American Roulette Online

Online roulette can be played in many different ways but the two main versions are American roulette and European roulette.

In this article you can learn everything there is to know about American roulette, like how it is played and how you enjoy it from India.

Game Setup

The roulette wheel in US roulette has 38 divisions. Numbers are from 1 to 36 with 00 and 0 beings also present.

The numbers from 1 to 36 are alternately coloured in black or red. The single zero, as well as double zero, is usually in green.

The American roulette rules follow the standard rules. Therefore there is no difference in playing on an American roulette wheel as to any other wheel.

You as a player will bet on predicting which pocket the roulette ball will fall into.

Once you set a bet the dealer will then spin the roulette wheel and then spin the ball around the wheel in the opposite direction.

There are plenty of roulette bets to choose from and all you need to do is follow your gut.

Different Strategies to Win in American Roulette

There are plenty of strategies to choose from to help you win at American roulette.

One of the most famous strategies is the Martingale roulette betting system. It involves you doubling your bet every time you lose.

There is also the Anti-Martingale system that works in the same way but you double your bet when you win.

History of the Game

As the name indicates American roulette is dominant in the US where most of the modern American roulette rules come from as well.

When the french emigrated to the Americas they brought with them the game of roulette. The original wheel had a 0 and 00 slot and was what was used throughout America.

During the same time, it was becoming increasingly popular to play roulette in the US, the elite in Europe changed to a wheel with just the 0 slot.

Whilst the one 0 slot became standard in the EU it stayed the same in the US.

American Roulette in India

American roulette is available at both Goa casinos and at Indian online casinos. This is also something you need to be aware of when you play at casinos in India.

You might get led or hinted to play on an American roulette wheel but avoid it since you can almost always find a European roulette wheel at the same casino. Unless you are in the USA of course.

So make sure to double-check that there is only one 0 slot on the wheel so you get the best odds in your favour when playing.


American roulette is one of the two most common types of online roulette. American roulette gives you worse odds of winning and the casinos a larger house edge.

The only reason you should ever play American roulette is if you have no other options. It has no advantages compared to the European version.

Now that you know the American roulette rules and how it is played you are ready to avoid it but try out regular roulette.

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