Teen Patti: A Definitive Guide

Undeniably, Teen Patti is one of the favourite games for most Indian players. But if you aren’t aware of its rules yet, do not worry, as I am here to guide you how to play Teen Patti today and help you master it. I have been playing this game at different casinos and have won a decent sum by betting for real money.

After I teach you the game rules, I will also list the best online sites or casinos where Teen Patti is being offered. However, if you already know how it is played and are eager to play now, then here are a few quick links to check out. Good luck!


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Teen Patti: The Favourite Card Game of Indians


If you have not played “Flash” or “Flush” as its famously known in some areas, you have seriously missed out on one of the most interesting card games of the Indian subcontinent. This game is synonymous with our growing years during our teens.

More as we grow and start earning and on an occasional night out at a friend’s place we all gather to strike luck over a game of flash.

The real name of this game is called “Teen Patti” a simplified form of Poker. This game is famously popular across the whole of South Asia.

Did you think it was just a game played within the walls of your hostel dorm or your home? In this era of technology, you will be pleased to know that in case you are from the unlucky genre of people who never got a chance to play this game, you can quietly and discreetly access various casinos with online Teen Patti in India.

If you are a pro at Teen Patti and can’t get those old buddies across you can try your luck against live players and play Teen Patti on internet casinos.

But in the vast ocean of the world wide web, finding a trustworthy online casino offering a genuine gambling experience with the filter of “Indian-ness” is a challenge. We all play with cash when playing amongst friends, we don’t play with candies and chocolate bars. Hence why the disregard to playing Teen Patti online with INR. Me and my team at G2G are here just for that to bring forth the best of the Indian sites with a true desi flavour and genuine quality of international standards and safety.

What is Teen Patti?

Teen patti is a popular gambling card game, which originated from India but has quickly gained prominence across South Asia. It is a simplified form of poker.

The term was coined from “three-card brag,” in a well-known English game with a few influences from poker and is also called flash or flush in certain regions.

Note: Teen Patti is also called “Indian Poker.”

What is Online Teen Patti?

Online Teen Patti is basically a software version of the Teen Patti you would usually play with friends. You can enjoy the same company of friends even though you all may be miles apart.

Thanks to the online platform, where with the power of the internet, you can connect with all your friends and enjoy the game at a time and place of your choice. With graphics pleasing to the eye as well as extra advantages as the software can provide you with analytical data on your gaming behaviour which helps you to perform even better.

screenshot of Teen Patti card game

Teen Patti is an interesting card game. It is one of those games which has taken the online mobile industry by storm. People are playing these games more than ever. But if you were wondering about the memory in your smartphone, you won’t even have to download the game to be able to play it. You can effortlessly play Teen Patti Online on mobile casinos in India for real rupees.

You can bet with real money with software wallets taking care of the transactions in a secure manner for you.

The Game starts with one of the players or the dealer dealing the cards in a counter clockwise fashion. Its generally played amongst 4 to 7 players together. Before the game begins the Ante is mutually decided and agreed upon and the rest of the game follows.

An Ante or just ‘Ante’ – bet is basically a forced bet, in which all players put in an equal amount of money or chips into the common pot before the game commences. The reason it’s done is that it ensures that if a player folds in every round s/he is sure to gradually lose money and on the other hand it provides a small incentive to all the other active players on the table.

To know more about the rules, you can read on further down this article.

How to Play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a popular Indian poker game, which usually involves 3-6 players with a deck of 52 cards but without jokers.

  • Similar to poker, the dealer here distributes 3 cards face down in anti-clockwise direction to every player on the table. Typically, the winner of the hand becomes the dealer for the next hand.
  • Once the cards are distributed, the players sitting to the dealer’s left start to bet and every player acts on his or her turn as per the cards’ strength. There betting rounds have no limits.
  • The players who remain until the end (cannot be more than 2) should display their cards. So, the player who has the highest ranking hand wins the pot.
  • However, if all the players fold except for one player, the betting will end, and the last player will win the pot.

Before the dealer distributes the cards, a boot amount is first decided and gathered from every player. This is the minimum stake placed in a pot (don’t assume this as a real “pot.” It is where all the money is kept at the center of the table). When the game progresses, this pot money also grows, and in the end, it is won by the winner of that hand.

