An Indian Player Wins more than ₹11 Lakh at NYSpins Online Slot

“I wish I could win big prize money by putting in large amount of bets” – said no one ever! Everybody likes the idea of winning a butt-load of cash without any substantial investment. However, unlike for many others who are often fascinated by the world of online gambling, this idea became a reality for one very special Indian player.

NYSpin’s Winning Slot: Dead or Alive 2

This winning incident took place on the 29th of November 2019, between 08:53:12 and 08:55:13, where the player managed to win such a humongous amount.

Now, let me explain as to what exactly happened during the winning moment.

While playing the slot game of Dead or Alive 2, the rays of good fortune did shine over an Indian gentleman and made him won a whopping amount of  ₹11,61,994.50 while trying his luck at NYSpins online casino. Things happened in a volley, as he placed his bet at ₹40.5 with an initial balance of ₹2,082.6 and hit the start button.

To give a brief idea about how this lucky fella placed his bets, he first started with a basic spin where he bet on 9 lines and won about 72 coins. The slot machine let him move forward with the next round of free spins. Then, he chose the high noon saloon, where he was yet again, awarded with 12 free spins.

The free saga doesn’t end here. Our friend appeased to lady luck once again and this time, he placed his bets on 9 lines with his remaining 11 free spins and 10 coins.

Things took a drastic (in a good way) turn at the final spin where he placed a bet on the similar 9 lines with each coin value of ₹2.25 and ultimately, went cha-ching with a mammoth 94,296 coins! And that’s how, Mr. Lucky Guy was able to fill his pockets with a lot of moolah.

One of the managers at NYSpins spoke to us and this is what he had to say about the win:

“We were surprised at the luck quotient of this player. On 29th November, between  08:53:12 and 08:55:13, the player managed to hit the right slots at the right time and managed to win such a huge amount!”.

The manager was also generous enough to share with us a few screenshots of the game’s complete winning combinations and the winning amount, which I’ve put them as separate images for you:

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