the page of the real money casino of choice. The badge should link to the licensing body. See screenshot:

Differentiate between a legit and fake casino

Step two if you tap on the badge it will take you to a page looking something like this. Verify the URL to the website is the same.

Screenshot of a casino license page

Method 2

Another easy method is to simply Google the brand name + career and you will see if its a public company with real employees.

What is a legit online casino


Untrusted game software

how to spot an fake game software

Another pitfall with Rogue casinos is that some might be running untrusted casino game software. An online casino does not develop the games themselves but buys it from a third party.

The most renowned and casino and slot games for money comes from Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming & Play’n Go. These companies are stock listed and considered producing very accurate and trusted casino games.

What I mean when I say accurate games is that the RTP (Return To Player) percentage published of the money games is thoroughly tested. Without going into much detail what RTP is and how it affects you as a player, I must say it’s very important that the figures are accurate.

The game studios test the games several billion times and additionally tested by a third independent party, such as eCogra. An accurate cash game means that you as a player only competes against a mathematical formula. Not an intentional glitch in the game so the Rogue casino can cheat you (read more about RTP here).

Untrusted software developers of real casino games do not go through this meticulous process. This means that when you are about to win big, the online machine can sense the strike and will give you another, less fortunate, outcome.

It’s difficult to spot which online casino has this type of software. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to choose a real money casino reviewed by G2G.


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There’s a realm of cash games enthusiasts on the web

Our goal at G2G is to help Indian players to explore the world of online gambling; choosing the right welcome bonus or knowing which casino is your A-game.

Online gambling is not only a good way of making a few extra Rupees (or a couple of crores…) but also a great hobby. Enthusiasts who play casino for real money are often willing to share some of their secrets; maybe not their poker secrets, but definitely their experience of playing at other online casinos.

Casino forums such as AskGamblers, Casino Meister and streamers on or Youtube Live are some great places to take your knowledge to the next level. These forums are updated on a daily basis by seasoned gamblers about their encounters on casino websites.

Some topics discussed are here:

  • Terms & Conditions of bonuses
  • Breakdown of RTP, volatility and the corresponding betting strategies
  • General news about the casino industry

A heads up before you move to any of these websites: the information is at a very high level and the lingo can be quite complicated. But if you want to learn more about new online slots and betting strategies I strongly recommend these sources!

If you are still a novice to playing casino for real money I recommend you to start to get to know the basic casino games.


Top 3 tips when you play casino for money

Differences between a fake and legit online casino

Before you sign up for a real casino account I would like to give you my 3 best tips for making the experience as good as possible. It will make you play longer and receive your earnings must faster.

Tip 1 – Boosting your money with a deposit bonus

Can you imagine what a welcome bonus is?

If you guessed it has something to do with a bonus and as a welcome for signing up – that’s entirely correct.

Because all serious casinos offer new players a gift when they register an account. This bonus can be divided into two different parts:

  • A deposit bonus
  • No-deposit bonus

I will briefly explain why it preferred to start playing for real money with a deposit bonus. Although, if you want to know more about no-deposit bonuses you should go here.

A deposit bonus gives you extra casino money to play for. The amount of extra cash you get is dependent on a % given by the gambling website.

Here’s an example of how it’s usually written:

Deposit Rs.10,000 and get a 100% bonus up to Rs.20,000!

This means the casino will double your money if you make a deposit up to Rs. 10,000 . The offer is 9/10 times only available for one deposit if it doesn’t say otherwise. There are other welcome bonuses redeemed in a ladder which follows the same methodology that you get more money if you deposit money.

Since it says “100% up to 20,000” it means you do not have to deposit 10,000. You can choose any amount of money you want and it will look like the following:

  • Deposit Rs.2,000 and get 2,000 extra money to play for – Total Rs.4,000
  • Deposit 5000 INR and get 5000 extra money to play for – Total Rs.10,000
  • And so on…

Don’t just pick the first casino you see; read the reviews of the listed real money online casinos to redeem a welcome bonus which suits you. Because the biggest bonus doesn’t necessarily have to be the best. You also want to weigh in the wager requirements/Terms & Conditions for the bonus and if the offer is eligible on casino/poker/Live Casino/betting/etc.

Therefore, I recommend spending some time reading the casino reviews below so you make a wise choice once you sign up and make your first cash deposit.


Get up to ₹80,000 in Welcome Bonus

» Accepts INR
» 24/7 Live Chat
» Many promotions
» Casino & Sports app for iOS/Android


Get Up To Rs.10,000 Bonus

» 20 Free Spins for 9 days
» High withdrawal limits
» Top-notch game providers


Double your first deposit up to ₹8,000!

» Visually appealing
» Holiday packages on VIP program
» 700+ slot games

Tip 2 – Depositing & withdrawing money with the right method

If you are a seasoned player this might be a no-brainer. But if you have only played online casino for free or with tokens this is some very valuable information.

Once you start winning and want to withdraw you will notice the gaming site and the payment provider will hold on to your funds. Some might even add a fee for depositing/withdrawing. However, this is easily avoided if you deposited with the right method from the start.

Check the table for average limits and timing for sending money to & from online casinos:


MethodDep. Fee.Dep. TimeDep. Min Rs.Dep. Max Rs.
Bank transfer2%2 days10Unlimited



MethodWit. FeeWit. TimeWit. Min $/€  Wit. Max $/€ 
VISA2.25%2-5 days25100,000
Mastercard2.25%2-5 days25100,000
Skrill00-2 days105 000
Payoneer00-2 days10250,000
NetEller00-2 days10100,000
Bank transfer03-5 days50Unlimited


As you can see it differs greatly between the methods. I strongly recommend getting a Skrill account if you are serious about playing with real money. There are several guides at G2G which lists other trusted e-wallets.

Sometimes the casino does not allow you to withdraw with the same

Tip 3 – Verifying your identity

Your personal information and integrity should be protected when you are playing with money. All the casinos listed on G2G abides by the latest security standards. This, however, is a two-sided relationship.

As an example

In 2018 the European Union implented a data law called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) about privacy, personal information and other decisions about KYC. With the new law it means you must verify your identity before you can withdraw any winnings. This is something which can take a couple of days. Therefore, I recommend you to do so as soon as you have registered so you can withdraw your winnings whenever you want. You can still play and win money during the verification process.

GDPR is a safety measurement and means a lot for us players.

As another example, I have a lot of casino accounts all over the world and prior to GDPR, I was sent a lot of spam emails. Since May 2018 the rate of emails has steadily dropped. Due to GDPR casinos dealing with money had to implement big security processes of how to deal with personal information such as emails & credit cards.

These tips are for your own safety

I hope I have not scared you away to play online casino for real money. The point with bringing up the pitfalls was to make you aware of the dodgy actors and to educate you. I am sure you will make better decisions for you and your wallet in the future.

However, my best tips is to always play responsibly. Playing online is a serious business and you can either win or lose. When you lose, never chase your losses, never borrow money to play for, always stop before its too late.

We have written a complete guide about responsible gambling which we recommend all players to read before they start.