Showlion’s Weekly Free Spins in April and May

Showlion Weekly Free Spins Promotion

A public holiday to Rama-ember?

This year’s Rama Navami was unlike any other for me. Instead of my usual visit to Daadi’s house, I happily escaped the imposed-fasting and exchanged it for video call catch up with her instead.

I hope that you too spent the spring festival exactly how you wanted to! But please, don’t go as crazy as the peeps over in Kolkata who gathered outside a temple in huge numbers for Rama Navami prayers despite, oh I don’t know – a mere global pandemic.

Showlion has other ideas in mind for how you should celebrate these sweet days between Rama and Labour Day. They’re running an exciting weekly spins promotion until Saturday the 9th of May.

And with this, you have a chance to receive up to 100 free spins and win up to Rs. 50,000!

If you regularly check my blog, you’ll remember the last awesome Showlion promotion. Sadly, I didn’t win the trip to Thailand but I’m feeling confident this time around.

So, while most of us are already at home regardless of the Public Holidays, there couldn’t be a better way to kick-off the weekends than with one of our Indian-favored online casinos.

How to participate

  • Login to your Showlion account any Thursday, Friday or Saturday from now until the 9th of May.
  • Use one of the below bonus codes – making sure you choose the correct date.
  • Deposit 500 INR or more according to how many spins you want.
  • Play the pre-assigned slot game for that week.

Simple as that! Now, the important part, which slot games? I’ve created a little outline including the bonus codes below.

Weekly Games and Codes

Magic Oak

Showlion Magic Oak

Activate your free spins with the curious critters of the forest in the slot game Magic Oak Thursday 16th to Saturday 18th of April using the table below as a guide.

DepositReceiveBonus Code
Rs. 50025 free spinsMAGICOAK
Rs. 5,00050 free spinsMAGICOAK25
Rs. 50,000100 free spinsMAGICOAK100

Journey to the West

Showlion Journey to the West

Enter into an epic and ancient Journey to the West between Thursday the 23rd of April to Saturday the 25th of April.

DepositRecieveBonus Code
Rs. 50025 free spinsWEST
Rs. 5,00050 free spinsWEST50
Rs. 50,000100 free spinsWEST100

Aus Dem Tal

Showlion Aus Dem Tal

This one’s the biggie! Since this promotion runs on Labour Day weekend, Showlion has added given us extra bang for our buck and increased the number of free spins the game Aus Dem Tal. Strike gold between Thursday the 30th of April to Saturday the 2nd of May.

DepositRecieveBonus Code
Rs. 50040 free spinsAUS
Rs. 5,00065 free spinsAUS65
Rs. 50,000120 free spinsAUS120

Legend of Kaan

Showlion Legend of Kaan

Count your winnings with Legend of Kaan cluster game between Thursday the 7th of May to Saturday the 9th of May.

DepositRecieveBonus Code
Rs. 50025 free spinsKAAN
Rs. 5,00050 free spinsKAAN50
Rs. 50,000100 free spinsKAAN100

Anything else I need to know?

Always read the fine print when participating in promotions, I’ve summarised the most important terms and conditions below for you.

  • Winning must be wagered x 35 in order to cash out.
  • You can only receive 25, 50 or 100 free spins once a week, on the specific dates, according to the amount deposited.
  • Bonus codes above must be entered to avail of the free spins.
  • The free spins can only be used on the pre-assigned weekly game.
  • Maximum winnings from 50 weekly free spins shall not exceed Rs. 20,000 and 100 Free Spins shall not exceed Rs. 50,000.

With the risk of boredom creeping into our lives daily, there’s no better time to find your new favourite slot game!


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