Top 5 Insane Roulette Bets That Actually Worked!

Ashley Revell takes home the big win
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Published: 10/04/2020

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G2G’s Compilation of Crazy Roulette Bets

We all know that roulette is one of the most popular online casino games. Interestingly some players have entirely bucked common roulette strategy and taken exceptionally risky approaches.

Here are five gamblers who actually won big with their crazy bets and made riveting roulette stories.

At the end of this article, there is nothing stopping you from playing roulette for real money and maybe becoming the sixth person on my list?

Ashley Revell Gambled Everything He Owns

Ashley Revell takes home the big win

This story will give you all the hope you need to play roulette on online casinos. One of the most substantial roulette stories belongs to a famous gambler Ashley Revell. In 2004, He sold his possessions to pile up money to place a giant bet on roulette. After the sale, this 32-year-old man earned £76,000 ($135,300).

It is utter madness to sell everything he owned just for a single roulette bet you must be thinking. Nevertheless, there was a method behind it.

Revell’s next step was finding a casino that would accept $135,300 wager from him. Revell’s big gamble stage was set by Las Vegas’ Plaza Hotel & Casino who agreed to take that risk.

The actual wheel Ashley Revell played on

Revell was unaltered and reached Las Vegas and placed his $135.3k wager on red as a part of black/red wager (1:1 payout) and the anticipation began while the wheel started to spin.

The ball then landed on a red 7 pocket and doubled Revell’s money to a total of $270,600.

Jake Cody is popularly known as the Poker Pro Bets on Roulette

Jake Cody wings big in roulette

The poker pro Jake Cody with a record of excellent accomplishments. In 2018, In a £2,200 high-roller event at party poker UK Poker Championships, Cody got first place. His winning was $60,000(£42,670). Rather than adding $60k to his bankroll, At UK’s Dusk Till Dawn casino Cody placed the wager into a single roulette bet (black).

The event became such a nail-biter that the owner of casino Rob Yong himself took over the spin as a dealer. While Yong himself was spinning the roulette wheel Cody placed his wager on black and anticipated. Then the ball landed on black and doubled his wager and he collected $119,882 (£85,340).

Sean Connery Wins a Single-Number Bet (Three Times Straight!)

James Bond actor Sean Connery is known as a world-famous actor but not many people know that he was also a gambler who wasn’t afraid of taking risks. Like I needed more reason to love 007, he has to have a lucky casino night.

In the year of 1963, Sean Connery hit one of Italy’s famous Casino de la Vallee as he was filming a movie. He always liked roulette and placed his wager on 17.

You may know, the longest odds at winning is a single-number wager. The odds of winning this bet on an American wheel are 37:1, while on a European wheel are 36:1.

Connery his first two spins. Then he got lucky and won the third spin, earning a 36:1 payout. Usually gamblers walk away from the wheel at this point. But Connery’s next move was completely unthought of, he risked all his winnings on his favourite number 17 again.

For his shock and others, he actually won his single-number wager for the second time to multiply his winnings by 36 times. However, this amazing story doesn’t even end here.

Connery took another leap of faith with the number 17 and even for the third time he won. When he started with a little single-number wager, little did he know he would be leaving the table with an unbelievably large profit of $27,000.

It is fascinating that the odds of someone winning three single-number bets one after the other are actually over 50,000:1. So, it was not all Connery’s talent but this massive number speaks for his luck.

Newcastle United Owner Won £820,000

Mike Ashley wins big in the casino

The owner of the Newcastle United football club, Mike Ashley is someone who won big at this game.

In 2008, maybe inspired by Connery, this billionaire also placed his money on 17 at London’s Mayfair casino.

Ashley also wagered on other exciting outcomes which included odd numbers, black, six lines and splits. After only a short 15-minutes at the game, he won £820,000 in total.

Computer Programmer Put $220k Life Savings all into a Single Bet

Chris Boyd was probably the inspiration behind Ashley Revell. In 1994, the computer programmer saved $220,000 over three years. Boyd searched for a casino that would take his wager which happened to be one in Vegas’ Binion’s Horseshoe Club.

Under normal circumstances, Binion’s only allowed a max wager of $100,000, but they bent their rules for Boyd. The casino covered the 00 on the American wheel turning it into a European roulette wheel and gave Boyd better odds at winning.

He placed his entire life savings of $220k on red just like Revell and actually won. Following which he vowed to leave gambling.

But why did he? Roulette is one of the best and most fun online casino games out there. If you want more crazy things about roulette, I recommend reading my article about the hidden secrets of the roulette wheel.

Maybe this will boost your chance of winning the game for real?

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