Super Spade Games Casinos in India

Super Spade gaming is one of the most recognised  live casino game providers in India.

They are famous for providing Indian favourites such as Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

Learn everything you need about this live casino game provider in this in-depth guide.

Best Super Spade Games Casinos 2024

The thrill of playing at a land-based casino can never be felt at home, that’s for sure. Especially if you’re playing online casino games that are RNG-based and offer no real heat whatsoever.

Thankfully, someone smart invented the Live Casino games, and I, as an online casino dork, am forever grateful. Live Dealer games are something different, very close to land-based gambling.

In fact, I often find myself holding a glass of wine while playing a Live Dealer game and interacting with the dealers. It makes me feel as if I really am in a real brick-and-mortar casino floor.

Now, not all games can provide you with that satisfaction. To really get that feeling in full, you have to be playing a highly sophisticated Live Casino game.

You know that the ultimate games come from Evolution’s studio, but have you ever wondered where else can you find splendid games to play?

Well, I have. And whilst exploring different Indian casinos listed on G2G, I stumbled upon a Live Casino games supplier called Super Spade Games, and I was pleasantly surprised.

It does not offer as advanced software as other bigger Live Studios do, but its games give you this homey atmosphere and make you feel special. Eager to find out more about all this? Stay tuned.

Guide to Indian Super Spade Games Casinos

Super Spade Games, as I said, is not that big of a player in the industry. However, the things it offers and its mission are promising.

What makes its games interesting are the superior H5 mobile technology and the really user-friendly interface. You can play on the go or from the comfort of your home, whichever you prefer, without any disruptions.

Moreover, and this goes to your advantage, it offers several Indian casino games you could try, such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. Can you believe it? Sure, many other developers offer Andar Bahar, but Teen Patti? Rarely, if ever.

The best real money online casino sites with Super Spade Games I have listed all accept Indian players and offer these two great Live Casino games, so why not go through them and find one for yourself?

Background to Super Spade Games

To be fair, Super Spade Games is a fairly new developer. It actually formed its major partnerships with giants like 1xBet in 2018. But ever since, it has been building a strong reputation.

This is because its team of dedicated professionals have been working non-stop to develop something that would make the company a success in a sea of competition.

After delivering its final products, the Web APIs, the back-end systems and the 24/7 help desk, the developer acquired its Curacao license and went forward in pursuit of significant partnerships.

Due to its high-standard designed games which are available cross-platform, Super Spade Games managed to land its games on several well-reputed websites.

I’ve mentioned 1xBet, which is listed on G2G, but Super Spade Games Live Dealer games are also available in and These are just some of the operators who offer its games.

If you go through the list of Super Spade Games live casinos available at Guide2Gambling, you will notice that the developer is focused on the Indian market, which is great for you, and makes sure to expand its reach.

It has opened a new studio in Europe, but it also reached out to its Asian audience, participating in the Phil Asian Gaming Expo 2019, and G2E Asia. Therefore, plenty of players can enjoy its games.

Live Games from Super Spade Games

At the moment of writing this review, the number of games from Super Spade Games was 8, but the developer had announced that 2 more were on the way.

As you can see, there are not as many games by Super Spade Games as there are by other developers, but you have to give the developer credit for creating that many in just a few years.

Now, I would like to point out that it offers the Asian-focused Live Dragon Tiger, the classic live Baccarat and Live Roulette games, and the Three Card Poker.

But then again, I would like to inform you in more detail about the Indian ones, Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. And I will explain more about its unique game Casino War.

Andar Bahar

The meaning of Andar Bahar in Indian is “In-Out”, but you don’t need me to tell you that. I just needed to stress it out just to introduce the 50:50 chance game concept in this game.

Being pretty quick and easy to play in nature, it is very similar to your original traditional game Andar Bahar, and it keeps you on the edge of the seat all the time.

Teen Patti

Even though Teen Patti or 3 Cards originated from India, it is the kind of the game that got the attention of Super Spade Games’ South Asian players, too.

It is the simplified version of the popular table game Three Cards or Flash but is enhanced with the attractive payouts for Pair Plus Bonus Bet.

Casino War

Now, this is where things heat up. Casino War is a unique game by Super Spade Games which is similar to poker, as the cards are counted the same, except for the aces which are always high.

It is played with six decks, the suit does not matter, only the rank of the cards. You place a wager, and both you and the dealer get a face-up card.

They are compared, and if yours is higher, you win even money. If the dealer’s is higher, though, you lose. As simple as that.

How to verify a casino with Super Spade Games is safe?

You should know that even though Super Spade Games is still a new name in the Live Casino industry, it still plays by the book, and it takes security and safety seriously.

Its games underwent thorough accuracy, reliability and fairness testing and auditing, and were approved and certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

But if you’re curious to find safe Super Spade Games casinos, you can always go through G2G list of casinos that accept Indian players and choose from there.

As mentioned, Super Spade Games has partnered with 1xBet. This is one of the best mobile casinos with Super Spade Games software that you could join.

1xBet is also licensed by Curacao, and it holds a powerful reputation in the gambling world. It uses powerful SSL encryption technology to keep your data safe and impenetrable.

Plus, you know, 1xBet as an established operator, would never offer games by a developer who is not trustworthy and who does not offer high-quality games.

Therefore, you can rest assured that any online casino with Super Spade Games software listed on G2G is a great choice for you.

Dedicated Live Environment

Considering all of the above, you must have figured out that Super Spade Games has still not reached a stage where it can offer its own Dedicated Live Environment.

Online casinos in India with Super Spade Games get solutions for seamless integration and management, in addition to Customer Support 24/7, but so far, that’s all the developer can offer.

I’m sure things will change in the future, the offering will improve, it’s just that the developer needs some more time.

Start Playing Super Spade Games Today

It is only fair to say that Super Spade Games deserves your attention, and its games deserve a try. Especially the two games dedicated to Indian players.

Not every developer really pays attention to what a specific group of players would appreciate playing, so don’t be surprised if you notice other Indian games offered by Super Spade Games in the future, like Satte Pe Satta, for instance.

So, take a look at the list I have complied for you with Super Spade Games Live Dealer games and choose one to sign up today. You’ll have a blast playing games you’re familiar with!