Guide to playing online Rummy

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I was always intrigued as a child towards the game called Rummy. As I grew up, I got fascinated with card games, but I mostly restricted myself to games like flash, blackjack and poker sometimes. Rummy was a game for the elite.

Oh yes, and I missed writing about online jhandi munda and Teen Patti there. These are legends! And just a few days back, I even wrote an in-depth guide telling how to play teen patti online. So, feel free to check that out too.

With time I gathered up courage and learnt the game and realised the amount of skill required in this game surpasses the luck factor. Meaning that luck might take you to a certain extent but without the skill, you are sure to lose even with a nice set of hands.

Rummy is, therefore, a classic game of cards which you can play online for real money. As you gain expertise in this casino game you are sure to rake in money while playing against live opponents as you play like an ace.

What is online Rummy?

Online Rummy is basically the game of Rummy played over the internet. You may be a novice at Rummy or maybe having prior experience. Even if you are an ace at this game the world of online rummy is a completely different experience.

And if we have already played online andar bahar, then you will love rummy as well. I can bet on that.

If you are wondering what you are at square 0 and how to reach that epitome of skill for the www domain, you are at the right place. We at G2G have the resources, the strategies, the tips and the right collection of Rummy websites where you can play for real money and in INR. We have got you covered.

The online casino for Rummy which we have selected allow you to play by simply logging into their website which means no download required. They are also optimised to run smoothly over 2G or 3G connections. 4G is even an icing over the cake.

With the superior graphics and easy to use interface the internet casinos for Rummy are a must visit. This is the era of wireless and playing online allows you to get an Omni platform experience.

You can enjoy the same game from your laptop, desktop, tablet or cell phone.

The best part is that the exchange of currency is safe and secure and in INR which makes you feel at home rather than thinking of playing with US dollars while you earn INR’s.

Where can I play Rummy for money?

If you have already begun googling the world of www for online casinos offering Rummy for real money, you would probably have noticed the plethora of websites.

After going through a few it must have struck that some sites have an impressive UI but not compliant enough, whereas some sites have excellent promotions, but they don’t accept INR.

To figure out sites which have the following properties to name a few:

  • Accept INR
  • Safe and compliant with international standards
  • Customer service and support desk for Indian Clients
  • Indian Payment services
  • Accept Indian cards
  • Also accept international currency
  • Good promotional deals
  • Allowing to practice for free as well
  • And many more points.

A lot of research is required which is not possible for a person to do on his/her own in their spare time. Me and my team at G2G have expertise in this particular area and have done extensive research. Through our hard work coupled with experienced gaming professionals, we bring to you a list of the best online rummy casinos in India.

Feel free to scroll through our list of Indian Rummy sites and you will immediately feel the difference in the sites you explored via google and our offerings. Below is a short process of how it works:

  1. Register on one of our trusted and suggested websites.
  2. Provide accurate information like name, email id and other credentials as required.
  3. The information needs to be accurate in order to ensure monetary transactions and banking activities are hassle-free and successful.
  4. Complete all related KYC activities as required.
  5. Login to the online casino and choose the Rummy variant of your choice and start playing.

Best Rummy casinos in India

The basics of Rummy

Rummy is a card game which requires skill and tenacity to learn. Luck definitely controls what cards you get but converting a weak or an average hand to a strong hand requires skill.

Online rummy which is played in India is basically a variant of the original Rummy. It is also known as “Paplu”. The Game is played with 2 to 6 players. The decks of cards are chosen likewise. Between two players a 52-card deck would be chosen. For 6 players two decks of 52 cards each would be chosen.

The Indian Rummy is basically a cross between rummy 500 and Gin rummy.

The basic goal is the same. To build sets from the available cards in your hand. These sets can be three of a kind, a pure set of four cards in sequence like A-K-Q-J or simple 10-9-8 etc of the same suit. The pure set cannot use a joker whereas the other sets can.

But there are certain tips and tricks and also strategies which will be in the best interest for you to read more about. They are covered further down the article and also a section about the most popular variants of rummy played in India.

This knowledge is vital for you to be able to make a weighted decision as to which variant to hit at first.

Even though gambling in India is a dicey affair as the laws governing it are really old, but it is absolutely safe to play the game of Rummy online. Before learning about the Indian laws it is important for you to understand what is the legal meaning of gambling games. There are games which are based on skill and then there are games which are completely based on chance.

The Indian laws restrict games based on chance, such as online speed baccarat, roulette and baccarat. A game of skill can be played free or for money. Games like poker and rummy are considered as games of skill and hence you can play these games without a drop of concern.

You can even google for the 1967 ruling of the Hon’ble Supreme court of India stating that Rummy is exempt from the tag of gambling games as it requires skill.

But there will be a lot to google and in order to assist you to consume all that knowledge, in short, I would suggest you go through our website to understand that, Is it legal to gamble online in India?


The basic rules of the game is very simple. However, there are certain terminologies which you might require a little getting used to. They are as follows:

  • Pure sequence: A group of 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit. They have to be formed without a joker.
  • Second sequence: same as pure but with a joker.
  • Draw: during the game the player has to pick a card from the closed deck.
  • Discard: during the game with each draw the player also has to discard a card from the hand.
  • Declare: the hurrah moment!! Basically, it means that you have all your sequences ready and you discard your last card to the finish slot.
  • Closed deck: the deck of cards which remains faced down after all other cards have been dealt to the players.
  • Buy in: it’s basically the wager one has to stake to enter a rummy tournament.

These are just some generic rules and terms. To get knowledge about a full set of rules in depth and detail access our online Rummy rules article.


