Casino Games Online: Win Real Money

Casino games online are a great way to both have fun and win real money.

Players all over India are earning genuine and legal cash playing casino games with just a few taps on their mobiles.

This page is your complete guide on how to choose, play and win at these exciting casino games online in 2021.

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Your Guide to Start Playing

If you are ready to start playing casino games online you have come to the right place.

Throughout this page we will explain all the different aspects of casino games that are available for Indian players.

By the end of this guide to casino games online you’ll be prepared to play at one of the best Indian online casinos available and quite possibly win a handsome bit of cash.

Let’s get started so you can find out which casino game will be your favourite.

How to Play Casino Games Online

Let’s start with the basics. You need to learn how to play casino games online from India.

Each of these games has its own layout and rules.

There is only one thing you need to consider before you start learning about a certain game.

How much time do you want to put into mastering a game?

Some games can take quite some time to be good at while others require minimum effort and you can still win serious amounts of cash.

Almost every casino game online has demos you can practice with but furthermore you can read any of the guides that we have created in the list of casino games available in India below.

List of Casino Games

As mentioned you have plenty of games to choose from. The casino games list we have created features the most popular games available for Indian players.

Tap any of the images in the list of casino games below to reach the guide for the game you want to learn more about.

Indian Casino Games

Growing up in India has made us familiar with a certain type of chance based casino games.

Below is a list of some of the Indian casino games that can be played online.

Teen Patti – The top card game of India is similar to Poker where you play against other opponents. I am sure you have played this with family or friends at some point or at least seen someone else play.

It is easy to understand why it so popular to play online. Many Indians are extremely talented Teen Patti players and have won handsome amounts of money.

When you play online you bet against the dealer rather than other opponents. Skilful playing and sound judgment is crucial to win serious cash.

Andar Bahar – A card betting game originated in Bangalore which is very popular in India has moved online.

Just like Baccarat, you bet on a 50/50 outcome. It as a very simple game but that is also the charm of the game.

You can quickly learn the basics rules and become quite good at fast. The most talented online Andar Bahar players can bring home big amounts of money with a combination of luck and skill.

Passa – Is a very simple dice game similar to heads and tails and has a 50/50 outcome. You bet on hare (loosing, low numbers) or jeetae (winning, high numbers).

The dice used in Passa are of a special kind that only have 1, 3, 4 and 6 on them.

The dice are rolled until there is a pair. If the pair is 1 or 3 Hare wins and if the pair is 4 or 6 Jeetae wins.

Quite simple but so are also the nicest things in life.

Satta Matka – Are you ready to become a filthy rich ‘Matka King’? All you need to do is guess the right winning number and crown yourself as the Matka King.

Satta Matka is an Indian lottery game that originates from the opening and closing prices of cotton on the Bombay Cotton Exchange.

When the rates stopped being presented in the same way fictive prices where put in a clay jar (matka) and drawn at random.

Players started betting on the fictive prices that would be drawn instead of the real ones.

Jhandi Munda – A dice game traditionally played on the streets of India in early days. Today people enjoy this game at home during occasions like holi and diwali.

Given the immense popularity of this game several websites have made sure to offer this Indian casino game online.

The dice used in Jhandi Munda are special just like in Passa. They are 6 sided and have a symbol on each side – Heart, Spade, Diamond, Club, a Face, and a Flag.

The bets are placed on one symbol and if the one you bet on shows up on the most dice, you win.

Traditional Casino Games

Even though Indian casino games are great there are other that have been played in casinos for a longer time which are known as the traditional games.

Below you can learn a bit more about the four most famous.

Blackjack – Probably the most famous casino game in the world and for good reason. Blackjack online has it all – excitement, chances of winning big and glamour.

There are many ways to play this card game but the most common way is against the dealer with one hand each.

The goal of the game is to beat the dealer and whoever gets closest to 21 points wins.

Blackjack is also very well known for the fact mathematically gifted players can actually tilt the odds to their favour by card counting. This is just one of the many Blackjack strategies to improve your odds while playing.

Roulette – A glamorous casino game known to create big winners. This casino game on the other hand is purely based on luck but you can still improve your game with smart Roulette betting strategies.

The game consists of a small white ball and a spinning wheel. Throughout the wheel there are numbers and each of these numbers alternates between red and black.

To win online roulette all you need to do is guess where the ball will land when it is dropped into the spinning wheel.

Baccarat – Another table card game that is common among the most luxurious casinos. After moving online regular players where given the opportunity to get some great wins as well.

Just like Andar Bahar you have the opportunity to place your bet in two different hands either “The Player” and “The Bank”. But unlike the popular Indian game you can also bet on tie.

If the hand you bet on wins you get money. This game has created tons of crorepatis throughout the years since a mix of luck and skill can reward with some serious money!

Slot Machines – Luck is the most important factor when it comes to these exciting casino games.

Slots are machines with reels that have different symbols. They started out simple with 3 reels with different symbols.

You pulled a lever to spin the reels and depending on how the symbols stopped you got a payout.

Nowadays there are video slots that are more similar to video games than their old machine predecessors. These slots come in millions of different themes so you are sure to find a favourite.

Different Types of Casino Games

There are two main types of casino games – Games of Skill (Imperfect Information) and Games of Chance (Perfect Information).

playing card ace

Games of Skill

Imperfect information games are most commonly known as chance games of skill. Any game where you can control the outcome depending on how you play is an imperfect information game.

The category consists almost exclusively of casino card games.

set of dice

Games of Chance

Games where you already know all the possible outcomes of a round are known as perfect information games or games of chance. For example, when you play dice, you know the dice can only land in a certain set of combinations. Your choices can’t control the outcome, but you know the possible outcomes so you can be strategic with your bets instead.

