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G2G is a free online casinopedia for information about gambling online for real money. There are game guides and strategies for beginners and seasoned internet gamblers. All so you can choose a gambling website suited for your needs.


Trusted Indian Online Gambling Sites

All the online gambling sites you find on this site are 100% safe and trusted. They all have been examined closely and thoroughly. A big part of the testing process here at G2G is to sign up an account and play at the online casinos with real money to see how it really works.

To pass our test and be one of our recommended casinos, there are certain requirements a casino website need to meet.

Our key factors when reviewing an online gambling site are:

  1. Have a valid online gambling license
  2. Have trusted and established payment methods
  3. Have games from trusted and established online gaming suppliers

You can read more about the requirements and process in our online gamblings sites test process guide.

Yes and no. As you most likely already know, it is illegal to play games of chance in India, outside of authorized venues. These laws go all the way back to the Public Gaming Act of 1867.

1867 was a few years before the internet first came to life. During this time the Public Gaming Act has had a few amendments over the years, but not one that includes gambling online.

Thus online gambling has ended up in a grey zone. It is prohibited to gamble offline, but there is no legalization to enforce these laws online. This means that you can play safely online.

What to think about before gambling online

The upside with online gambling is that you can play whenever and where ever you want thanks to your iPhone, android or windows phone. The downside is just that fact – you always have the opportunity to gamble and the only thing stopping you is how much money you have on your bank account.

Gambling should always be fun.

Thus it’s important to set up a few ground rules and keep to them before you start playing:

  1. Bankroll – Are the funds you allow yourself to lose without affecting your private economy, this can be daily, weekly or perhaps a monthly limit.
    • All gambling sites we recommend have these tools on their sites to help you – we strongly recommend you use these.
  2. Bankroll management – What the size of your bets should be in relation to your balance at the casino site. It’s always more fun to be able to play 25 minutes instead of 5. It’s important to bet wisely and sometimes even lower your bet to be able to have a longer session!
  3. Verification document – Much like when you go to a land-based casino, you will need to identify yourself to prove your identity and that you are above 18 years old. The same applies online, but rather than showing identification when you enter the casino (register), you will have to show it upon withdrawal. This is how it works online and nothing to be worried about, even though at first it might feel strange to share your identification online. Sooner or later all online Casinos will ask for documents to verify your account. Thus it’s important to have these documents ready at hand, so you quickly can withdrawal your winnings!
  4. Payment methods – It is possible to play with debit and credit cards. We do recommend a payment method called E-wallets. Using an e-wallet will eliminate any transaction fees, that you otherwise would have with a debit/credit card. The transaction speed is way better as well – you will get your money instantly.
  5. Have a strategy – This can be playing on your favourite number in roulette or more advanced. But having a clear strategy before you start playing, always make hard decisions easier and gambling more fun!
  6. Practice – Before playing with real money, it’s important to know the basic rules of the game your about to play. Thus I recommend that you practice playing it for free before playing with real money.

What are bonuses?

You will quickly discover that online gambling sites offer different types of bonuses. A bonus can be compared to when you go to your local bar and once in a while get a beer for free. You get this as a sign of appreciation and as a thank you for your loyalty!

The same logic applies online, the online casinos usually first give you a bonus called Registration Bonus or no deposit bonus. This type of bonuses is for you to try out the casino site or a specific game they promote, completely risk-free. A great way to see if a casino fits your needs.

After the registration bonus, you often get a Deposit Bonus. It’s a bonus that matches your deposit, normal is 50% up to 200% of the amount of your deposit. The additional bonus money you get, allows you to play longer or with bigger bets than you would have had if you only had the initial deposit to play with.

What are wager requirements?

A Bonus almost always comes with wager requirements, this means that before the bonus money are eligible for withdrawal you will need to play through the bonus a certain amount of times.

For example, if you are given₹1000 in bonus money with a wager requirement of 30.

₹1000 *₹30 =₹30,000

You will need to bet a total of ₹30,000 before the₹1,000 you got as bonus money is released as real money and they are yours to withdrawal.

At first, it may sound overwhelming and even as an impossible task to play through the wager requirements. You are not alone feeling this way, I had the same reaction the first time I played with a deposit bonus. But it actually isn’t. Most online gambling sites barely break even on a 100% deposit bonus.

I’ve put together a Bonus page, with guides on how you can improve your chances to meet the wagering requirement. This won’t mean you will make a withdrawal every time, but at least that you play as optimal possible. I strongly recommend you to read these guides as they will help you avoid the most common beginner mistakes I had to live through!

Gambling online in India

One of the best thing about gambling online is that you always have entertainment in your pocket. It doesn’t matter if you own an android, apple or windows phone. You can play all your favourite casino games from the same device. Complete freedom!

Playing online allows for different opportunities, it makes it easier to try out new games. Here at G2G, you can always try out any new casino slots for free. A perfect way if you’re an experience Rummy player who wants to try a new card game, or maybe you just want to dust off your poker skills without burning a deep hole in your pocket!

After you’ve practised here at G2G, you can find the safest and most trusted Indian online gambling websites to take the step and play with real money.

Rummy online play for free or with real money!

Are you a full-feathered Rummy player who wants to know where to play rummy online for real money or simply want to learn the rules?

