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Guide to playing online Sic Bo

How to play Sic Bo in India

Ludo is a game most of us adults relate our childhood with whilst we idled our time with our family members rolling the dice repeatedly to get our dream number.

Do you know in the Mahabharata too there was a game similar to Ludo named Chausar, which too was placed using a different kind of dice? You need no expertise in rolling dice, its pure luck.

Hence, I want to tell you about a famous game named Sic bo played majorly by our Asian neighbours who to use the dice and not one or two but three dices together. The best part is you can play Online Sic bo for real money on various internet casinos in India. This game is as simple as rolling a dice and you have so many combinations to make some serious money.

What is online Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a casino game which generally doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s a simple game of dice, rather Sic bo in Chinese means a pair of dice or jewel dice.
It’s available in if not all but most of the casinos these days. In the US you can find Sic bo being played in casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The deal is to basically place or wager on one or many sets of possibilities on the Sic bo board and wait for the dealer to shake three dices together and produce the result to you.

If it matches any of the combinations of bet you made, you win else you lose.

When playing this fairly simple game online all you need to know is that the dealer’s job here is being handled by the software.

But why play online?

  • Well, for starters since we are in India, the convenience of being able to play the game at a place of our choice and time of our choosing is surreal.
  • Indians as we would know best always tend to play it safe. When playing online Sic Bo on web-based casinos you can also get a chance to practice the game for free.
  • Have a space constraint in your device, well no worries here as no downloads are required to play Sic Bo.

Compared to other casino games, Sic Bo is not that easily found in casinos worldwide. However, on my last visit to Goa I was able to play it at Deltin Royale.

Where can I play Sic Bo for money?

If I have you reading till here means I have been able to instil some love for Sic Bo. Even though I know you are all set to google the internet for the keyword “online Sic Bo”, It is in your best interest to know that there are many factors which you need to be sure of when playing on online Sic Bo sites for real money, like:

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Licensed
  • Fair gameplay
  • Player protection
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Fast payment processing and winnings disbursement
  • Good games and awesome content

Sounds a lot doesn’t it but stay rest assured as I and my team here at G2G have done the homework and gone over 200 online casinos for Indian players. They are all listed at this page.

All of these are 100% verified and legitimate and guarantee 100% peace of mind and fun.

You simply have to register your account on these websites providing accurate credentials like name, address, phone number, date of birth etc to ensure fair gameplay and safe transfer of winnings if any.

Where to play Sic Bo for real


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The basics of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is traditionally a Chinese game. It’s like when you roll a die you have the possibilities of getting a face value of 1 to 6. If you roll two dice the number of possibilities increase in the form of combination, the sum of the faces, same face value etc. Sic Bo is a game played with three dice and all the related possibilities which can arise from it with you making your bets against one or more than one possibility.

You can read the following sections for detailed information regarding the rules and strategies for Sic Bo. The real strategy is not in the rolling the dice or patterns but on making the bets.

If you are a resident of Sikkim or Goa, gambling may be an easily accessible affair to you. However for people belonging to states with strict anti-gambling laws they may be a bit intimidated. Well, the best part is that all the laws and regulations were built in the 1800s which means they were not open to the concept of the world wide web. Heck, they did not even know what a pen drive is.

The point is playing on the online domain is absolutely safe as there are no laws stopping you from playing on an online casino. Yes, even in states where gambling is illegal, the reason being the laws govern only the land-based establishments.

To know more you can go through the article where we discuss Is it legal to gamble online in India?


The rules of the game are very clear. You need to place your bet or bets on the possible combinations or possibilities which can arise from the roll of the three die together. Each combination has a payout described over it.

The dealer will then roll the dice. If the dice roll in your favour, you win the bet else you lose.

To know about Sic bo rules in greater detail you can visit our article on Sic Bo rules.

To be able to win real money you need to play with real money too. You can do that by visiting any of our trusted and checked Indian casino sites offering online Sic Bo and register or open an account there with valid and correct credentials to ensure safe deposit of your winnings if any.


Sic Bo is a game of pure chance. So, unlike the card games like blackjack etc. where you would want to keep a tab on the cards which show up trying to figure out what comes next, Sic Bo relieves you of that trouble.

If luck is what you ride on, Sic Bo is the game to play. Having said that, it doesn’t mean there is nothing to have an edge in this game. There are certain strategies which you can incorporate to ensure that you win more and lose less.

  • The Big and Small bet are the easiest to win and pay 1:1.
  • Same goes for the odd and even bet.

These are the safest bets for beginners. If you have more money and seemingly if luck is on your side, you can choose the bet as per the payout. The rule of thumb is that the rarer the possibility of an outcome, ex a specific triplet like 2-2-2 the higher will be the payout and a higher chance of loss. Also, it’s always better to search for casinos with a higher payout.

Winning potential

Based on the type of bets available in Sic Bo, here is a list of available betting options with the house edge.

  • One Number: This bet wins if the selected number by the player is on the face of any of the three dice.
  • Domino: If two different numbers selected by the player are on any two faces of the three dice. They are not Dominoes in the real sense but named so because the representation on the felt makes them appear as such.
  • Specific Double: Like a domino but double occurrence of the same digit on any two of the three dices.
  • Specific Triple: This bet wins when the triple selected by the player is rolled.
  • Any Triple: If all the die shows the same number as the outcome.
  • Big/Small: If sum of the die on all the three is from 11 to 17 it’s a BIG else it’s SMALL. However, the catch is that if any triple is rolled you lose this bet.
  • Total: This bet wins if the sum total of all the three dice is equal to the total value selected by the player ranging from 4 to 17.

Bet limits on certain bets are as follows:

Bet typeAllowed value
Specific Triple25
Any Triple100
Total of 4 or 1750
Total of 5 or 16100
Total of 6 or 15150

For a detailed list of bets, house edge and payouts you can access the Sic Bo Payout article at G2G.

Playing Virtual or Live version

When coming on the world of internet, you are always spoilt of choices. However, it is of key importance to understand the difference between Virtual and Live Sic Bo.

When you visit a land-based casino establishment, basically you are playing against a live dealer. There is a sense of anxiety as well as excitement and more than often seeing other players and their outcome tend to influence your decision.

In online video Sic Bo, you are in control of the game. You can take your time placing chips and set the dice rolling when you want.

In Live Sic Bo, there isn’t that ‘freedom’. In Live Sic Bo you are playing towards a human croupier broadcasted over an HD-quality live stream. You can chat with the dealer and the other players in the game. However, since the live dealer handles the action, and when they are ready to roll, you must be too.

Play Sic Bo for real money vs. free

We as Indians are rarely the risk takers. Moreover, when the terrain is unknown, we would hardly want to go full on rather take each step after heavy calculations.

Same goes in the world of gambling. It won’t be surprising to say that you would all want to first enjoy the game, know its tricks and tips and only after we have mastered it would we want to use ‘real’ money into it.

Such that you know the pros and cons and the level of risk you can take. Thankfully, our selection of online websites offering Sic Bo in India have an option to play for free or for fun and you can practice as much as you want! Once we have enough experience you can play for real money.

Our selection of websites also has Indian centric customer support and most of them support transactions in INR. So go ahead and choose a Sic Bo casino and sign up today for your chance to a triplet winning bet!