You might ask why this is important to me?

Well this is important based on what we told you earlier about how much time you want to spend learning a casino game.

If you play games with ‘Perfect Information’ you should apply a smart betting strategy and you can win good cash amounts instantly meanwhile ‘Imperfect’ games you should practise, practise and practise before you can win lots of real money.

We have made sure that you can find in-depth casino game guides here for both types.

If you want to learn more about Imperfect and Perfect games or games of skill or chance as they are also known as you can check out our article on the subject. 

Which is the Best Casino Game Online?

There is no universal best online casino game. It all depends on what you want.

So based on what we have learned so far let me help you find out which casino game you should play.

Take a look at the flowchart below and answer the yes or no questions to help yourself choose what game you should play at online casinos!

Choose the Best Casino Game for You

select a casino game

Casino Games for Real Money

What is the best part of playing casino games online from India?

Winning real money of course!

All the best internet casino games reward you with real cash when you win so you can fill your wallet with peti, khoka, tijori, crore or whatever you want to call it!

Just make sure to take care of how you play since it’s just as easy to lose money as it is to win if you don’t concentrate.

Just make sure to choose the right real money casino for you when you start!

Below you can find some places where you can start earning money by playing your favourite casino game online from India.

Only Safe & Legal Casino Games

We value safety first here at G2G so you can be sure that every game that we suggest has been reviewed to make sure that it is legal to play online from India.

Furthermore we only promote Indian online casinos with licenses to make sure that you are always treated fairly.

For our dedication we have been rewarded with lots of positive feedback from our readers at both Trustpilot and Google reviews.

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Online Casino Games FAQ

Every single casino game online can be found in a real money version at Indian online casinos.

Blackjack is most common casino game online and is therefor the most popular.

Blackjack since they have the biggest payout up to 99%. Slots also have great odds of winning with average return to player of around 96%.

Jackpot slot machines are known to give players the biggest wins. Mega Moolah has the record of paying out more than 20 million USD in one spin.

How to Play Responsibly

On the topic of playing carefully you should consider reading up on responsible gaming before you start.

Responsible gaming is the practice of enjoying online casino games, you guessed it, responsibly.

Online casino games in India are new and it can be very exciting to play and you can easily get carried away on how much you spend.

Being aware of the fact that sometimes you can lose control on how much you spend and being able to take back that control is key!

So take the time to check out my article on responsible gambling before you take off.

Don’t fall for Scam Casino Games

As with most things in life nothing is 100% positive and online casino games are no exceptions. Even though they are great there are some you need to be careful with.

Scams are nothing new but when it comes to these real cash games it might be hard to understand which are genuine casino games and which aren’t.

The easiest way to avoid being tricked is to only play the real casino games available at the websites we recommend.

If you find something outside that is not mentioned here you need to use the 3 Ws.

Who? Who is behind the game, is it a legitimate game provider that has government approval in the form of a license? A license is a stamp of trust given by a government to an online casino.

What? What are other players saying about the online casino where they are playing the game. Can they for example make withdrawals easily after they have won?

Where? Where is the game from or rather where is the company from that created the game? Most of the time an online casino game is only legal because it is based outside of India.

teen patti money app

Casino Games on Your Mobile

As most of you will read this on your phone you will be glad to know that playing online casino games works best on your mobile.

Android or IOS, Samsung or Xiaomi it does not matter you can play any mobile casino game easily.

You can also play the most popular Indian casino games in the many apps provided.

Just make sure to choose one of the many great casino apps we vouch for, better safe than sorry.

best rank

Which Games have the Best Odds?

The odds of winning games depends on which game you are playing and what skill level you have.

For example the odds of winning European roulette when playing all on red or black is 48,65% so there is almost a 50/50 chance.

The odds of winning Blackjack or Teen Patti on the other hand are constantly changing depending on which cards are on the table.

So speaking of casino games with the best odds can sometimes be quite pointless.

What you should focus on instead is Return To Player or RTP as it’s most commonly called.

RTP and How it Works

The RTP is a measure on how much the bets placed on a certain online casino game get Returned To the Player.

This does not mean that you will get this percentage back if you play since it is based on all players.

You could get 10% of your bets back or 300% and what makes gambling so fun!

The small cut the site the casino game takes is used to cover their upkeep such as salaries, offices and such.

This cut is usually between 0,2%-5%.

Here you can also see a list of the average RTP of the top 5 most played casino games in India.

These are just averages meaning that each casino will decide how much they want to keep but they tend to try to stay around the average.

Casino GameReturn to Player (RTP)
Teen Patti97%*
Online Slots92%-99%

*Theoretical average means that this is the amount of you get back on each bet but does not mean players will get 99% of bet money back since these are chance games of skill.

Christopher Baude

My Favourite Casino Game Online

Now you have reached the end of this lengthy casino game guide and I would like to leave you with my personal advice on my favourite online casino game.

The magnificent video slots are without a doubt my personal favourite.

First of all, they are easily the most entertaining.

They come in all shapes, sizes and themes and there is always a new popular game to choose from.

You are sure to find a slot version of any hobby or interest you may have. At least I think that’s cool!

Second of all, they are the safest way to win money.

That is the beauty of slots, from the first play you are just as good as someone who has played for years.

You have the exact same odds of winning as everyone else even when you play your first time. Top quality!

Finally, the majority can’t be wrong.

Slots are the most popular casino game worldwide and for good reason.

Most fun, best chances of winning real money as a beginner and most popular about sums it up!

That’s it for me!

If you have read this whole page you are more than ready to start dominating the casino game of your choice.

Practice makes perfect so get to it!