The Roulette Wheel Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

Last updated on 16th September 2020

Published: 02/04/2020

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Computer monitred roulette wheel

G2G Blows the Door to Roulette Wheel Secrets Open!

Okay, let me tell you. I have listed the top 5 secrets casinos do NOT want you to know.

The Roulette wheel is not as impervious to “hacks” as it may seem from the outside. Let me explain.

Throughout history, well-known gamblers like Joseph Jagger, “Wheel Watcher” William Nelson Darnborough, and Billy Walters have all found a way to hack the Roulette wheel based on:

  • The technology used at that time
  • The intelligence needed for the hack
  • With sheer conviction to carry out the hack

And as time evolves, the technology used to build the roulette wheels evolves along with the technological awareness of people who’re willing to hack the system, so, the history of roulette repeats itself.

The only way casinos can prevent their roulette wheels from getting hacked manually or technologically is to keep them under wraps, observe them closely, 24/7 and making proprietary wheels & keeping their secrets, and in this article, I’ll unwrap a few of these secrets.

Since the early 20th century, until the technological revolution, roulette wheels were mostly mechanical, hence were susceptible to wear and ended up favouring certain sets out outcomes.

To remedy this, casinos started to design robust roulette wheels using cutting-edge technologies, extremely regular maintenance of the wheel was a common sight and even ball used to play was frequently replaced.

Casinos across the world started favouring the American wheel as opposed to the European wheel as the American wheel had more than 5% house advantage.

1. American Vs. European Roulette

Image of two roulette wheels

The American roulette wheel has 2 zero pockets whereas the European roulette wheel has 1, so most casinos wouldn’t want the players to know this, but the outcome may be significant, hence, it is wiser to choose the European wheel.

Furthermore, the numbers on the black and red pockets are much better balanced with respect to randomness, when compared with the American wheel, so the players have more than one reason to ditch the American wheel.

So if you have a list of casino games online with both American and European always go for the latter.

2. The Pockets

Image of roulette metal pocket frets

Many European and American roulette wheels lately have shallow pocket depths to ensure that the ball bounces more erratically and takes longer to settle in a pocket, and the said pockets are made with the metal itself, for the same reason.

Even the frets’ (the metal that divides one pocket from the other) sizes vary from one wheel to the other where one casino might use angled frets and others, flat frets depending on their convenience and the kind of players they attract.

It is advised to observe the depth of the pockets before placing your bets at real money casinos, as this is one of the astute secrets they get away with.

Needless to say, there are other designs of pockets which are slowly gaining traction like the curved and scalloped pockets, which are fairer than the ones spoken about before.

3. The Ball

Usually, proportionate to their respective wheels, the balls are anywhere between 18 and 21mm, and are made of ivory. 

The lesser-known fact is that it is extremely hard to make perfectly round balls out of ivory and most casinos alternate between the biggest ball they have and the smallest ball, throughout the day, just to keep the odds balanced.

When ivory meets metal, the bounce is significant and casinos usually enjoy the freedom of making various customised pockets and balls that fit their needs.

4. The Wheel

Foundation of roulette wheel

Varying anywhere between 27, 30 or 32 inches in diameter, the biggest secret of casinos is the wheel itself.

Recently, a roulette wheel manufactured by Huxley Starburst was disassembled and what was revealed hidden underneath the wheel was nothing but shocking.

Discreetly tucked away was a nifty computer with various sensors that could monitor and store outcomes of games and diagnose malpractice and report unfair usage to the casino.

Stored up to 6 years, the casino has the leeway to monitor the players from a hidden box, and this uncovering is known as the revealing of one of the biggest casino secrets in recent history.

Here are a few more secrets that makes the casinos nervous: 

  • Algorithms that can be designed to predict the outcome and with the advent of AI, this is a bigger problem than it seems.
  • The very similarly designed modern, Huxley Mk7 wheel and the Cammegh Classic wheel. The Huxley is newer so the evolution favours the casino, obviously.
  • Other additions to the wheel like the diamonds and smoother ball track which may change the course of the ball.
  • Unseen manufacturing defects that the casinos fail to notice.
  • There are always lazy employees who let the players get away with strategies or other hacks.

Now when you have this information you might or might not, use this information to your advantage.

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