Starting from high to low, this is the ranking of the cards to be aware of:

  • Set or Trail (three of identical rank)
  • Pure sequence
  • Sequence (also called “run”)
  • Pair, Color (two cards with same rank)
  • High Card

Where to play Teen Patti for Real Money?

Indians love to play games which are made in India and made for Indians. Having said that we are pleased to let you know that there are many websites in India which offer Online casinos for Teen Patti. Just keep scrolling.

Me and my team at G2G have reviewed many websites (as of now more than 100) and offer you the best of the best. You can check out our comparative listing to go through a list of Online Teen Patti sites where you can get to play Teen Patti.

There are a few basic steps, which you should follow:

  • Register on a website with correct email id, phone number, name and other credentials.
  • This is important to ensure proper identification which is needed for monetary transactions. You wouldn’t want to lose money just because of an incorrect spelling on your name or a typo on the account number.
  • Once you have registered you can access your account and go through the website and play which ever Online Teen Patti version you want to.

You can go through the list of Indian Teen Patti sites which we have specially selected for you keeping in mind the Indian mindset. Safety, user-friendly, accepting INR and having online payment options are to name a few of the various criteria on the basis of which we have checked and filtered the sites.

To summarize our findings of Teen Patti sites you usually find the Indian card game Andar Bahar at the same casinos too. Bollybet and 22bet are two of those sites. But explore the full list to see the offering.

Best Teen Patti casinos in India


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The Basics of Teen Patti

If you know how to play jhandi munda, then I’m sure you will enjoy teen patti too. And, as you know that Teen Patti or Flash or flush is a popular card game played across four to seven players. There is a dealer who deals the cards in a counter clockwise fashion till all have three cards in hands. The Ante is mutually decided beforehand itself.

It’s basically a relative of the famous game of poker.

After the ante bets and possible blinds have been placed the regular betting would start. This is done by the player who puts an amount to the pot after the blind has been added.There are certain betting limits which are incorporated. These apply to the amounts the player might want to bet or raise.

One version of online Teen Patti uses a 52-card deck and the other version is played by adding 2 joker cards which are eventually used as wild cards.

The whole aim is to have the best three-card (Teen Patti) hand.

A hand of higher category would naturally beat a hand of lower category which is decided as follows:

TypeDescriptionFrequencyProbability in a 52-card version w/o Joker
Three of a Kind (trio)Three of the same cards with 3 A as the highest and 3 ‘2’s as the lowest520.24%
Straight Flush (pure Sequence)3 consecutive cards of the same suit. Highest being A-K-Q and lowest 4-3-2. K-A-2 is not considered a straight flush but a valid flush.480.22%
Straight (Sequence)3 consecutive cards but need not be of the same suit.7203.26%
Flush (color)3 cards of the same suit. In case of a tie the payer with a higher card wins. Suit Ranking is spades first with clubs last.10964.96%
Pair (Double)Two cards of the same rank. The one with the higher card value wins. If both pairs are of equal value, then the value of the 3rd card decides the winner.374416.94%
No Pair (High Card)Two players sharing the same high card then the rest of the cards will be gauged based upon their values.1644074.39%


Teen Patti is more a game of skill than of chance. It is perfectly legal to play teen Patti online for real money in India. You need skill to be able to understand your hand vs others and bluff them or make an intelligent call to fold or a sideshow.

Considering the fact that the gambling laws in India are Ancient and do not include the www domain, it is safe to presume that Teen Patti is an absolutely legal game to play in India. You can access this article for more information regarding the legal picture of gambling in India.

Teen Patti Rules

The rules of Teen Patti are really simple. I am giving you a complete outline so that you will always remember:

  • When you play teen patti online, know that every player will contribute towards the boot money and will get 3 cards face down.
  • The player next to the dealer (clockwise direction) will be the first player to start the game.
  • The player has an option to bet without seeing the cards (also called “blind”). But if the player sees his or her card, then, he or she can play “chaal (chance)” or might have other options based on how the game progresses.
  • A player placing a blind bet is called a blind player.
  • A player placing a bet after seeing his or her cards is called a seen player.

Now, let’s go in-depth.

