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Guide to playing online roulette

If you’re the one who cannot go to Goa or Macao every now and then, it can be challenging to play your favourite casino games as often as you like. With the evolution of roulette websites in India, playing your favourite casino game has become easy. Internet roulette brings the excitement of land-based casinos to your mobile devices.

Playing roulette online in India can be a challenge because of the legal concerns and rules associated with it. Hence, the team at Guide 2 Gambling decided to give you a comprehensive guide on the best way to play roulette online in India.

What is online roulette?

Roulette is fondly called the ‘King of Casino Games’ for a reason. Ever since it’s discovery in the 17th century, the game has seen several transformations. Nothing compares to the thrill of land-based roulette such as the excitement of getting those chips in delightful colours or the charm of standing by a grand roulette table. However, web-based roulette has become highly popular in recent times because of two reasons – it is easier to access and it offers a lot more than land-based roulette.

When you want to play regularly and conveniently, online roulette becomes more accessible. You can play on any device at any time. In fact, most online roulette websites also offer 24×7 support. Online roulette offers several variations that can be a lot more fun than land-based roulette. There are mini roulette tables, progressive roulette, multi-wheel roulette and more.

For beginners, online roulette is a fantastic option because you can play online free of charge at first. Play to learn the tricks of the game and evolve a strategy of your own. Once that is done, you can pool in the real money and play it tough to get the real money in.

Why is online roulette preferred?

  • Lower house
  • Easily accessible
  • Quieter and comforting
  • Can be played from the comfort of your PC, laptop or smartphone
  • Greater options and variations than traditional roulette
  • Alluring payouts
  • Better safety & privacy

For many of us, roulette is synonymous with casino games. It shoots up the adrenalin and brings in the extravagance. Playing online roulette for real money replicates the charm of real casinos.

Where can I play online roulette for money?

You can get the ball rolling by signing up to any online casino website. Most online roulette sites for real money will give you bonus cash. So you can play without depositing any amount initially. It is important to find out the following before you join a casino online.

  1. What are the deposit/withdrawal methods?
  2. The currency that they accept
  3. Check the wagering requirements
  4. Do a background check on the website

At G2G, we have reviewed a list of the best Indian internet casinos. You will find over 200 online casinos for Indian players listed on our website. We have verified that these websites are 100% trusted and legitimate.

Visit any of these websites. Once you sign up with your details, complete the sign-up deposit process and your game of choice. Since you’re reading this article, I am assuming you will be playing roulette.

Choose the type of roulette you want to play. The European version of roulette has a single 0 pocket and low house edge. French version is similar but it has higher betting options. Lastly, the American version maintains the classic bets but has an additional 00 pocket for a bigger house edge.

Where to play Roulette for real


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The basics of roulette

Roulette has maintained its popularity for over 300 years. With the generations, the game has evolved to become bigger and more evolved. A good game of roulette should depend on probability. An unbiased wheel is the most reliable for roulette. For instance, roulette systems like Martingale and Fibonacci systems follow pure mathematical rules. Such systems are more reliable for a player and is least affected by any external factors. Hence, it becomes important to know how to choose the right online roulette strategy.

Online roulette is known to be the most reliable because it has an animated wheel that generates a random number. It doesn’t depend on any rule to generate a specific number. This makes online roulette truly unbiased. Online casinos are therefore highly recommended to learn gambling as well.

What remains important is to find an online roulette that uses reliable gaming software. Look out for software such as Playtech or Microgaming to play legal and reliable online casino games.

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Indian gamblers like myself love to play a game that is fair and legal. However, in India it is not that easy. You might not find a great Indian website that allows you to play roulette online. The actual ban on gambling only holds true for Maharashtra. Goa and Sikkim have legal casinos. The government also takes 30% from a gambling profit earned while playing online roulette in India.

A good idea would be to find online casino websites that hold a license outside of India. This ensures that your game is internationally recognised. Playing with an internationally-recognised website also means that your money is safe. What’s more important to note is that roulette is a chance-based game. So know your game before you shell out the money.