You will find want you are looking for in our Rummy online page, where we break down the rules and the do’s and don’ts. You will also find our beginner guides as well as advanced strategies completely for free.

Most importantly you will also find a list with the most trusted and secure gambling sites offering Rummy online 2019.

Online Poker in India

Poker one of the most popular card games worldwide both offline and online. Online Poker comes in a variety of different versions and whether you are interested in Texas Hold’em, Omaha or five card poker – It feels great to let you know that you can play them all for free in here at G2G.

Maybe you are looking for the best poker sites of 2019? No problem, whether it’s the poker rooms with the best sign-up bonuses, free rolls or tournaments. In G2G’s Online Poker list there is a poker room tailored after your needs!

But, Before you hit the poker tables make sure, you get the most out of your poker experience by reading our guides written by experts! No matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced player there is a guide where you can improve your gameplay!

India’s best online Lottery – win the mega jackpot today!

Playing Lottery online 2019 compared to 2009 is like night and day. Before Lottery had made a huge success online, it was associated with long queue lines to buy physical lottery tickets and you either had the draw on TV or read about the results in the newspaper.

Today all this information can be found online from your mobile and all thanks to the wonders of technology. Another big improvement online is that there are even more lottery’s to play on!

If you have read this far, you are lucky! I’m not only going to share my favourite Lottery’s online, but also those who have the biggest Lottery jackpots online in India. Check it all out at our online Lottery page where you also will find our most trusted Indian online lottery for real money!

Online Betting

One of the oldest known ways to gamble is placing bets, it’s been a big part of many different cultures across the world and you could almost say it’s by now part of the human DNA.

I got into betting mainly because it could secure that when my favourite football team played I would always be a winner.


As much as I wanted my team to win every single game, I always put a bet on the opponents. This way I would always leave satisfied after a game. If my team won, great! If they lost, well that sucks, but at least I’ve won money on the game, perhaps enough to cover the drinks for the evening.

Best Indian online betting sites 2019

Check out our list of the best betting sites of 2019, our in-depth reviews covering all aspects of what makes a sportsbook be safe, fun and professional. All the sites recommended have in multiple ways been verified as completely safe and trusted by Indian punters!

What is even more brilliant with online betting is – live betting! You can turn a boring sports event extremely thrilling and exciting by betting on live events. This allows sports like cricket to go from rather uneventful to a nail-biter of exciting sport!

Another great thing with placing bets online is that you get your money straight away, no need to go and collect it from a bookie. The money is on your account the same time the sporting event is over.

Bingo Online in India

Perhaps the easiest and most social game there is! Online Bingo does not only resemble offline bingo, it further improves its core which is to improve the social community. The premise of all bingo games is easy and that’s why millions of Indians enjoy it!

The game rules are simple; Match the numbers on the card with those shown on the winning ball. Its straightforwardness allows everyone to enjoy this thrilling and exciting game no matter where you play!

But how do you play online? How do you know the bingo site is trusted and secured? All the answers to your questions can be found in the ultimate online bingo in India guide!

Indian Online Casino – where dreams become realities!

Always dreamt of going to Las Vegas? Now you can take the thrill and excitement, directly to your home. Thanks to online casinos! All the games you like to play or games you haven’t had the chance to try but always wanted to exist online!

Blackjack online

Blackjack is the game that embodies what casino is all about; class, luxury, and non-stop action. The game itself doesn’t need a grand introduction. But what needs to be told is that now with blackjack online you don’t need to visit a fancy casino, the casino comes to you. In Live Blackjack – professionally trained croupiers deal your hands and will most certainly make you feel like a VIP, but little do they know you are at playing in your underwear at home from your smartphone!

Looking for the best blackjack strategies and tips to take your gameplay to the next level? Want to test those strategies playing blackjack for free? Or just find the gambling sites with the best online blackjack bonuses 2019? The answers to all these questions can be found in our ultimate online blackjack page!

Online Slot machines

Are you ready to learn how to win on online slot machines here at G2G? Admittedly, there is no way you can beat the slot machines online! But there are ways to certainly improve how you play, which will secure that your overall experience in the casino will be exciting every time you play!

Or perhaps you are interested to learn the basics of how slot machines work? Well, you are in luck as I’ve written a guide where I explain how online slot machines work!

Enjoy practising on your favourite game or try out the latest releases completely risk-free, without losing your hard earned money, in our safe and completely free online slot casino!

Online Roulette

Classic Roulette is a game of chance and considered the Rolls Royce of casino games. It’s of the highest excellence and remains the most popular in land-based casinos, often attracting many players around the table. There are a lot of rules and different types of bets and payouts in Roulette Online. This may seem rather intimidating for a novice or inexperienced player, but do not be discouraged. It takes little effort and time to go from beginner to expert, all you have to do is follow our guides step by step, in our Online Roulette page.

Live Casino

Live casinos are the new era of casinos on the internet. Do you love the online casino world but want to truly live out the experience almost identical to a land-based casino? What do you think about the possibility of playing roulette or blackjack, participating actively in the game table?

Then Live Casino is for you. The live casino allows the player to get a unique and realistic experience, where live croupiers will invite you to play your favourite game and to win extraordinary prizes. All this from the comfort of your home!