Teen Patti is played with international cards but devoid of Joker cards. If you compare the rules of Teen Patti to its counterparts, it’s pretty much similar to “3-card Brag” and “3-card poker.” Speaking of counterparts, You should definitely try your hand at online roulette, online baccarat game, online blackjack, and european roulette. I’m sure you will love it!

Prior starting a game, the players have to agree on the value of the money at stake. To help you understand the teen patti rules easily, assume that the amount of money agreed at the first instance is 1 unit.

Every player will place a similar amount of money in the pot. The position is in the centre of the table and the winner can take the entire prize money. Then the dealer hands out the cards, and then the betting starts. So, who among the players has the best three cards? Yes, the option is there for everyone to look at their three cards. But, here is where the rules of Teen Patti start.

Blind Player

Blind play basically means that someone has not seen his or her cards and by relying on his gut feeling places a bet. Upon the turn anyone can choose to view his/her cards and depending upon the strength place a bet, call for a raise or fold.

In order to become a blind player, you shouldn’t see your cards. And if available, you will also have options to play:

  • Blind
  • Pack
  • Show

In order to play Blind, you will have to place the bet amount in the pot. Note that the amount you bet for “Blind” will be equal to the present stake amount or two times the present stake amount.

In case of the initial player, the present stake amount, will be the boot amount. Therefore, if the first player turns out to be a blind player, he or she should place a bet amount that is equivalent to either the boot amount or two times the boot amount.

A blind player has the option to ask for a Show but only when there’s 1 opponent in the game. This is more like blind show. And after asking for a show, the cards of both players are visible. The player with the highest ranking wins the pot.

The player who is requested for side show is in his/her rights to refuse unless it’s the 3rd request made by the player asking for the sideshow. The game would go on like this until there is one remaining player and others have packed.

  • If there are two remaining players and one player goes for a ‘show’ where Seen player can ask the blind player for a show. This bet will be 4 times the current bet.
  • If Both are seen, then the request can be made for 2 times the current bet.
  • The blind player unfortunately can never ask for a show/sideshow.

Stake Amount: The amount betted by the blind player will become the stake amount for the next player whereas half of the bet amount placed by a seen player will become the stake amount for the next player. For blind players who are next, the bet amount may be equivalent to the stake amount or two times the stake amount.

Seen Player

A seen player has the option to play Chaal or Pack and can also have a few other options like:

  • Show
  • Side Show

After you see your cards, you should play chaal to be in the game, unless you choose any other option mentioned above.

Chaal: To be in the Teen Patti game, a seen player should play Side Show or Chaal if available. To play chaal, you should place your bet in the pot. The bet amount for any seen player will be equal to two times or four times the present stake amount.

But if the previous player happens to be a blind player, then the stake amount for the next player will be the amount the player bets. And if the previous player happens to be a seen player, then the stake amount for the next player will be half the amount of what the player bets.

Side Show: A seen player has the option to ask for a Side Show. This game feature allows you to compare your cards with the ones of the previous player. But this can be only done if the previous player is a seen player and there are players playing the game still. For Side Show, the bet amount will be equal to two times the present stake.

If you request for a Side Show, the previous player has the liberty to accept or reject it.

If the previous player accepts your Side Show request and if he/she has greater cards than you, then you should pack. And if your cards are better than the previous player, then he/she should pack.

If the previous player denies your Side Show request, then, you don’t get to see each other’s cards. So, both of you you stay in the game, passing the turn to the next player.

What are the rules of “The Show” in teen patti?

Only 2 players have to remain in the game. The rest should have folded their cards.

  • A blind player has to pay the cost (current amount at stake) for a show. The other player can be either a blind or seen player. Only after the payment is made, the player can look at the cards.
  • A seen player, never gets a chance to request a show if the other one is blind. The only chance is to continue the betting process or just fold down the cards.
  • If the last two players are seen players. In this situation, either of the two can take the option to put double the unit amount for a show.
  • During the show, when the cards are exposed for both the players, the lucky one will have higher ranking cards. In case, both the players have equal ranking cards, the non-paying player wins the jackpot.

What is a Compromise?

Example: Let’s say that every person has become a seen player. Then, one player can pay double the unit amount and ask for a compromise with the player who placed a bet just before. It is up to the other player to either accept or decline the offer.

In the case of an acceptance in the offer, the two players are allowed to disclose their cards privately. The person with the cards (low ranking) has to fold. If both the cards of the players are of equal rankings, the one who wanted a compromise must fold the cards.