You can read this article if you want to be doubly sure of whether online gambling is legal in India.


Roulette requires the player to guess a number that will fall out. Some basic rules of roulette apply to land-based as well as online roulette. Firstly, you can put your bet on a single number, or a group. These group numbers can be betted in any combination. They can be in the same or different colours. They can also be different in one or a dozen or columns. With the ‘call rate’, you will need to define your group of numbers in a row. This sequence should be the same as on the drum.

It is best to be well versed with the rules before you start playing Roulette online. I will advise you to go through our “Rules to Roulette” article before you try your luck.


A lot of money can be made in roulette if you bet on a single number. The other way is to bet small on many numbers and win. Placing smaller bets on many numbers also works because it increases your chances of a win. New players can be conservative. They tend to place all their bets on a single number or too much on many numbers. The trick is to play in the middle else you can end up polarizing your game. It’s important to learn statistics before you play a real game.

Don’ts of roulette:

  • Never depend on anyone betting system
  • Know various board variations
  • Avoid playing while you are tipsy
  • Play an amount that will keep your finances safe

If you want to learn more about how to bet and strategies, check out my roulette betting strategy section.

Winning potential

Online roulette is a great way to start playing the game because you don’t have to decide your bets at the cash counter. Instead, you can generally decide that when the wheel starts spinning. Some websites have live dealers where you cannot use this.

There are two types of bets:

Outside bets: Lower risk with lower payouts

Inside bets: Higher risk with higher payouts

BetPayoutWin Probability*Win Probability**
Red / Black (18 numbers)1:148.65%47.37%
Even / Odd (18 numbers)1:148.65%47.37%
Low / High (18 numbers)1:148.65%47.37%
Dozen (12 numbers)2:132.43%31.58%
Column (12 numbers)2:132.43%31.58%
Double Street (6 numbers)5:116.22%15.79%
First Five (5 numbers)6:113.16%
Corner (4 numbers)8:110.81%10.53%
Street (3 numbers)11:18.11%7.89%
Split (2 numbers)17:15.41%5.26%
Straight (single number)35:12.70%2.63%
* = Europpean, single zero roulette odds and chance to win
** = American double zero roulette odds ad chance to win

Outside bets are played with a red or black wager. If you win, you can keep the initial amount and receive an equal amount. Payout ratio is the same for Odd or Even. High or Low is also popular because it deals with numbers from 1 -18 or 19 – 36. In an online roulette bet, the dealers find their edge from the 0.

Inside bets are not for the faint hearted. You can bet on a single number and the payout will be 35 to 1.

Variations of the game

Popular types of roulette include:

European roulette wheel: A classic game of roulette, this one has a single 0 that is placed at the opposite side of the reel. The sequence is clockwise and the rule applies to numbers of the same colour and consecutive numbers.

American roulette wheel: This game has two additional slots 0 and 00 that lies on the opposite sides of the wheel. The numbers are places clockwise from 0 to 28.

French roulette: This has the same layout as European roulette. The numbers are also arranged in the same sequence. However, French roulette has two rules different from European roulette: “En Prison” and “La Partage”.

Playing Roulette Virtual or Live

Live roulette has become highly popular because you can interact with a human live dealer. The dealer handles the entire betting process in real-time sitting at a real roulette table. All this is broadcasted via a live-streaming video link. Here, you can learn more about ‘Live Streaming Casino’.

Video roulette comes in many other formats. Video roulette can also be played with an animated screen or an automated system that has the same layout as live poker. The table is presented in 2G or 3G and requires less internet connection compared to live streaming roulette. On the game screen, you will be able to follow analytical data of your bets and the previous results, which can help you leverage your play.

Play roulette for real money vs. free

I would always recommend you, especially newcomers, to better themselves at the game of roulette using a free platform or using a no-deposit bonus, before they get into any real game that involves real money. You can practice roulette for free at G2G in the next article.

Play with real money once you have practised it here. In fact, even in India, several new online casinos have opened up that accept Indian rupee. They have dedicated customer support for players residing and playing in India.

You can play roulette casino with rupees easily now.