Rummy is a game of chance like most card games in a casino but with enough practice and developed skill this game can be aced. I would suggest some specific tips and tricks which one should follow while playing rummy.

After you have been dealt the hand of 13 your top priority should be forming up the pure set. Because till you have the pure set of 4 cards in sequence the rest won’t matter.

When you pick a card from a discarded pile your opponent gets a clue for the card you need. This is from my personal experience, many times when you already have a pure sequence ready in your hand and have other cards supporting that sequence, pick a card from the pile which can probably form a triplet and throw a card from the sequence. This helps in bluffing the opponent.

Sometimes when you need a card for a triplet or a sequence and you have a hunch that your opponent has that card, drop a card of the related suit. These tricks the opponent in thinking you might not have the related suit and he may end up releasing the card you want.

Do not keep storing cards in your hand. Try to discard high-value cards which are not in a sequence or a probable sequence asap.

One thing which I always do is the first thing when I get a set of 13 is to arrange them rank wise and suit wise and sequence wise. It is wise to assess your own hand the best before moving on.
Use jokers to form a sequence of high-ranking cards. Use jokers wisely and refrain from using them to extend the natural run of cards.

There are many other strategies which we have listed at this page in greater detail. These are some tips but unless you play yourself and implement these you will never retain the knowledge. So, practice more and more until you become perfect.

Winning potential

There aren’t any varied ways of winning in Rummy. The rules are simple and getting paid even simpler. What’s tough is developing the skill to ace against the opponents.

However, let’s talk about the real deal here. The money!!

I will be discussing about the variant “Points Rummy” here. The players play to gather points. These points have a predecided monetary value in INR.

The pointing is done as:

  • J, K, Q, A: value 10 points each.
  • Other cards are weighted as per their face value.
  • Joker carries zero points.

At the end of the game the losing players’ hand score will be computed. The winner will win a sum of all losing players hand score multiplied by the monetary value for each point.

So how do we calculate the points of the losing hand?

  1. If the losing hand has a pure sequence, then add up all other cards but the pure sequence.
  2. If losing hand has no pure sequence, then all cards are summed up.

Variations of the game

There are some variants of Indian Rummy played online. They are as follows:

Points Rummy: This is the most basic form of Rummy in which the monetary value associated with each point is decided beforehand. The player who is able to get all the required sequence set and finishes first wins. The pay-out is sum of points of all opponents x monetary value of 1 point.

Deals Rummy: it is similar to Points rummy. The only difference is that the number of deals is fixed and predecided. So let’s say we decide for a 3 deal rummy. So after 3 deals have been played the person with the highest point wins. The pay-out is similar to the Points Rummy.

Pool Rummy: in this type of rummy an exit criteria Is predecided. Like the one to accumulate 101 or 201 points first has to leave the game. So the game goes on and on till one person is left and the others exit based upon who reaches 101/201 points first.

There are also many other variants which are played on online Casinos offering Indian rummy for Rupees. They are basically little tweaks to the major variants as described above.

Playing Rummy Virtual or Live

I am sure if you are an experienced card player then you must have by now mostly have had the feel of playing Rummy Live with players around you ‘in person’.

So, let me guess, it’s a Sunday afternoon, you call up each friend to check their availability, fix a time and wait for everyone to turn up at your place for a nice game of rummy. To think about it you invested electricity, time, resources of your home and also kind of tidied up your drawing room to make it presentable.

Now what if I tell you that there is a fascinating way via which you can play with your friends, LIVE, in person but each at their own home in the luxury of whichever way they want to be.


This is called Live Rummy which you play on live online casinos. Once you register on a site which is approved by G2G offering rummy for INR, simply ask your friends to do the same. Fix up a time and log in to the site via any device you want. A desktop, mobile etc. etc. No DSL or broadband, a 2G mobile connection would do which is the least given, since we are advancing towards 5G speeds.

Get your friends to join a live room where a Live ‘human’ dealer would be dealing the cards for you, live-streamed to you in full HD.  Let the software take care of the rest of the necessary arrangements. Actions like shuffling and cutting have a human unbiased hand working on them. Have lots of fun.


Virtual Rummy is a different ball game. Here you still access a website, register and ask your friends to join but, the cards, the shuffling the cutting the dealing and etc. are all software controlled. However, instead of being real people you are facing a 2D or 3D animated environment. This is also the most common version and what you can find on Jungle Rummy or in the Google App Store.

Don’t fret, because you still get to make out the most important gameplay calls. Like creating a sequence, discarding and deciding when to show etc. the good part is since everything is truly random here, there can be absolutely no chance of any trickery when say shuffling the cards or dealing a cut.

So now that you know both, the internet casinos offering rummy have an offering of both or maybe one variant, which you can get to know from our expert listing of websites at G2G.

Play Rummy for real money vs. free

Now as the Indian mindset would ask us there would be a natural conflict between head and heart. The adrenaline rush of earning money would force you to shoot down for games with real money whereas the heart would warn you to be cautious.

I would suggest listening to your heart. Yes, you heard me right. For that purpose precisely, our recommended websites have been specially handpicked which offer Internet rummy for Free.

You can access those online casinos and play rummy for free, try out the different variants and hone your skill.

In all eventuality, as you gain skill, playing Rummy with rupees is the most ideal thing to do. Why would you want to waste all that hard work and time you have invested?

Once you have the blade shining, you can access the sites and start making a kill there.

To conclude, Rummy is an excellent game of cards, it has its merits and edge to it. Practice it, learn the tricks and hit it hard with at real casinos! And when you feel that you had enough of card games, and would love to try a new and different game, then I would recommend you to play live European roulette.