In case of a refusal in the offer, the betting will continue as usual.

Rankings of Cards

The rankings are as per the normal rules of any card game. Though any number of players can take part, the game turns interesting when played between 4 and 7.

  • Trio: The trio points to three cards of the same rank. For rankings, the best are the three aces. For the lows, it is the three twos.
  • Straight Run: 3 consecutive cards in the same order suite is a high ranking. For example, in Ace, it is A-2-3. The next order is the K-Q-J (also A-K-Q). The lowest is 4-3-2.
  • Normal Run: The three cards have to be consecutive but of different suites. The high ranking is A-2-3, next ranking cards come in the range of A-K-Q and K-Q-J, and the low rank comes to 4-3-2.
  • Colour: The three cards can belong to the same type. In comparison, first compare two cards. If the colour is equal, then take the second with the third. If they are equal, compare only the third. Then the order in colour comes to A-K-J (high rank) and 5-3-2 (low rank).
  • Pair: Similar to the colour part. A player may get 2 cards of a similar rank. It is also necessary to compare the third card in case of equality in the first two cards. So, the high rank is A-A-K and in case of low rank, it is 2-2-3.
  • High Card: If a player has three cards that is different from the above mentioned rankings, then it is necessary to follow this step. Compare the first card, the second and the last. The type will come in a mix such as A-K-J and the low rank is 5-3-2.

Start of Teen Patti Game

The player sitting to the dealer’s left gets the right to place the first bet and the turns go clockwise in circles. If a player wants to earn more money than the one in the part, he/she can place additional bet to stay in the game.

But to play safe, he/she can place the cards and fold. So, as per the rules of the Teen Patti game, the player who puts down his/her cards are out of the game. They also lose the share of their money in the pot.

What should you do to stay in the teen patti game?

  • If you’re a blind player, you should put the present amount (unit) agreed by each of the players. But the betting amount should not exceed double the unit. For the next player, he/she has to put the same amount you agreed to stay in the game.
  • If you’re a seen player, you should place at least double (and not more than 4 times) of the unit amount. For the next player, he/she has to stake half of the amount agreed by the seen player.
  • The game may go on, until one among the mentioned events happen.
  • Every player except one has to put down their cards. In this case, the lone player wins all the money in the pot.
  • Only two players haven’t folded their cards in the group and one among the two is interested to “show” the cards and puts a stake. So, the cards become “seen” to the other players and then they get compared.

Limited Stake & Unlimited Stake Tables

If you are playing Teen Patti game for the very first time, then I advise you to play it on a limited stake table.


Well, when you play with limited stake table initially, these are the perks:

  • The boot amount will be 2
  • You get to play 4 blinds maximum
  • The Pot limit will be 2048
  • The max. Chaal you can play is 256

But when the Pot limit reaches, the players who are still in the game will be forced to display their cards. The player with the highest ranking wins the Pot.

In the next limited table level, you will get these:

  • The boot amount will be 4
  • You get to play 4 blinds maximum
  • The Pot limit will be 4096
  • The max. Chaal you can play is 512

If you are professional teen patti player who has played different hands and have various chips, you can try playing on higher level tables.


Though casino gambling games are usually games of chance, Teen Patti requires a certain set of skill as well. Mastering which can become a lethal combination and set you aside from the rest of the crowd. With this double-edged sword, you can cut through the game’s dynamics and become the king.

But remember it’s not easy to master and takes practice.

Playing Blind allows you to mitigate the risks to some extent. You place the smallest bets in the hand and put lesser chips at stake. The luck factor comes in because players who are not playing blind are most likely to fold up on account of a weak set of hand.

This game is all about bluffing. Means you got to show the player you are strong even if you have a hand which is comparatively weak. It all matters how you psychologically beat your opponents. Placing bets pretty often makes the players think you have a comparatively stronger hand and might force them to fold.

Sideshow is what you can opt for when you know that the player who placed the last bet has a weaker set of cards and is not blind. It allows you to compare your cards vs the last bettor and the better set of hands continues playing.

Always start with low-value bets and gradually increase depending upon your hand strength.

Study the expressions, behaviours and playing patterns of the other players on the table and ensure to keep yours at neutral. Which means if you get a super strong set of cards don’t rush in with a bagful of chips. Be calm and let the pot grow, else many other players with weaker hands will end up folding.

Got weak cards, bluff your opponents in thinking you got a good set. Many times these forces opponents to fold up and you end up winning.

The most important advice is, when your gut tells you to stop, it’s best to listen to it and Fold.

There are many other strategies which you should arm yourself with. The more you know the more you will have an upper hand over the pool of novice players and for that, you can access our G2G site for more Teen Patti Strategies.

Winning potential

Teen Patti is a game of both skill and chance. Where chance can lead you to an extent but post that its purely an art of bluffing which can make you the real champion. A table of odds regarding the various hands are as follows:

TypeFrequencyOddsProbability in a 52-card version w/o Joker
Three of a Kind (trio)52424.00:10.24%
Straight Flush (pure Sequence)48459.42:10.22%
Straight (Sequence)72029.69:13.26%
Flush (color)109619.16:14.96%
Pair (Double)37444.90:116.94%
No Pair (High Card)164400.34:174.39%


Variations of the game

The game itself is a variation of poker. There are many variations available for online Teen Patti on various casinos in India. Some of the most common variations are as follows:

  • Best of Four: Here four cards are dealt in case of the usual three and eventually the best possible three card hand is required to be made from the four cards.
  • Mufliss (Lowball): A simple twist here where the rankings of the cards are reversed.
  • Wild Draw: Here after the cards have been dealt the dealer would pull out one random card and all cards of same rank would be wild.
  • Low Wild: Each player’s lowest ranking card in that hand only is considered a wild.
  • High Wild: Same as Low wild only that in this case the highest-ranking cards become wild cards.
  • Two-lowest wild: Each player is dealt four cards and the two lowest ranking cards are termed as wild cards in the player’s hand itself. Middle ranking cards are not considered wild cards.
  • Bust Card Draw: The Dealer would basically draw a random card which would be the call of death for anyone who has that card in their hand as they would have to fold.

There are many more variations such as:

  • Stud
  • Community
  • Draw
  • High-low Split
  • Kiss-Miss-Bliss
  • Cobra
  • Kaana King and Jack

With so many variations of the game at your disposal, it would be wise to know if you are adept enough to hit the rough sea or want an easy experience for starters. To serve this purpose you can access the G2G website to see a complete list of variations with explanations and choose the one you would like to set the pace with.

Choosing the Virtual or Live

Teen Patti as is an extremely intriguing game of cards and best enjoyed playing real time with your friends and family with a harmless scent of gambling, it can also be enjoyed online.

It is important for you to know that playing Teen Patti on online casinos in India can be offered in two different ways:


Where the dealer is a real person live-streamed in HD. He/she is seated in a special studio room and that setup is live streamed to you over your device and you can play with rea friends who have joined in using the online platform.


This is a completely different ball game. Here the dealer is basically a software and the table is animated in 2D or 3D. Fully compliant and fraud-free. You can trust the software to make absolute random outcomes and use your skill to bluff the other live people playing against you on the Teen Patti Table.

Choose your poison.

Play Teen Patti for real money vs. free

Teen Patti as I have always said is a game of chance but with the required and enhanced skill on this game can be a deadly combination. But does that mean you have to play Teen Patti online for Real money always?

Well, even though playing with real money is the real deal but we have created a perfect Teen Patti game which you can try out for free at G2G.  You can try out various variations, figure out which one suits you the most. Understand the little nuances associated with each variation.

There are many internet casinos in India which are shortlisted at G2G which can be used to register and gain solid experience in the gameplay of teen Patti for free.

The game has many twists and turns which I would personally recommend a person to be absolutely confident of before you commence on hitting the real warzone with people. Learn to bluff and how the bluff is basically received by others. In fact, you can play for free on Indian casinos offering Teen Patti online with live players as well. This helps you understand the working of the human mindset on a first-hand level. This knowledge will be extremely helpful when you set to play the game at a Teen Patti casino with rupees.

There are websites with dedicated chat support for Indian players in Indian time zones and they also accept INR.

It’s time to take that Ace out from up your sleeve. And if you had too much of teen patti, then I would recommend you to try online speed baccarat. The way it progresses will take you on a completely new level of excitement.